com. I love it when things come together and you're in for a real treat today, because inside this box is the new tick tock for smart watch, and why is that so exciting? Because in just a few hours it's going to launch on kickstarter yep march, the 9th at 9 00 a.m. Pacific time, if you're watching this before that date, you're gon na want to head on over there because, as you know, on kickstarter the first few i don't know 10 20 50 depends on what they want will be at an insanely inexpensive price. So we are privileged to have an actual unit for unboxing today of what isn't even launching for a few more hours. What is it actually it's? The tick tock four and it says everything kids wants, and parents need in one smart device text, uh talking tracking, introducing free streaming music powered by our i heart, radio, step tracking, two separate five megapixel cameras, new parental controls and so much more it's launching, like we Said march, the ninth nine am on kickstarter, you could sign up, but by the time you're watching this video. I think you just head on over there and get it now. Let me tell you something as we unbox it and i'll show you a little bit more stuff in a moment. This is actually a watch for caregivers yeah. Now a caregiver can be a parent of a child who needs care, but a caregiver can also be a child of a parent who is in a home for the elderly, that can't take care of themselves or they're independently living, but just barely, and they need to Be looked after or a family member that just has some difficulty coping with life and needs to be checked up on periodically any kind of a caregiver would be interested in what you're about to look at, because the device can slap on the arm of someone who Needs care and watching – and this will allow all kinds of communications like i said, calling and texting as well as emergency, sos warnings and and uh calling from the device itself inside this box.

I got a few things. Oh here you go here's some information for follow up. Are you going to go to Is their website we're going to have a link in the show notes directly to the kickstarter? You got support at that address. You got a toll free phone number and it's in california. This watch is coming to us from so you've got a mainland number as well. Okay, a little bit more information here on about charging it here now we have a thing called a power base, and this is what you're going to set it on to charge it and it's really made for very simple for either somebody really really old and not Knowing how electronics works, or somebody really really young, just deciding then discovering what uh, what electronics are right. So in here's, a little simple power bank that you're just gon na set the watch on and then we've got a little a little box of chums water chums. Their little stick on things kind of to make it a fun toy, a fun enhancement and uh get those that may be a little bit more technologically challenged to adapt a little bit more because they can be creative in making it look the way they want. Okay and a really big box that you know when you graduate you can use as a graduation hat sure enough and i think you'll graduate by the time. You learn how this thing works, because they have an extensive faq and a guidance and support for setup.

On a website, i'll have the link to get directly to this let's actually get into it. So it's covered with a sleeve. We take that off and then we've got wow. Really nice reflective black. It says tick, talk, let's, get connected scan me, and so this is how you're going to get into this thing to get it all set up. If you need help there's a lot of resources on how to do that. Thank you simple inside here we open this up and wow. I love their packaging it's, so much fun: okay, here's, a sim lid opener to put put in the sim card in the watch and then here's, the charging cord there's only two pins magnetic coupler – and here we go here's the watch here it is nice. This is the black one and speaker it define defines where everything is. It looks like on it open that up, it looks like we've got a cover that we can remove now. Uh, oh okay, i'm gon na have to double check that oh there's, a screen protector, that's just a cover on the on the top of that um. We have tik tok four. Now i think, on the back of it, there may be my imei number, which we don't want to disclose because that's unique to each device. So i have that covered, but you can see i've got the sim card slot there. The pins for charging looks like we've got a camera on this side, a camera there camera there can't be two cameras.

I don't know that's microphone, probably buttons and uh, and so forth and that's it inside the box. Okay, there we go. I cleaned the screen up. Real nicely we press the power button and it'll come on now. I'Ve done a whole lot of setup work on this, both for the watch and the app to get it to the point where we can just turn it on and go in and use it and i'm going to tell you um i'm not going to go through. All of that that's a huge tutorial in itself and the company has done a great job of breaking it down step by step so follow the video link. Okay, got my attention. I'Ll follow the video link down below to their website where they talk. Everything about how to put your sim card in. You saw the little tool to open it up, which ones are compatible, what they recommend all the way up to setting up an account on the watch, an account on the app and linking the two together over bluetooth setting this up on wi fi it's all there. But here we are, and i want to show you what this thing can do now. First of all, it is made for smaller arms. Ladies yeah look at that, so it's not actually going to fit it's really tight on mine uh, but that's, okay, again we're. Looking at caregivers for this, that could be uh, helping out everyone from great great grandparents all the way down to the tiniest little kids.

