Gth smart watch to show you. This is mob boys very latest watch. They are very established and been making watches for many years now, and this is definitely a step in a different direction for mob voy as well. So what we’re going to do is i’m going to have a really good look at the specifications with you, we’re going to have a look at the watch up close and as i always do, we’re going to have some good demonstrations on the watch itself as well. So let’s get into this hi all and welcome i’m shane beau. I make tech reviews and also running videos as well, so press subscribe. If that sounds like you big shout out to mobvoi for sending me this watch early, it was really nice to have a piece of tech in my hands before it was released and uh. The news was out there, basically so i’m gon na start and get straight into the specifications just so you’re, not looking at my face non. Stop let’s bring the details up on my computer just here so for 69 pounds 99 in the uk. You are gon na get the ticwatch gth uh it’s, basically saying it’s a health partner on your wrist, and it absolutely is a fitness tracker, and i think this really shows the evolution of fitness trackers, because this watch has got stuff on it. You cannot get on other watches at all, even some of the more expensive gps watches as well.

So you’ve got on here a temperature monitor, so you can actually check your skin temperature on here. You can check your blood oxygen levels as well. Your heart rate as well, and you can track your sleep as well, just there just looking at some of the other key specs you’re, getting up to 10 days of battery i’ve had just over a week out of it. You get notifications on your wrist as well as long as it’s bluetoothed to your smartphone and you’ve got reception. You can get reminders on here. It’S water resistant – you can also wear it in the shower as well. You’Ve got music control, so you’re listening to the music through your phone. You control it through your watch as well. There’S, also a breathing guide on here as well, which is like a little app that will help you calm and relax with some breathing exercises. You’Ve got 14 sports modes on here as well, including outdoor running yoga, basketball, rowing and walking as well. It doesn’t have gps built in and it doesn’t use the gps in your watch, but what it will do is it’ll, actually guess how far you’ve run from the level of movement that the watch can detect. You’Ve got heart rate monitoring on here as well and that’s 24 7, heart rate monitoring, so whether you’re in an exercise or whether you’re just walking or sleeping it’s, going to track that heart rate for you as well i’m talking about sleeping you’ve, got sleep tracking on Here as well, what’s really good is you can tap into the app afterwards and actually see how you slept last night compared to three days ago or two weeks ago, etcetera.

So you’ve got all that information there and actually tell you about the sleep stages as well. Whether you’re, in light sleep or deep sleep as well, so you can also customize the watch as well with your own photos on the screen. Just here and we’ll. Look at that in a moment. So we’ve discussed specs we’ve discussed the price we know. It’S quite cutting edge for the technology in here. Let’S have a little look up close and see how it works now. So here we are. If we look at the watch, strap just first it’s a silicone watch structures here, it’s, quite a simple watch, strap that it comes with uh. If you do want to change it, you can because you’ve actually got quick release straps just on here on both sides as well, so just push those over and those will come off. You’Ve got the battery charging port. Just here this just literally snaps on just there. You can’t get it wrong with that it’s a very, very positive connection. It takes two hours to fully charge the watch just there. You’Ve then got your temperature sensor dust here. I’Ll see your heart rate sensor just here. So there we are that’s the size of the unit. Just there you can see – and here is the front of the watch as well just here, so you can see that the screen curves round quite nicely there it’s a 1.55 inch display and it’s 360 by 320 pixels just there, so the screen’s just come on.

You can see the colors just there as well and there’s some nice detail on the screen. Just so you can see that the investment in the pixels works out quite well for you, so how it works. You can scroll over to the left and then we’ve got uh information on the temperature just there. If we uh turn him back on just there. We’Ve then got our current heart rate and then, if we go over just here, we’ve got our respiration rate. We’Ve got the skin temperature as well. It was on my arm properly we’d be able to look at the tick oxygen as well. If we then wanted to go for an outdoor run or one of the other exercises, we could just select that just on here, but right now we are gon na go for an outdoor run, so we’re gon na press that and then it’s click to start exercise. It’S giving us a bit of a countdown just there and we are basically off on our run right now, so changing the watch screen is really easy. If you want fancy a bit of a change, literally just hold down on the watch screen and there are other pre installed watch screens on the watch or, alternatively, you can go to your phone and download more or make a custom watch screen as well. Let’S, have a little look at how to do that, so you basically go into the mob void app just here and then click on watch face setting just here and then it usually lets you choose extra watch faces to synchronize with your watch.

So these are some of the other ones. You’Ve got just here like so a nice little cat you’ve got a pug, all sorts just there and then, if you want to go to customize watch face just here, we can actually add your own picture color and then send that over to your watch and here’s, A watch face i’ve customly made for you just here. I don’t know who that good, looking chap was so let’s press the button on the right just here and get into a little bit more detail. Just here. So you’ve got notifications. Um! You can read the notifications. If you want to from this menu – or you can always swipe up just there as well for notifications – and we will see a notification in just a moment, so we’ve got tick exercise just here for those exercises always swipe from the left to go back just there. You’Ve got tick health just here so you’ve got some breathing uh to look at just here. Take oxygen to look at your oxygen rate. Just there checking your temperature ticks in we’ll, look at your stress levels and then you’ve got um tick breathe just at the bottom. Just here so you’d have say, for instance, two minutes of breathing exercises if you wanted to just there as well, so let’s click on start. Just there it’s going to give us a bit of a countdown just here and then it’s gon na tell us to inhale and exhale, and it is quite relaxing just there to do as well.

So we’ll just swipe away from those just there. Uh you’ve got sleep monitoring on here as well, uh, which you can check out on here or check out on the app on your phone as well. You’Ve got timer, you’ve got stopwatch and again you can see the weather through here as well, just there for the next few days, so you’re getting quite a lot of watch for 69 pounds and 99p. There is one thing that i want to point out: if you are a serious runner, it doesn’t have gps built in and it won’t get the gps from your phone either. So you don’t have to see the maps of where you’ve been running or getting that really pinpoint accuracy that you might be used to, but it still does an alright job of tracking runs and how far you’ve been just there. I think the 14 sport modes is really good we’re, seeing a lot of innovation again from mulvoy. With this, i think the skin temperature checking we’re not going to see that on many watches this year. I think it’s – probably something for for next year, really so they’re leading the way on that just there. So all in all, i think you’re getting a great value for money watch just there. If you’ve enjoyed the video, then check out all the other videos there are on my channel. There are other watch reviews. There are running videos and there’s more of that to come in the future as well so hit that subscribe button.