. The look of the TicWatch Pro 3 is very reminiscent of an ordinary watch. It has a more discreet design than the Pro 2. The dimensions have been reduced to result in a thinner thickness. So you will have greater comfort when using it.. The overall weight has also dropped and now delivers a lighter body.. The right side has two buttons, but only one of them can be customized, while on the left is the space for the speaker.. The AMOLED screen is 1.4 inches in size and offers automatic brightness adjustment. Mobvoi inserted a sewn silicone top with an appearance that closely resembles leather but is softer and more flexible.. The lower part is now made of plastic, a material that must be largely responsible for the lightness.. The 47 mm case is made of stainless steel with two types of texture. While the sides have a matte finish, the crown around the display is shiny, and speaking of that part here is the main negative point of the look. The smartwatch does not come with rotating crown like rivals, Apple and Samsung, which forces you to touch the screen. Every time you want to pass the options. At least there is protection against water by the IP68 certification.. Overall, the design delivers a balance between a more discreet aspect to be used in more formal situations, with a comfort that makes it ideal for sports. In the box. The wearable is accompanied by a 4 pin magnetic charger that looks different from its predecessor, which had a smaller footprint.

because it marks the out. The smartwatch was the first model to come equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 4100 chipset.. The platform highlights the focus on the functions of Always On that feature that allows the device to always keep the screen. On. The chip allows even greater color variation on the display than predecessors.. The watch delivers 1GB of RAM and 8GB for storage.. In the internal space. You can have the native apps of Mobvoi and other apps present in the Play Store because the watch comes equipped with Wear OS Google’s system for wearables.. You can download more apps to track physical activity like Nike or Strava messaging apps, like Telegram or even games adapted for the small screen.. It is worth noting that it is possible to download music to listen offline when installing the WearMedia application, but Spotify on the watch. Basically serves as a control to pause, rewind or play the tracks on the phone.. As we said earlier, the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS has two buttons and its body.. The top one is used to access the applications installed in the operating system and the most used functions. This means that it is for him and the way for you to check what is connected to Wear OS.. The lower button, on the other hand, shows Mobvoi’s functionalities. In other words, this is where the physical activity apps of the watch itself are. When you rotate the accessory the screen turns on automatically and you have access to the main display.

In it. You can see information such as time date, battery percentage and your heart rate. In real time, you can touch and hold the screen for a while to change the look of the display. By sliding to the left menu. The temperature information and access to Google Assistant are kept, which is also accessible by holding the upper button. A little.. The bottom menu is that of notifications.. It is used to integrate with your cell phone and display when someone sends you a message or you receive an application alert.. The wearable also allows you to respond within the accessory itself and more. You have a complete keyboard to type including options of emojis that you can design, but only if used with the Android smartphone on iOS, it was not possible to answer directly from the watch. At the top. There are some basic buttons to activate or deactivate features. In addition to accessing the settings., This is where you can mute the clock or turn on Do Not Disturb mode when you go to sleep or Theater Mode, if you are at the cinema or at a show that needs to turn off the screen. Here. You also have the Airplane Mode, which cuts off the wifi connection and the flashlight in case you need lighting wherever you are.. The watch even has an option to vibrate your phone that is connected to it to find it if you don’t, remember where you left it.. Finally, the right side is the most comprehensive menu you can swipe for information on stepping and cardio during your physical activity to see if your exercise counted for your health.

By passing more times, the user can check the weather forecast in a more complete way and schedule. Synchronized with the Google account and heart rate monitoring integrated with Google Fit., But you can personalize it by adding the shortcut to more apps like the headline block, so you can stay on top of the days top stories. An important health feature is that the watch can alert you when your heart rate goes up or down of a certain amount, both at rest and during your physical activity. So you can always be alert with your heart and anticipate if there is any abnormal behavior.. Did you drop water on the device while swimming or in the shower? The smartwatch even has a feature to clean the sound outputs by vibrations. In connectivity. As the name says, the highlight is the integrated GPS that allows you to access your location without, depending on the smartphone.. If you want to connect a wireless headset, there is Bluetooth 4.2 to enjoy your music using apps from the Play Store.. In addition, the model supports NFC, which allows the use for payments by approximation by Google Pay.. The management of TicWatch Pro 3 can be done through the Wear OS application in conjunction with Mobvoi for smartphone. In the tool you can manage several of the clock’s functionalities, while still enabling the default of some integrations, such as the calendar used for reminders.. The app even lets you add, or remove more blocks in that menu on the right that we just showed you.

And how long does a charge on that watch last, Even with all notifications activated and cardiac and oxygen measurement, the autonomy fulfills, what the manufacturer promises the Watch can stay for three days without having to be plugged in longer than Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 3 for example. The TicWatch Pro 3 has two battery modes. The Smart delivers all smart functions and applications on the screen while Essential can be activated manually or is activated automatically when the charge drops by 5. To give you more time to fill the battery. In recharging, it is possible to complete the process in a period of 3 hours., The TicWatch Pro 3 GPS is the ideal smart watch. If you want an accessory to monitor your health for 24 hours, even in the most formal moments of your daily life., It has a look that adapts to any condition without losing the basic functions and speaking of the features you will find here. Good integration with your mobile phone through the Wear OS application, in addition to a satisfactory variety of compatible apps through the Play Store.. The main negative point is the absence of a rotating crown which would make it easier to navigate through the tools that the device offers. Nothing that a usual time with touch controls cannot minimize the absence of.. You might think that the battery could deliver more days of autonomy in Smart mode, but the 72 hours of life are already ahead of what we can find in the competitor of Samsung for example.

Outside you can switch the mode and win a few more days away From the plug., So would you buy a TicWatchPro 3 GPS unit? Do you believe that his functions are sufficient or something is missing, but If you already have one, what is your experience like? You can interact with us in the comment space below.. This analysis can still be seen in text on tudocellular.com with offers for it..