This is actually the first smartwatch available sporting qualcomm snapdragon, wear 4100 platform ma boy brand has been a leader in google wear os watches and its latest offering brings a lot to the table at the back side of the box. Almost all features highlighted, but before discussing this in detail, let’s open the box and check out what is inside the box wow, it has a very attractive smartwatch design. This ticwatch pro 3 is a refinement of its predecessor among smartwatches. This smartwatch 3 looks as premium as its price suggests, with a conservative chic rather than the futuristic bulbous look of the apple watch or samsung galaxy watch. Active 2. it’s got a traditional timepiece look and some elegant digital faces to match this. Also, there is a magnetic charger inside the box. This charger is different from the ticwatch 2 it’s got a much smaller footprint and it perfectly sticks to the back of the smartwatch. As for recharging, the watch it took around 1 hour and 45 minutes to get back to full. I really like the big circular screen of the smartwatch on the right side. There are two buttons only one of which is customizable with a microphone hole in the middle of the two keys there’s, a loudspeaker on the left side of the watch case. So we can carry out phone calls and interact with google assistant right from our wrist. At the back side, there is a heart rate monitoring sensor.

The watch case is made of stainless steel and plastic. The sides of the case have a matte finish, while the bezel portion surrounding the display has a glossy shine, the bezel is printed with minute markings. All the way around this smartwatch comes with a synthetic watch, strap with stitching. That makes it look a bit like the leather bands on more premium watches. The wrist strap is soft, flexible and comfortable. This makes the watch more suitable for workouts. The orange stitching gives the strap an illusive appearance of being narrower than it is let’s power. On the watch simply press this upper button, the smartwatch runs on the latest version of google wear os. I had already downloaded the wear os app on my smartphone and made the connection between them via bluetooth. First of all, we talk about the watch faces. The company claims that there are 1 000 plus watch faces available on google play store, simply long press on the home screen and there will be other watch face options there. The good thing is that the watch face can also be changed from the wear os app on a smartphone where you can access a wider range of watch faces easily. You can also install the moboy application on a smartphone that manages devices, extends functions, synchronizes activity data and provides additional visualization and analysis. This smartwatch follows a pretty standard installation of wear os with the usual gesture shortcuts swiping right for events, swiping left to see your tiles.

Even you can add your desired tile, swiping up to see the recent notification and swiping down to access all settings and control. If you’ve ever used a wear os watch before then you won’t be surprised. One of the most attractive features of this smartwatch is the dual display setup. It comes with a 1.4 inch retina amoled display that offers a screen resolution of 454p. On top of this display, there is a low power always on secondary lcd screen. This display can show time date, steps battery and some workout stats all while the main display is powered off on smart mode. The amoled display is powered on and we get the full range color display, which is quite vivid dan, can get very bright too and enjoy the watch faces and apps i’m impressed with the battery life of it. This lasted nearly two to three days for me, be it in indoor lighting or under the blazing sun. The screen of this smartwatch offers impressive viewing angles and visible clearly in all circumstances, if you set the wrist gesture on to wake the display and when you lift the wrist, it will turn the amoled screen on. If you leave this wrist gesture off and when you lift your wrist, then lcd’s backlit display will illuminate instead of the main display. The idea behind this dual display is to extend the battery life significantly in essential mode. Lcd is used to dramatically extend the battery life and provide up to 45 days of battery life on a full charge.

There are a bunch of sensors in place for health monitoring and fitness tracking, something that is now expected from pretty much every smartwatch press. This button to access all applications and choose the respective pre installed app from the list to perform the health monitoring function. Even you can download more applications from the google play store. There is the heart rate sensor: the blood oxygen sensor, environmental noise, tracking and stress tracking. That tells you when it might be a good time to do some breathing exercises by pressing this lower button. We find a number of workout mode. This includes basic workouts like outdoor walking, outdoor indoor running cycling and pool swimming. This smartwatch has an in guilt, gps and altimeter, so it is able to track your route and change in elevation during a workout on mountains. Also, this smartwatch is an ip68 rating for water and dust resistance, so it is also suitable for a swimming workout. Even you are able to do a workout like outdoor, walking and cycling during the rainy season. This smartwatch’s processor is paired with 1gb of ram and it has 8gb of internal storage. Although you will only have around 5gb for your own apps and files, we can store our own music and video to this remaining storage and play it directly on the smartwatch. Without connecting with the smartphone. I have already stored some media to the smartwatch let’s. Try to play some video, but for that we need to download the required app from the play store.

We can also play music on a smartwatch directly and also stream to any bluetooth, compatible audio devices. That’S crazy we’ll go Music. This ticwatch pro 3 is a quality. Smart watch with three day battery life, great speed and a sleek design. This is the most feature, packed long, lasting and overall best tic watch to date, however, it’s also the most expensive. If you are wedded to google’s ecosystem and don’t, mind a slightly bulky design, then this smartwatch is a perfectly fine choice.