Smart watch ticks calm. Today I got an unboxing for you of a tick watch. Yep tick watch e you've heard of that before haven't, you yeah. I know you have, but we haven't had one here so geek buying has sent one out for us to review because they just received a whole new stock of these puppies for you and figured yeah. You might be interested in one let's talk a little bit about it. The tick watch is a mo boy SmartWatch that runs on where OS, which used to be Android, wear. If it's now called where OS by Google right it's a 1.' AMOLED display 5 atmosphere, water resistant with GPS, I mean it's, nice it's, a really nice compact SmartWatch. Now it is one of the tick watch line, and here they all are to put it in perspective. The original Ian S came out. They were IP 67, which was pretty much splash resistant and they had basic things. They did have a speaker in them both of them, which is interesting because the speaker's been removed on the new ones in order to get the 5 atmosphere swim capability, big difference there, speakers on the originals more waterproofing on the new ones; ok, they had GPS. Of course, 24 hour, monitoring, where OS by Google and on the e removable straps, also carried over to the e you'll, see that here in a minute the s2 similar, but slightly different between the two of them, the original s and the S 2.

The s2 is the one: that's got the US military grade 8 in G. That puppy is very very rugged if you need a rug and Rotch it's the s2. If you don't need that level of rugged tivity, you got the still the same 5 atmosphere, water proofing on the e2 at a lower price. Both of them are missing the speaker, as we mentioned before, and only after you get into the c2 and the tick watch. Bro and there's a new tick watch bro with 4G LTE. When you get into that whole level, you start getting NFC payments things like that: okay, that's, the history. On the I know you want to see the watch, but I got to show you the specs. First right, here's, the overall spec sheet 24 hour, heart rate, monitor on this one and the s2. In fact, here shortly, I'll be showing you clips from our review of the s2 because they are so identical in how they tether and a lot of the functions on the watch. All of that stuff so quickly through our high tech paper copy of of the specs. Some folks are disappointed I'm using paper still so I reduced the ink and I'm using less ink on the paper. That'S saving resources, let's open the box let's get into this puppy. There we go something falls out, says: tick. Watch unpacking prompt, dr., dah, hey there. Thanks for your purpose, your purchase and so forth, and how to contact these guys, Facebook and Twitter time in control, little booklet comes with it and then there's.

The watch itself sitting on a platform. That'S got some fancy designs on it and a holder it's. A very soft rubberized band on this one we pop it out of its two loops. Take it off and pull it out of the card took a little while to learn to do that on the others and there you go super flexible bands. Definitely removable definitely easy to work with it's. Really soft almost feels like it's got talcum powder or something on it. Remove the cover and deeper in the box. We see we have a charging cradle this rubber band in here now, one of the drawbacks. I always talk about these things. I'M, really happy when I see a USB connector to a port here that you can plug a micro USB or a USB see these days into the dock. Don'T have that here. This tends to be a break point over time. So you might want to try to pick up an extra dock if you get this watch, because this is all you got, you lose this, you can't charge the watch and then you can't use it so you're really susceptible to what the dock can do for you. Magnetic really strong it looked like as it falls off, holds the watch there you go and that's about all there is to that. It'S got a little silica gel, which they're starting to put with watches these days, a Quick Start manual of sorts.

How you charge it power button? These are the apps that you're going to need to pair to the wear OS and the mo voy app are needed. Then you finally get yourself all set up and connected now you turn it on and how you navigate through it. You got a set up, Wi Fi and get on Wi Fi. In order to do just about anything and some message, notification information backside is all in Chinese and that's that and then we've got the user's manual for the s 2 and the E 2 and I've page through this thing. In the review of the S 2, so I'm gon na skip some of the stuff here to tighten this review up for us: okay, so it's Chinese, there's, English and it's. Basically, a simple manual: okay, let's, clear things out and let's. Take you to the next level with this one: okay, with one simple button on the side press and hold to turn it on. It got a little vibration and it says tick. Watch now, one big difference: the buttons on the right hand, side, tick, watches facing us correctly, set up these other ones, the earlier ones, the original tick watch e, which is here. This is the e to the buttons, on the left hand, side and same thing for the non removable band s too original, which is right here. You can see the screens a little bit smaller there's. A more writing on the bezel it's got a big protruding edge to it for the knob and, of course, this one also has a speaker built into it: here's the diodes for the heart rate and the charging connection area.

On both of these, you notice, those are identical and they were ones. Don'T use a dock. They use this kind of a connector. Now you saw that this one is ready, so I can move on with that and we won't talk too much about these, because we've got other reviews up on the original E and s. We are being prompted in different languages to move forward, so we will tap to begin and we are into the different languages. So I want to show you these. They haven't changed as far as I know, and this is right out of the box, so there hasn't been any firmware updating to it if there's any ready, but you can get a feel for the languages since we have such a broad international audience watching it's oftentimes Good to do this, so you pick your language. Of course, we're coming in in English, should already be there. English United States gon na select that one and it's asking you to read all of this information, and this is how you go through to actually use your watch. It'S telling you with reassurances that they're not gon na use your information in a way you don't want to protecting your privacy, got ta, be thirteen years old, though huh mmm, interesting, okay, I've read it, and you can also go into all of these things and look At their Terms and Conditions, privacy policies. All of that you get that when you get your watch now on the phone you have to download, where OS by Google and go through the process of pairing.