That could wear this thing, but once you've got it with the loved one that's going to wear it and you have it all set up and put it on we're good to go now. You'Ve got two buttons on the side. This bottom red one is going to be for emergencies only and it has to be set up for that. The top one is basically your power and your back button, and there is a way. If you have it set up, you can actually have it dial. 9112. You can turn that feature off, so it doesn't happen accidentally, but if you want it to be available for emergency, this watch with the sim in it literally can contact uh 9. 1. 1. So we got the two cameras on the top: a bunch of different gears on here to hold the band in sweet little watch i'm, going to turn it on and i'm going to show you that if i pull down from the top, this is the notifications area. If you have anything pushed from the phone which will typically be pushed from the app – because this is not your normal watch – it's going to be on the internet and do internet browsing and all that other stuff, no it's restricted to the age groups of people who Don'T really understand fully the problems you could get into surfing the web and stuff like that, so um yeah it's, going to be um, pretty much a communications and information device back and forth to the caregiver that has the administrative privileges in the app.

This is some of the stuff that's showing you what you got battery level. I got a 4g sim in it from red pocket that's, one of them that they use and recommend an inexpensive route to get a data and voice and texting sim in here. I show it tethered to the phone right now using um. The cellular is right here and of course down here. I'Ve got wi, fi and bluetooth as well, and a volume control. So you can turn the volume up and down. However, you'd, like it there's, totally mute and there's full volume, and then it says music here, we'll get into playing music later that we got to by swiping up. So i go down and i go up. Those are those two things go to the right, there's, nothing, but i go to the left and i get into the app drawer now check this out: it's, all icon driven. So we have to learn what these icons are and we will there's four per page and they look sort of intuitive but yeah. We really got to go through and understand what each of them do and there's several pages of them until you reach the end and that's it now you can press the button, turn it off, press it and turn it on and it'll. Take you right back to the watch, face and that's the operation of the watch. There'S, nothing else. You can't press and hold and do anything you can't double tap and do anything so it's going to be really really easy for anybody to operate as long as they have a finger and some dexterity that lets them slide it on the screen.

So let's dive in the first thing we've got, is a gallery for pictures and your cameras so i'm going to turn the camera on uh smartwatch ticks going to activate that oh okay, this is this is a camera calling. Oh, this is for calling okay, so yeah. I got ta learn the icons myself. I can do a voice call or a video call from the watch to the administrator. Smartwatch ticks on their phone and it'll ring anywhere in the world. We'Ll do that in a little bit, but let's come back here. Okay and any other contacts that you have here would appear that are authorized for the watch to be able to communicate with, and they, like, mr ticks would be running the app on their phone connected. Anyhow to the internet, cellular or wi fi from their region and be able to communicate with this watch. So if it's a family, it could be mom and dad if it's a an extended family, it could be grandson in law and uncle tom for great grandma, martha who's in a care home. Whatever the situation is, you can set up, i understand up to 50 different people in here oops. I touch something. So this is your contacts book, and this is your video calling. This is your text chatting and i have the watch set up and i've got a conversation already going uh with uh smartwatch ticks, so the watch is set up for um grandma grandma, oppu that's, her her nickname and so that's.

What we called it on here so apu is going to wear the watch and mr tix or great granddaughter is going to actually communicate. So i set it up and i tested it and said hi, abu and then appu there's. Her little picture from the watch made a reply, but of course it was me now it's a little soft, but music comes through really really loud, but you can actually hear it when i'm, not speaking so loud into the camera. So you can have a conversation going we'll. Take a quick look at that as well, and you can do all kinds of things text reply voice reply, whatever you like that's here in messaging and then this is a a form of group chat. So if you have more than one watch a family of people all connected together – and you can add additional contacts in here – you can do group type activity as well and that's the whole first page on communication. Now we come over here and we've got the gallery. All right and the camera so pressing that gives us a look around the room. You'Ve seen that view before. I really should put something pretty to look at. This is the forward facing camera on the top like we want on android watches, but nobody, but the genesis and prime 2 have it so far. Uh anyway, uh yeah. I frustrated by that, but it's great, to see it on a kids type of a watch.

Huh and i have the front facing camera, which i should be able to change right here and then there i am with my selfie now. This is the same kind of view that you'd be seeing if we were making a video call back to mr ticks on the phone, and this would be abu talking to mr dicks and that's what they would see on the other end as well. So the video chat capability coming right from here is good quality video. It actually works. Okay, we'll take pictures of stuff. Later too. This is in and out box i'm, not sure it says you have not received a greeting card. Yet oh okay well haven't played with that feature. Yet this is where you can send a greeting card birthday or happy halloween or whatever it's another little way of playing on this, and this one is a basic calculator. So you can oh no that's the sound of of tone of touch tones. This is where you can actually make a phone call. If it's authorized yeah you you can set it so that only authorized people can call in or be called from the watch. But this is it. This is where your touchpad is, and you can make the call right from there still learning these icons. I thought it was a calculator but that's coming up here we go into this thing called family and you need to connect to wi fi and then come back for music.

Okay, this is the music player, and i got ta turn wi fi on one of the things about this watch. To give it better longer, power is once you leave a wi fi zone that you're connected to it will disconnect the safe power. When you come back, it does not necessarily automatically reconnect. You have to do that in settings which is coming up next after we take a look at fitness. This does have a pedometer step count in it and you can get your daily weekly or monthly steps and challenge your senior to stay healthy, to keep bones strong by walking 5000 steps a day that's. What it's set for right now, almost there, your your child, to get them introduced into a healthy lifestyle there's. So many sedentary and obese leaning children in the world that wow it'd be great to have an incentive to uh to stay healthy. You see the timeout! I got ta touch it regularly to stop that settings is here, and then this is a reminder, so you can set up reminders from the phone push to the watch. To remind your kid, your adult, your senior about whatever it is. They need to be reminded about and that's available too so let's dive into settings, we're leaving the icon based world and going into words so far. My understanding is we've got english and spanish on this watch, but there's a lot of firmware updates coming. So it probably will expand other languages soon, there's an overall about me when i go in there.

That'S got things like my imei number and other information, my login stuff, all of that home screen is where we have. A selection of the different watch faces that you can put on this watch without belaboring it i'll just scroll through and show you. You have some digital ones, some analog, and then you got these really playful. Colorful ones and i'll show you my favorite coming up. In fact, we'll go ahead and select it uh i mean it. It really is kind of a tron base, this tron outdated. That was my ear a long time ago. Uh this one. I love that one look at that and i think that's a bit. Oh no there's, this one, the purple horse, oh yeah, but i'm, going to take that one there's a check mark up there. I don't know if you saw it behind the actual date and time, then you have overall themes, which is just basically the background behind. All of this, this is a red watch, so let's just take that one. You can set time and date, but of course, it'll be automatically set when you're tied into the network. Here'S your languages, english and espanol um more to come. Your overall volume level, which i try to make loud you hear that that's, the ringtone i set there's alarms so it's a good decent speaker. It just uh the recording that i was doing was kind of on the low side. If you talk really close, i guess you can get it louder, there's, a airplane mode.

You can turn it on and now your sound modes, you when a call comes in, you can have ring ring and vibrate vibration only or silent mode that's. All on here, uh, vibrate and ring, is what i like so got that going: um here's your cellular. You can turn cellular data on a course and roaming, which is much more expensive, recommend you keep that off. Overall bluetooth, wi fi here's, where you basically pair it. If you haven't done that yet instructions, all of that is covered there's a update available on the watch when you first turn it on. One of the things i went through was to go through the process of doing an operating system. Update so make sure you do that check for that what we're looking at right now is version 4.2.6. I got it that's the current version. So when you get yours, if it's different and higher than this, then you may have different features than what we're seeing here. I really expect there to be a lot of incremental updates, because this thing is just coming out on kickstarter right now: there's, your overall storage you've got about five and a half gigabytes of space for holding pictures and videos and things, and you can transfer those up To the cloud um because that's available too and then take it down from the cloud you're not going to leave it there, it's not like google photos. You know a huge multi gigabytes but it's enough to put stuff up there.

