I thought i will never buy a smartwatch for myself. The whole idea about charging batteries on smartwatches every single day. Didn’T really sounds okay for me, but then i heard about huawei’s gt2 smartwatch. I bought one i did really like it. It looks really really nice battery lasts for two weeks again. Huawei operating system in smart watches is completely closed, so you can’t, install any third part application, so i decided to try something else. I bought the hybrid watch from fossil battery lasts for six months, it’s amazing, but then on. Basically, you don’t have screen. You have classic watch, so i decided to go back on my cast duty shock, but after a while i heard about moboy a company called moboy and their thick watch pro 3.. The concept is that this watch has two screens and battery last for at least three days, so i decided i’m going to buy one. The watch is one of the best wear os smart watches with a big display, huge battery, and it doesn’t feel chunky. It’S good choice for anyone who wants a classy, looking watch with useful features and for everyone who has android mobile phone Music. There are a few more options like galaxy watch, 3 from samsung and the apple watch for all ios users. Music. My video are not sponsored by anyone and i have to buy all products which i test for you guys. So this is reason why i have to find a balance not to spend too much money and get the best product as possible.

So let’s talk about tick. Watch pro 3 and don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel. My name is milan and welcome to my youtube channel Music, Music thickwatch. Pro 3 is one of the best alternatives to the best smart watches out there, including the samsung galaxy watch 3 and the apple watch 6, especially since the ticwatch pro 3 comes in much cheaper than either of those tick watch. Pro 3 has 1.4 inch, oled display it’s, sharp vivid and responsive to touch controls. There is also second lcd display – and this is a great idea – how to save some battery Music, the heartbeat and spo2 sensors on the bottom of the watch case and two buttons on the right side for navigation shortcuts, but the biggest upgrade is under the hood. This watch is first smartwatch with the snapdragon 4100 platform and it’s, combined with one gigabytes of ram it’s 8 gigabytes of storage, which is really good standard tick. Watch pro 3 was released in september 2020, with the price of 289 pounds for gps model and about 320 pounds for lte model, which you can use independently without your mobile phone using a vodafone e sim card, which, every month you have to pay roughly about eight Pounds on top just to get this e sim card, this watch looks premium. It has a black case, thin bezels and relatively thin, build it’s only 48 millimeters wide. If you want a real fitness, smart watch, then i suggest to go for garmin, smart watches.

This watch has a health app which are branded with thick prefix like thick exercises. Stick health pick, sleep, etc. The thick exercise app works well enough with 13 workouts, but also you can connect this watch to your google feed app and it works perfectly fine. Ticwatch pro 3 does have gps tracking your route during a workout and displaying it, although i didn’t find it always find it responsive and sometimes it struggled to show the route with context. This watch is the first smartwatch to pack the snapdragon 4100 chipset it’s. A fast watch that hasn’t lagged on us yet thickwatch pro 3 follows a pretty standard installation of wear os. The 577 milliampere average battery is another of the tick watch. Pro 3 standards features, and it lasts more than three days. You can cheat out more battery life by switching to essential mode up to 45 days on a full charge. That means that we will be using lcd screen only which shows basic information only as time date and number of steps we’ve done during the day and oled screen will be completely turned off. So if you want to buy this smart watch, you should consider few good and few bad things so why? I think this watch is quite good watch. It has a big battery lasts more than three days. It has fast snapdragon, 4100 chipset, it’s, crisp high resolution display it has google pay with nfc payments, and you can download more than 1 000 watch faces.

Why you shouldn’t buy this smartwatch. Is that where os is still not the perfect operating system for smart watches, it’s lack of scrolling crown on the side, which is really sometimes quite annoying sleep tracking isn’t too accurate? And i heard quite a lot of reports about problems with the sensors on the bottom of this watch, and i heard some rumors that if you use this watch during the showering or when you wash your hands using soap, there are some people there. They got some water inside the watch and warranty doesn’t cover these things. It is ip68 and the swimming pool suitable, but be careful Music. Thank you for watching my video uh subscribe to my youtube channel.