, Not sure if it was a coincidence that this watch was announced right after E3 or not, but still Perfect timing with the naming, As you probably excepted, Ive been using this watch for a few days. Now.. Actually, a few days prior to when it was officially announced last week, so I’ve had it for quite sometime now and I can say right off the bat …. The E3 is just one solid smartwatch. It has a gorgeous display, an elegant lightweight, circular design. That feels great on your wrist excellent battery life works with both iOS and Android and offers up a fluid Wear OS software experience thanks to the powerful new Snapdragon 4100 chipset behind the scenes. For a mid range smartwatch, the E3 sure is impressive, and it really surprised Me with the things that it can do Outside of that. This watch also features a built in microphone and speaker for callsmusic NFC for Google Pay a variety of built in workout modes, sleep tracking, heart rate, monitoring, blood, oxygen monitoring, PLUS it’s IP68, waterproof meaning you can swim with it. Something I’ve been doing a lot of this summer, so far. I jumped in the pool a few times already with this watch and it survived without an issue. Mobvoi, packed a whole lot of features into this E series watch and all of these things are made possible By that Snapdragon 4100 processor underneath the hood., The fact that the E3 takes advantage of it alone makes this watch a huge deal, not to mention a steal of a deal.

. As of this video, the E3 is only the second smartwatch on the market to take advantage of this powerful processor. It’s, only second to Mobvoi’s own Ticwatch, Pro 3.. The difference this chip makes is apparent. The second you take this watch out of the box. Taps. Swipes and gestures are incredibly responsive and there are rarely any hiccups or slow downs.. Everything you do on this watch is near instantaneous.. The experience in Wear OS is shockingly fluid across the board. I’ve used. Many of Mobvoi’s smartwatches over the years and the E3 is by far the most refined experience that I’ve had to date on a Wear OS watch. To my surprise, it’s just about as snappy as my Apple Watch. That rarely leaves my wrist.. I don’t know if the E3 will ever fully replace my Apple Watch. I mean it definitely could if I wasn’t so locked into the Apple ecosystem, but the E3 is a watch that will no doubt help me change up. My routine, more often. Performance is definitely an area where the E3 shines and it’s all thanks to that Snapdragon 4100, Taking advantage of this processor, also allowed Mobvoi to better improve performance when it comes to tracking your workouts., I found this watch to be a great companion For monitoring my activity throughout the day., Whether I was running swimming or just going for a walk, the E3 did awesome job monitoring, my movement.. It counts your steps, monitors heart rate, blood, oxygen levels, sleep pulse and much more.

. This watch is one of those things you really never have to take off your wrist if you don’t want to. Unless, of course, you need to charge it. It’ll track your steps throughout the day, your sleep at night workouts whenever you decide to do them and everything in between. Throughout my time with it so far, I found the E3 to be an excellent workout companion. Watch. Time will tell holds up, but so far so good. I’m, really enjoying everything that this watch can do. What I found to be very interesting is that the E3 came to me only a few weeks after I reviewed Mobvoi’s latest folding Home Treadmill.. Those of you guys who watched that review video might have heard me mention the idea of there being some sort of integration with the Ticwatch line.. Now it’s apparent to me why I said that. Pairing, the Ticwatch with the treadmill and logging, your activity and routines to stay motivated would be a very unique thing for Mobvoi to do. With the products that they have out. I feel like they have an interesting opportunity to create a health and fitness ecosystem that just meshes and works well, together., Who knows Maybe we’ll se some sort of integration. One of these days.. As far as battery life on the E3 goes, Ive been getting around the promised two days that Mobvoi rates this watch at give or take a little more or less. Since I’ve had it.

I only had to reach for the charger a handful of times, which I thought was very good.. You aren’t going to be getting weeks or multiple days at time here, but for what it is and what it can do. I think it’s more than adequate.. You can also customize setting and enable essentials mode to get even more juice out of it. If you really need to.. The one thing Im not too big, of a fan of is the USB magnetic charger. It snaps on the watch just fine, but it does feel a little loose like if you accidentally knock the wire and it’s going to come. Off. I’ve already had that happen. A few times. I would have preferred wireless charging or some other charging method, but this gets the job done for what it is. Just be careful with it For those interested in a quick size comparison. The E3 is very close in size to my Apple Watch. Series 4., Maybe it’s, just a tad bit thicker, but not by much.. What I like is that this watch works with both iOS and Android.. So if you have an iPhone and the Apple Watch isn’t up your alley, something like the Ticwatch E3 would be an excellent alternative.. My one complaint with Ticwatch’s has always been the size. They’ve always felt thick bulky, and you guys know those are the types of things I’m, very particular about so I’m. Very glad, Mobvoi, slimmed things down here.

, Build quality is also excellent. On the E3.. This isn’t one of Mobvoi’s high end smartwatches, so don’t expect premium build, but for working out and fitness purposes. This is all you really need.. I think it looks and feels great. The materials used. Keep the watch lightweight while still making it impressively durable.. It works even better than something that’s big bulky and easily scratchable.. The E3 is a pure joy to wear on your wrist. Overall, I think Mobvoi did a fantastic job with their new Ticwatch E3. It’s, a cheap, elegant smartwatch that performs as good, if not better than a lot of flagship, smartwatches out there. If youre in the market for a new smartwatch that isnt an Apple Watch. The E3 is a fantastic option.. Its got a gorgeous display feels great on your wrist and its quick and snappy, making it easily one of the best Wear OS watches out there.. The question becomes, though, how will it be supported? Will it receive Google’s big, Wear OS updates in the near future? Time will tell, but as it stands, the E3 is a solid smartwatch that will no doubt motivate you to get up and active. Well guys thats about it. For this video, I hope you enjoyed it and found out helpful. If you did and you liked what you saw be sure to give it a thumbs up and hit that subscribe button, because it always helps out the channel.. Also dont forget to follow raystrazdas on Twitter and Instagram for more Until the next one.