You can clean the cache file if there's any in there and you can edit the apn. This is part of getting your uh cellular to work right again, see their instructions on that you can reset the whole watch, so that's not really a place for your uh care, given uh subordinate to go to the elderly. The kids they're not gon na play in systems uh. Hopefully, in fact it would be good and it may be that there's a way to lock that one out or even make it invisible on the watch, because some of the stuff kids could play with the backgrounds and whatnot. But you don't want to messing with the apn, for example, so we've covered that page here you go, there is the calculator yeah. That picture looks just like a calculator right and it works it's, making a little bit of a tinkle, sound okay and you get numbers and whatnot and it works uh, no logarithms or anything. This is a basic countdown timer that you can set different levels of time that you want and have it beep at you when it expires. This is a count up stopwatch and you can start it. You can get lap times on it. If you want to, you can reset it if you leave it and then you come back into it, it resets to zero. So it's, not a stopwatch. You can run in the background once you activate it, you need to keep it on, and this is your basic calendar month and year and you can actually go into the edit mode and just switch to a different year.

If you want to and come out of that and it'll switch to that month of that year, so if you want to check out what day somebody was born, you can go back to the month of their year and look up the day and figure it out. Pretty fun huh, and then you got this last little feature here, which i'm not sure. I believe this is all about binding to another person. Who has a watch like this and when you do this whole radar scanner thing if they've got theirs in this mode, it's supposed to go around and find where they are and how close they are in what direction? I guess it's the modern way of playing hide and seek right. Okay, so it's searching and didn't find anybody, because we don't have another watch like this in the world yeah. This is like one of the first ones out there love that watch face. So we have covered all of the different apps that are in here and we have covered the notifications and the basic operation. Let'S, take a look now at the app you can download this directly from the google play store just put in tick, tock or use the link in the show notes down below, and i just click on it and take you over there. This is the uh play store description of it, so i wanted you to see it before i go into it. It'S got a what's new section, that's pretty robust, so it explains what the most recent updates are and kind of about the app so it's, the tick tock three app now being implemented for tick tock, four, which is the newest watch, so expect to see some additional Updates to the app over time, and as you can see, it does service for universal bands.

The voice calling the face talk two way: video calling feature boys a lot. We got to take a quick look at so i don't want to spend too long here. History, waterproofness replaceable bands and it's been out last updated in january and over 10 000 downloads and been out since december 2018, so it's, a seasoned, app that's had some time and practice just like the version three of the tick tock uh. So this level four is a nice enhancement over all of that, are you ready, ta da all right here? You are once you're with the app and it's set up and you open it it's going to show you where your watch is located against the google map, either in the full satellite view or the standard regular google road with uh things identified view you can toggle On and off here there's mr tick's house – and this is the forest all around here – as many of you know, i live way out in a rain forest at the base of a mountain on a deserted island. At least i wish it was deserted. Getting into costco is crazy, sometimes especially during pandemic time. This is a page that you kind of go to you press that button it's going to update the location of the uh, the watch by the way you have to have an icon on here. Usually you put your face in here. I use the picture of the watch for mine for now and, of course, i got apu in there her granddaughter who lives far away and misses her dearly.

