I w all right. Okay, hopefully i got that right came in a package that looks like this and it is a smart watch and i’m just going to unbox it here. Look at that it’s ready to put on my wrist i’ve already loaded this up and you can see there’s kind of these glowing lights back there i’m glad we got that on camera, i’ll go ahead and put it on my wrist and unfortunately, since i’m, using my Phone to record this, i really can’t show you the app that you use for it, but trust me. It has one and you can use it to get all kinds of stats. What i can show you is how the watch nicely fits on the wrist here and is able to give you some serious cool information like, for example. Oh the time i got ta get in down pretty close for this that’s fine don’t really have uh since peter’s. Getting married here, i don’t really have him to do the cool, close ups that i normally do and, as you can see, i’m at home and not in the studio here, but hey we’re, going to have fun checking this out so from this screen i can access A lot of great stuff – and i can also um oh yeah – i can check out stats, set up for alarms and what’s. Really cool is some of these alarms. They just kind of go off and they they do it in a very subtle way.

It’S not like they’re, like your smartphone, which does the ring it’s like you know, and then you got ta turn it off it’s a real nuisance, but um. This keeps track of my heart rate, as well as my resting heart rate, as well as my sleep and all kinds of stats throughout the day that i can check to see if my physical health is doing pretty good. So i can also set some cool fitness goals for it, which is uh what it’s um supposed to do. And since i just unboxed this, i forgot to talk about what it came with. Not really much just some set of instructions, kind of thick real small print. Not so no surprise there um, i also got ourselves a little charging cord in case you’re wondering how this charges it’s rather interesting, basically it’s a usb um that i’ll just check out here and um it’s got these little magnets that just affix to it. Now it says that this is good for five to seven days worth of uh time. I’Ve had it on my hand, for about well just a few days, but i’ll just show you the charging setup as it uh as it goes here. This locks in magnetically there. Somehow uh yeah: this is really easy to use yep there. It is okay, so it’s charging right now you can even see it there it’s, not bad um. I would have to say for what it comes with and for what it does.

It’S at a very low price – you can get this right now for about ‘.99 on the let’s fit site, which is a very good deal for any kind of smartwatch here this isn’t like say like the um, the apple watch or whatever, or some of those ones, That samsung puts out or that watch that we reviewed a while ago, which had a lot for about. I think that was about 100 or so for what this comes with shoot in the 80s. I could buy a watch like this and it would just give you the time that’s pretty good i’m, going to recommend this product because i’ve had it on my wrist. For a few days and honestly, i kind of miss just having a watch on my hand. I’M. So used to my smartphone and stuff, like that, just give me the time and jive, but i’ll tell you uh. This is also ip68, so it’s like water resistant, you could probably pour a pitcher of water on the sucker and it’d still work. I guess if you sweat a lot that’s, also a bonus so um, as i’ve said before it’s available on the let’s fit site for 79.99, and this has been mark rollins from the geek church.