This is the xiaomi watch s1 active and i really like this watch in a few aspects. So in todays video, let me just show you what this watch has to offer Music inside the box. We only get the essentials, so we get the watch itself, obviously with the strap pre installed, and then we also have this charging puck that only snaps onto the watch in one direction. So, as you can see here, this direction doesnt work, but this direction works. So, im not sure if theyre gon na upgrade to qi wireless charging or not in the future, but well go much more in depth about this later. This watchs overall design is fairly simple and clean, which i personally prefer, because this has a large 1.43 inch circular. Amoled display – and it makes this entire watch – look a lot more elegant. I would personally prefer that the entire bezel of this screen here to be circular instead of having this kind of gear sheet bezels, and also the text of these bezels here like outdoor and active on these two sides. Here they dont mean anything and i just find them to be kind of distracting because they dont have any buttons here. But on the right side, though, we have the button for home and sports that are labeled correctly on the bezel itself. So we have two buttons here: pressing. The top button obviously brings us back to home, and if we press home at home we will get the entire list of apps available, and if we press sports, we will jump into the sports modes available.

There are actually 117 fitness modes and 19 professional modes available for you to choose from so you can have fun with this, and this watch also comes with the auto sports mode as well, so it will directly log your workout activity, even if you forget to select What workout youre doing? There are many more features available on this watch too, like swiping up from the home screen to review the quick settings menu, and then we can head into the full settings menu and there are a lot more features that you can find in. Here like, for example, bluetooth connectivity with your headphones or earphones and also wi fi connection, i have no idea why they exist here, because we dont really require wi fi to download a massive file over wi fi to the watch directly or any ability to play music From the watch itself, because we cannot transfer music as well, so i dont see whats the point, but we also have speakers and microphones on this watch. So we can pick up calls and talk to the watch directly like james bond. If you want to which is nice and then the brightness control on this current firmware, as far as i know, is not really the best because, as you can see here, its kind of bright, but if i cover it a bit, you can see after a few Seconds it abruptly changes to a lower brightness. It doesnt have any gradual change which is kind of distracting, and after that we also have the ability to set up the pin, which i will talk about it later, but thats about it in terms of features available on the watch itself.

But if we jump into the phone app, this new apps interface is fairly standard. So we have a dashboard of all of the health data collected from this xiaomi watch s1 active. But what i really want to highlight here, though, is the sub menu called devices, and here we can see all of the settings available from the phone side for the watch. We have a few more features that are not found on the watch settings menu like, for example, xiaomi pay, which is formerly known as me. Pay i tried setting it up so, as you can see here, it will tell me to set up my pin, which is the pin that i mentioned just now, on the watches settings menu. So i tried doing this previously and it doesnt work. So when i try to discover why it is actually because no banks in malaysia support this feature yet, and then we have one more item here, which is the watch face menu. So, as you can see here, xiaomi claims that there are over 200 plus watch faces available for the xiaomi watch s1 active. They are not exactly a lot, i would say, most of them are just permutations of each other and the only one that is customizable. Is this photos category here where you can put your own pictures as the background? Instead, this xiaomi watch s1 active doesnt support apps like phaser or time flick, formerly known as mr time, because the xiaomi watch s1 active is not a smart watch like the galaxy watch 4 from samsung, or something like that.

Xiaomi didnt even mention the word smartwatch on the product page of this xiaomi watch s1 actives. So im not sure why other reviewers are calling this watch as a smart watch because it clearly isnt. However, there are still some apps that we can install on the xiaomi watch s1 active. So if we scroll down here, we can see theres a menu here called apps, so yeah, unfortunately theres only three different apps available. So my tuner here for fm radio control over wi fi, i dont know how to describe it but its technically, a companion app for your phone and then scientific calculator, kind of self explanatory and then num puzzle thats, all the apps you get. This watch doesnt support. Google play store so yeah. You cannot download any additional apps, but since it doesnt have all of those advanced smart features, the xiaomi watch s1 active has an extremely long battery life. I wore this for nearly two weeks and i only charged it once remember. During those two weeks i was wearing this watch for nearly 24 7, including my sleep time. I was wearing this watch as well, but back to the charger once again, im really not liking. This charger at all, because it should have been qi wireless charging, and that just means that if i want to go travel elsewhere, i will need to take this proprietary charger with me, because nothing else can charge this watch. My other complaint about this watch is the super grippy watch strap.

You see its very difficult to wear as it just grips on its own. When i try to loop it around my wrist, its just not a pleasant experience each time, i want to wear it or take it out, so i do think that we can change the watch strap because its using a fairly standard pin thing. However, from my measurements it seems to be using a 22 millimeter strap. I cant confirm this because xiaomis website didnt even state the width of this watch strap so thats. All about the xiaomi watch. S1 active its a fairly feature full smart band, but i really do want apps like facer or time flick to be supported on the xiaomi watch os. If we can even call it that and even download fancier watch faces on this kind of watch because, as you can see, the animations are really smooth and i think it can handle some more advanced animation for the watch face and finally, for the price of 649. I think that its expensive for what it has to offer so yeah thats it thats.