Um can put this app on her phone and when apu starts using this they'll be able to video chat with each other and just have a ball. So it's really going to get some use out of this in this first month or so to just kind of test it out fully of somebody that's considerably elder and doesn't understand technology and somebody that's pre, teen, uh old enough to be able to work with the Phone but it could have been somebody that's, a three four year old that's, using a watch as well, and they could be talking watch to watch without even knowing about this interface that a caregiver is setting it all up, just lots of possibilities. Folks. So a second watch would be here: you can locate those and then me is going to be your icon. This is something that can track a path and of course, you saw me toggle on and off the satellite view or not come over here to messages here's opu. Here we go with the different messages that we were doing and i can hold and record hi again. I'M checking back to see how you're doing and i can it it just came through new message. Ah i guess i got ta go to messages which would be here smartwatch and play it hi again, so i can send icons or emojis back. I can do all kinds of things that's going to happen boom boom, so your standard messaging techniques, with the addition of sending a voice through a microphone pictures.

If you want to through a camera that i can switch over here and say, hi and take my picture and save it and send it and there you go pretty sharp huh what a handsome dude! Why isn't we look at ourselves? Oh! Well, you know how it goes so there's an idea of kind of what it's going to look like for video chat too. So we've got back and forth sound pictures text and emojis the next one is group chat. If i put on this – and i have other people connected in, i could actually conduct a group chat on this, and then we get to phone calls. We come into phone calls now you can make a voice call a wi fi call, so you don't use a sim card. You can do face talk over wi fi, and this thing called super hearing now, as i understand super hearing it's a mode that you can set it in as an administrator. That will call your phone from the watch in a way that the watch is not making the call, i mean it's, not obvious, so in a sense, you're eavesdropping. It gives you the chance to check and see what's going on. On the other end, what is the audio like without disturbing the other person uh seriously, if somebody's, convalescing or you're concerned about your child and where they are and what's going on in their life? You could use that but be very careful with it, because it's a silent type of a thing, let's try the face talk, so smartwatch ticks is attempting to get call Music call from smartwatch ticks to opu hi.

Oh boy, we're gon na have audio okay, i'm gon na lean back for a minute and you're gon na see me really close, um right here on the watch, and i can mute this. I think i can turn it down anyway. There i turn the volume down on the watch, so this is what it will look like for doing a video chat, and this is what it will look like here – uh when i'm holding the phone. So this is me with the phone and you're seeing what it looks like on the watch and that's way too much. Okay, that's the uh face, talk, pretty cool and then finally, you've got reminders. Uh, you can do custom reminders, click, the plus symbol at the top to start – and you can do all these kind of things limited to 500 characters, alarms will go off and so forth default. Custom let's do a default um interests party time next and you get icons and you get all this kind of stuff. You can repeat it put it on when it is and so forth. Basically, you're just setting up, alarms but you're doing it remotely from the phone to push to the watch, so that's reminders now we're going to come all the way back here to contacts when you tap here, you get two primary contacts you can set up and then An sos contact – this is the contact when you put this in that, if you press that bottom button will be called automatically and you can have up to 50 different contacts in addition to this, that you add with the plus sign – and you can edit it if These are not appropriate titles for who these primary and secondary people will be, but this is what you set up as the contacts that the individual that has the watch child senior uh.

Whoever could uh activate a one touch button contact to immediately reach them. Wow you see when i come back it bounces all over the place. Both of us. The air circle is fairly large. Maybe 50 feet 100 feet. I mean this is a whole house and it's got me outside right now and apu is way up in the forest but it's in the general vicinity, and generally this is first tried uh. They try to find you by wi fi and if they can then that's what they use to avoid using up battery in invoking the gps. But when you're out in the thules it'll get you gps and it's actually much better accuracy, the lowest accuracy is they have. If they have to go to a cell tower and just hit it with the cell tower, so the last thing i want to show you, and probably the most important, is this one: that gear takes you into your overall setup settings. This is big. This is where, as an administrator, you literally control everything that goes on with the watch. You'Ve got a remote control where you can turn it off, reboot it or cancel it, which we're going to do. You'Ve got custom text responses that you can set up. So the individual with the watch can just select them and send it without having to type in i'm, fine, i'm at lunch, i'm in the park. Whatever you know, you set those up here's those greeting cards, for that one icon tells you how you can go about: creating a greeting card to send seasonally or around holidays or birthdays or those kind of things you can set up a do not disturb system here, Where, when you turn that on the watch is dead, except for the emergency calling, so the child adult the senior is not going to be preoccupied playing with it, you can use it for reward or punishment or when they're in school or whatever your discretion.