The tick watch E two with this serial number to the app on the phone. Instead of doing that, and taking up time I'm going to switch over and show you that exact process on the missing watch from here, which is the s2, I get the coolest gear. This is that one plus 60, with the thumbprint scanner right in the screen itself. This is the new tic watch s2 and we're gon na marry them together by opening up the wear OS by Google and starting the set up. Get you all integrated, we're gon na agree to everything. Google wants us to do right, make wear OS better, alright, I'll! Let you guys know what I'm doing. Okay look it's ready! It already found it let's link to the s2 it's connecting to it. That'S simple it's sitting here waiting – and this would automatically saw it because I have bluetooth on this when new bluetooth was on, guess, we're doing a full on tethering thing as well as an unboxing pair with it. I got the matching numbers I'm going to allow out to do my contacts and call history as well. Why not it's connected it's connected everything checks? Getting my watch details selected my account, and now it says, it's continuing with the Google account copying everything to my watch. Setting it up getting them connected, finally, making sure the screen lock stuff works, I say next, I got a re enter. My pin I've done that.

But look I got my fingerprint sensor, so maybe I can just access it as simple as touching the screen wow. It did okay copy everything to my new tick watch s to do it copying all my accounts and so forth. Next is Wi Fi, so we can automatically, because this is already on Wi Fi – send all of that information here. So the watch will be known on Wi Fi. I can manage calls and all that stuff from the watch I got ta allow it to make calls allow it to access my logs, allow it to access contacts and to view my messages and now boom they're. All integrated, so this thing is an extension of this check, my calendar. Okay, you could do that. Allow access to my calendar, get notifications, sure got read all that stuff did say, allow location notices, of course, GPS. All of that stuff and now up to five minutes to finish where's that we're all set. Oh, are you ready, yeah, ten and a half minutes into this gosh darn review and he's? Finally, gon na turn, the watch on we hope let's hit done. It says: hit done notifications, Google, assistant, advanced settings, tick watch us to completing setup. I thought we were ready. Okay, while it's doing that, we can see that this is the watch we've got hit. We warn the darn thing down to 50. No, no, it didn't drop. The 50 in ten minutes I cheated, I went ahead and I did this without charging it up.

They shipped it to me with I'm. Sorry, I always say charge your watch, but I'm too excited, and I really want to get this out, so I will charge it after we're done, but don't you do it. Uncle tics did okay. When you get yours charge it up. First, before you do all of this setup, you saw how long it took if you really don't have much power in here. You don't want it to die during your set up, especially at this phase, where it's completing it so charge it up. So you have more than 50 okay, now we're back to the e2. What I want you to do after you got it fully charged this press. The side button tap on settings go into your settings scroll all the way to the bottom go into system when you're in system scroll all the way down to about. I know I know stick with me here once you're in about oh, it bounced out. Look at that I don't know why settings system about. I guess they wanted me to show it to you again, come on you get your model number device name and all that stuff go all the way down here to system updates. You want to come in here and update the system for the watch, it's gon na check and it's going to download it it's been doing that for the past hour once it downloaded it, then, in the background, it automatically updated it, and now my system is up To date, but not an issue out of the box, it's an old system probably applies this late in the game to the to the s2, as well as the e to make sure you do this step.

So what is in the watch, and how does it work? Well, it's identical to the s2, so so let's run quickly through this watch with the wear OS inside of it. It'S got that twist, the wrist to see the screen or, if it's off its active, to just touch it and that'll light it up. Those are options. You could turn on and off in settings when you come down here. You'Ve got all sorts of good things like your overall brightness, as you can see, it's pretty much washed out in this lighting, so we're gon na tune it down a little bit. Get it about right there you also have, and there it goes right back into ambient mode. Each of these watch faces can have a whole different set up for ambient or regular, and you can change watch faces. Of course, this little button lets. You turn on battery saver and it talks about disabling a lot of stuff when you do that. But if you're gon na go out – and you don't need it for anything more than a watch by all means turn that on save your battery right here, you'll be able to ring your phone, which is sitting here tethered and you can stop it or you can. Let it go through and, of course, that helps you find your phone, but you got ta be tethered in order for that to work. This one here turns the watch off the screen goes off.

You can't do anything with it it's, basically, as if you turn the power all the way off, but it's not it's in a deep sleep mode touch. It comes right back to where it was pretty cool huh. This one get you in you do not disturb mode. Turns that on and it's kind of washed out, but there's a little right there and I just turned it off so now: it's not in that disturbed mode and of course the airplane means you're going into airplane mode and that's gon na turn off all your radios, Your Bluetooth and your Wi Fi, and that kind of stuff, okay, that's, all the stuff you get when you swipe down when you swipe to the right, you get into your whole string of Google stuff. That is all about you. Your flights coming up your packages on order, little statements that come in and you can change those with that setting when you swipe to the right you get into all of your Fitness stuff and that's your step count and calories burned and distance traveled, and you can Go deeper into actually doing runs and things and so forth, we're not going to get into that in this quick overview, we're just going to show you that that's there and you can get into it later on your own or we'll. Try to do that enough in an updated review that goes a little bit deeper, so many ways of turning the watch on pressing it touching it swiping it twisting it we're back to the screen.

