Okay, google. Take a note mark m5204 for the entrance wall. There’S moderate traffic from your location. Okay, google send a message to miles: okay, google let’s navigate to the nearest gift shop. The takewatch e shadow is an android and ios compatible smartwatch, which performs as good as it looks so let’s get started from a design perspective. The e shadow features an oled 1.4 inch display with a resolution of 400 by 400 that’s, supported by a rubberized strap, which is removable so you’ll always have an opportunity to change it and use another one. But let’s talk about performance. The e shadow is powered by the android wear 2.0, which offers limitless customizable options and abilities which we’ll touch on in the following sections: the ram of 512 megabytes and the internal memory of four gigabytes are sufficient for many songs and fitness apps that’ll guide you through Many workout programs, which you’ll highly benefit from you, can sync all of your locally stored tracks and play them thanks to the built in speaker or connect the smartwatch to a bluetooth headset if you’d like to have an even better listening experience. I also want to mention that this smartwatch works with the google assistant that’ll inform you about the current weather, remind you about the calls you have to make and much more. The ticwatch integrates a heart rate, monitor proximity sensor, a gyroscope, an accelerometer, an e compass and a gps, so you’ll always be informed about how long you’ve been running or the route you’ve passed on.

You can also choose plenty of watch faces which are exclusively designed for the ticwatch. So if you choose this product, you’ll assure yourself that we’re talking about a very customizable smart device. Another great thing about this smart watch is that it’s ip67 certified, which means that it’s waterproof up to one meter, but the company states that you shouldn’t wear it when you’re swimming or while taking a shower i’d, also like to suggest you download the google fit app From the google play store, because it has plenty of features that you may find useful during your workout sessions to conclude, the e shadow is worthy of considering.