As the administrator caregiver who's operating this from the app, this is where you can have approved other uh people that can administer this if you're a family unit and you're in a trusted partnership that you're overseeing an individual and either one of you wants to be able To do the administration, you can add permissions for another person, otherwise you can give people basic use to be able to communicate and maybe send a greeting card that kind of stuff, your overall location mode. You have two choices: you can have it in tracking mode, which i have right now to test it out. Every five minutes it doesn't update or you can go into this power saving mode and the only way you'll find it is. If you tap it manually and it just, let us know that we switched modes here on the watch, that's a common one um. Unless you really are tracking somebody who's coming back from the store or you have a senior at home who tends to wander off and you may need to find them and help guide them on how to get back home there's. So many so many reasons why you'd need locator mode and you'd need it on to check it every five minutes or right away. Whenever you touch it manually, you got the uh call log for any phone calls that you've made when you set that up you've got the watches text messages now notice. We aren't looking at the messages or any calls that we just did between the watch and uh and the phone within the app.

This is for separate, sim card calling and texting. You also will see in here somewhere a firewall that they say you should turn on which will prevent calls coming in that aren't from an approved list here's the t cloud. This is a place where you can send backups of pictures and video and whatnot that you've shot from the watch and then retrieve them from the phone from the cloud and then delete them. So you don't use up all your cloud space. You can set a watch password. This is the activity tracker and look at this on the phone you're, getting the actual step count information hour by hour of what's happening on the watch that when we went in there we just got that information, so you can track all of this on a daily Weekly or monthly basis to help stay on target to keep your bones strong or lose weight, or whatever you want to do. Then you got a system reset you've got this music system built into here. The iheart radio family app and it's only available in the us, but you can restrict it to whatever you want to and of course, set it up for either just wi, fi or wi, fi and cellular, but remember that's, going to eat against your data plan. So it depends on the sim you've got in. You need a sims deviating a second. You need a sim that's on the gsm network. They'Ll, explain all that to you when you go through the tutorials in the us that's a t or t mobile and it's got to be a full on sim, not a specialty one that you put in a tablet or something like that.

That'S data. Only because you've got calls and texting and location, and all of that so you need like to add a third line to your phone plan. If you have two phones right now, whatever and and you can get it to set up like that, so you can do face talk, you can restrict it to wi fi. Only we did the face talk just a minute ago, um and that i believe that was wi fi to wi, fi and it's, crisp and clear and fast that way. But you can do it on cellular as well, or you can turn it off, because that really eats a lot of data. You can disable the dial pad, so the user of the watch cannot call out here's that firewall. I was talking about that. You can turn on well, okay, i haven't. Oh, you got ta, actually slide it all right. It says it's turned on now. Firewall is on and only preset contacts can actually call the watch and the watch is a real phone number. Just like you'd put in a phone it's exactly the same, but now it's restricted. You can add friends, you got the calculator you can have it on or not on the watch you can. This is cool. You can disable the power on off control. Now on the watch, if i turn it on and get back here to my watch face hello there we go, i press and hold.

I can power off or reboot right, simple, but let's say you have it in the hands of somebody who tends to want to do that and not be watched or found or whatever you can turn off that control. I haven't tried this yet but let's see this'll be disable says your watch is disabled to be manually shut down. Now, when i press and hold, i can't turn it off. I could reboot it, but i can't turn it off: wow, okay, so you're in total control. On this one, you can deactivate the watch. If you want to, you can do date and time here we go 911 there's, a special sequence of things. You do on the watch that you'll teach your adult senior or child if that's appropriate, but remember you're. Invoking 9 1 1, so false calls will be dealt with so most of the time. You probably turn that off unless it's a trusted person, you know, will only use it in an emergency. You can activate it it's not going to show up on the watch. You have to know how to do it and you have to know what to do in the right order and i'm not going to tell you here, but if you follow the tutorials you'll see cellular data on and off languages like, i said, there's only two right Now, english and spanish, but more probably, will be coming and that's your tick tock. Now on your app, you can do all these things.

