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It is finally here, the new Android Wear Ticwatch E, and it’s a sweet, full Android Wear smartwatch. Today’s video presents a deeper look at the Ticwatch E while referring to the full review of the Ticwatch S for most of the technical details on the operation of the watch, installed apps, and overall unboxing (the two are almost identical). We also look at the Android Wear and Ticwatch tethering apps on an Android phone.

For full technical details, specs, and more omniscience’s both the Ticwatch E and S, check out this video:

Want to compare with the Ticwatch 2? We will do an official comparison video soon, but for now you can look at the original Ticwatch 2 review here:

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From Caleb Beman

How did you make the watch do that color show at the end?

From SmartWatch Ticks

Pretty wild, huh? It’s an app called Audio Visualizer Free: