It needs a lot of software updates, so let’s get started, okay, okay, where shall we start? Because we have a lot of stuff to discuss, let’s start with the basic specs, then i will share with you what i think of it, how to watch, works, etc, and then we’ll discuss this pretty long list that i have to discuss with you. So here we go. This watch has a 1.28 inch tft display. The battery capacity is 300 milliamp hour. There are 12 sport modes. The watch is ip68 rated and works on their own operating system. This watch works pretty much like all the other watches out there. When you raise up your arm, it will light up the display and with swipes left to right or up and down you can scroll through the menus and a long press with the home screen will allow you to change the watch face. There are quite a few pre installed on the watch, but some are still with chinese characters else from the app there are more to select from, and you can also customize your own swiping, left or right will allow you to scroll through a menu with one swipe To the right, you can see your stats counter. You can see your heart rate, monitor your sleep counter, even the weather and, last but not least, a brief training, while swiping down shows you quick settings and swiping up the available apps. It is good to know, though, that, even though there are some sort of an apps, you cannot install your own apps and regarding third party services like google fit only this one is available.

Let’S continue to the battery. This one is charged via a magnetic charging cable. In less than two hours and the claimed 15 days of battery life seems to be a bit optimistic with just the 24 heart rate, monitoring turned on and no sport activities. The battery dropped around 8 to 12 percent. At day. I do like the brightness pretty high, so 15 days seems to be a bit of a stretch to me. It’S also good, to know that there’s music control on the watch a sedentary reminder and that the watch is indeed waterproof. The heart rate monitor seems to be quite often close to my gps blood pressure device. So i take it for granted that it’s, accurate all right now. Let’S go discuss this long list of issues that i’ve encountered over the period of two weeks that i had with this watch. I have to share with you that i’ll randomly discuss it so there’s, not a one. Two three number one is that the app wants to have access to your camera right after the app starts and to me that’s a big red flag regarding your privacy, because why does the app already need access to your camera when it’s, just starting number? Two, when i made an account, i could only use simple passwords and not any kind of special characters like dots forward, slashes or space, to make my password harder to guess or to brute force number three. During the setup, some texts were strangely cut off and around the app.

There are many translation mistakes number four on the watch, both the calories and step counter icons are placed at the bottom of the circle, while the heart rate icon, on the other hand, is placed inside the circle. I would have loved to see some design consistency over here. The step counter is off very off i’ve, compared it to my mi band 6. it’s linked up here in the top right corner in case. You want to check it out after watching this video, but compared to my mi band 6, which i find accurate enough to compare to the watch missed a couple of thousand steps throughout the day number six, the sleep monitor takes a guess. I guess because it’s not accurate at all for two nights in a row: it’s sad that i’ve fallen asleep and woke up at the exact same time, which is for me impossible, because i had an alarm number 7 spo2 is mentioned in the app. But when you tap on it, it doesn’t do anything number 8. There is some health monitoring in the app, but it doesn’t do anything as well and number nine, apparently within the app there’s, a feature to sort the menus. You want to scroll through, but it’s empty number 10 there’s, no smart dnd within the app, and you cannot change the dnd period from the watch itself and last but not least, number 11. There are two buttons over here. They work like a home button, let’s say, and this is for all the sports activities, but they cannot be customized.

I guess you cannot expect a lot from a 40 dollar smartwatch, but i believe that at least the basics should be good, which isn’t the case with this halo smartwatch, backed by xiaomi. I expected xiaomi to step in to check whatever they release has a certain quality because that’s how it works right. The mi band 6 is, for example, similarly priced with better, if not more features but comes in a different shape. I do like the simplicity concept of this smartwatch from halo, but i think they should solve the basics first, because for now i cannot recommend it until it receives many software updates. Alright, that’s it for this video. In case you have a comment or question drop them down below, because i would love to help you out if you like it, give it a thumbs up or subscribe in case you haven’t already.