Your profile notifications, clear, the cache. This is the setup videos you can get to it through the app, but i'll have the link directly. If you want support software update you're going to want to check this, this is the update for the app make sure when you download it the first time. It'S, probably going to be there and look, it looks like i got a a dot here. Oh okay, it's saying the current version is up to date. Oh wait a minute. We just did that one all right. This is the software for the phone, but then there's the software update in the watch that you want to go through and do as well and, of course, you can sign out from everything too, and that is the um the app basically so once again. It'S coming up in just a few hours, or maybe it's already here, depending on when you're watching this march, the 9th 9 a.m. Pacific time it's kicking off on kickstarter, your absolute best price is at the beginning. If you know how kickstarter works, uh so head on over use, the link in the show notes, click on into it and you'll get there or just go into kickstarter and search on ticktalk, and it should come right up for you now. In addition to the watch itself, it's got these different options just to let you know, we can show you a couple of them. There'S, the headphones and by the way when you bluetooth, tether to the watch, it'll work perfectly and you can listen to the music and stereo um whatever you like.

Uh you've got this tick tock power base and you got the chum. So we we showed you, the box of chums, that you can snap on to your watch and customize it, but we didn't undo and show you the power base, so let's pop this thing open and you know what you're getting. If you order this too. I believe this is an accessory that comes with it. Okay, see it's, got the charging cord kind of built into it and it looks like what we do is we take it off and we line up the pins here and we snap it in and with this plugged in it will charge. So maybe a lot easier for some folks who uh don't, have the knowledge and wherewithal to orient the wire properly can use a use it this way on the tick tock dock? Okay, so those are the accessories available. You notice, i haven't told you a price. I don't know the price we don't know the price until actually it comes out on kickstarter, but we do know the features so once again from the top we've got free streaming music for this thing from iheartradio and their kids channels, that's what's kind of fun it's. All kind of kids disney like music on it. You have activity tracker with a step count and a championship board, so kids can compete against each other there's two different five megapixel cameras for photo for video and for doing your calls, there's parental or senior advisor controls and, of course, sos calling can be set up With the watch too, individual and group chats voice text photos emojis everything.

Is there three way: smart location, tracking cell tower or wi fi or gps it'll get you there it'll. Let you know where the watch is either every five minutes or you can have it set for manual. You have two way voice and hd calling and the things to remember and do not disturb set. If that wasn't enough, i know a lot of you guys are watch collectors. Well, if you have a watch, a smart watch that basically is uh used for uh for cellular communication, you could trade it in for a 30 discount. So read this: if you're interested you can you know trade in an old one and uh pick up this new one? They got that policy going on and you can get it even cheaper for whatever the price is we'll both know together at 9 00 a.m. So we'll see you over there thanks for watching gang okay, i'm, putting this at the end, because google's not really keen on playing copyrighted music, and i don't have a choice when i'm gon na show you this. So if you're seeing it, it means i've made my clip short enough and and uh and google's letting it happen. But if uh you're not seeing this, then you don't even know what i'm recording do you i'm gon na go into that family? I heart radio thing: it tells you a little bit about eating the battery and getting warm for the watch. If you agree to that, you can say yes, and here we go.

We'Ve got all different kinds of channels: entire channels that you can play music from look at this. How about kids pop let's hop in here and listen? Okay, how about something else? Disney girl power? Okay, i hope this is working disney, workout, awesome, disney, classical all right. That'S starting off real soft from the sorcerer's apprentice, the philharmonica phil harmonica orchestra. I haven't said that for years, oh no it's still playing stop. Okay. That gives you an idea um. These are lots and lots of different categories, and you saw in the app you can limit the playback time to say two hours a day or you can set it for unlimited. You can have it stream only on wi, fi or stream over data, if you're putting your own sim like a third line, unlimited data, you could like go crazy and just have uh music playing all the time, either through the internal speaker or connected to bluetooth.