So we went that way. We went that way. We went that way. We haven't gone this way, here's, where we saw all the notifications come in pushed from your phone to the watch or generated by the watch will show up there, so those are the four directions of swipes and then the final one. When you're on the watch – oh there's, one more press and hold that gets you into your selection of different watch faces that are installed there's. Quite a few installed. You can download some like. I did this one from here and see it just popped over here at the very beginning now it's asking to access the sensor, information which I'll say: okay, so that it can report things like my heart rate and step count and whatnot. Those are one time asks that give you permission to do all those things, so we swipe we've, pressed and touched, and now we're gon na press the side button. A quick press takes us into our app drawer, and these are the most recent things that I've used. I tried the tick pulse, which turns on the heart rate sensor. We can test that out in a future video, your overall settings to find we're phone. We just did, and then these are your basic stock apps, which include google fit, as well as the tick wears type stuff, here's, the mo boy, privacy, information, your Play Store, and this this is the big fancy.

One pool swim that you'll be able to do now with this watch that's. One of the amazing new features of this 2 version, the S to the eat. They have water resistance of 5 atmospheres, that's way more than the ip67, which is usually going underwater for about a meter or so for 30 minutes. But really it means just washing your hands or dropping it accidentally in the sink. But when you've got the 5 atmosphere, that means you could actually go down to. Oh, I think, like 30 meters or something really really far, and that cool stuff lets you swimmers, do all sorts of fun stuff related to swimming, of which I don't understand a lot of it. But you saw in the sheet some of the things that it'll do there now we're there and we could do a pool swim and you got all these other things in here. After you start swimming, the screen will be locked, so it won't flip out like crazy. Like most of the time happens on these, we don't want to actually start the swim, but here's some of the things you can put in your pool length and go or you could set your target distance. Your target duration, your target trips or with your laps calories, burned and all those options are available to you, let's back out of that for a moment, because I was mentioning that the the tick motion, swim motion and analysis is currently available here on this watch and Other things are going to be coming soon and we'll show you those as they come out in a future review like fall, detection and a personal trainer and gesture control and all man, all sorts of fun goodies.

But right now we're just looking through the portfolio of apps there's, the Google stuff and you get down here and there was a pool, swim and then you've got the tick exercise: tic health, tic, pulse and tick ranking, all of which we'll look at later. You got the Google Translate built into it, a weather, app and a basic timer, and and these are your stock apps and then it being Android wear. Of course, you can add a whole bunch of other stuff by going into the Play Store either through here or through the absence and in that stuff now jumping quickly to the app you have. As you know, all sorts of different watch faces. You can select. One touch it and it's going to send it over here to the watch when you're tethered there's asking for the device's location, this one's, giving you that information and there's the watch face here and when it times out it goes into the selected ambient mode and there's Programs like watchmaker that you can create your own watch, faces load them into the app and transfer them over at your heart's desire, that's. One of the things the wear OS is known for is all of the different watch faces that are available. You have these settings within the wear OS app things like setting up your notifications, that you could silence the phone and change the watch notifications. You go deeper in here at a list of all the notifications for the apps.

You have on your phone to be tethered over. Your agenda. Settings are like for your your google calendar and your different accounts and notifications and stuff from there. The Google assistant. This is where you can set up your okay keyword and whatnot, and what you can do with the Google assistant on your watch. And then you got some advanced settings like having the always on screen available like this or you turn it off, and that ambient mode will go away and it'll just be black like going to the movie theater or something. But of course you can set something special that makes it go black all the time easily and we showed you that already the tilt awake screen, those are all settable in here as well: auto launch media controls and so forth. You got all this information. You can download this and look at most of this right now without even buying the watch and that's all in the advanced setting so that's. Basically, this app here so back to the e to now. How does this puppy look? We haven't even showed it to you on yet have we? Oh, you definitely know what the s2 looks like from the other review. You also have seen what the S and the e look like their buttons are on the opposite side. Here it is it's a very attractive: all black only comes in black SmartWatch with an AMOLED screen and of course, you have different watch faces available, which you can install from the app directly.

We saw that on the s2. Here are the ones for the e2. Oh, I don't know pick one: what do you like the digital one? How about that? One touch? The button gets installed. It'S gon na go through notices about location and steps and data requests. Um. You got ta approve all of this stuff and give your in consent enable everything and finally, finally, you'll get yourself a watch face. Well, almost allow tick watch companion to access this device, location, okay, there we're done and now we've got information, including the temperature in this location and the digital time after you do that whole approval thing the first time the rest of them should be pretty simple. Just touch it and they're there all right, tick, watch e to sweet little Bo got all the gut bells and whistles of the s2 at a cheaper price, but it's not ruggedized. So if you want a little bit more of a modern dress, watch then the outdoor rugged one, the e2 is the one you're looking for.