It actually came out in 2020, but this thing has been getting a lot of hype in the past month or so. The price comes in at around 299 and for that price, you’re gon na get a 1.4 inch retina amoled screen you get a stainless steel body, that’s nylon and glass fiber. You get microphone and speaker as well on this device and call quality sounds really good. When you’re using this, you get a 22 millimeter silicone strap now the strap, i probably would have liked to bend a little bit of upgrade, but this is still a nice strap nonetheless, and the biggest thing about the strap if you’ve been on my channel before, is The fact that i have really hairy arms and anytime a strap does not pull on the actual, like hair on my arms and it’s comfortable, it’s breathable, and i don’t sweat up under it it’s a good strap. I would just have liked the scene it a little bit thicker that’s, my only issue because i, like thick watch bands other than that no issues out of me from that watch band, but there is an issue with the actual charging port. Now, if this was just a sit down on a wireless charger in charge, i would have no problem, but when items come with specific type, charging adapters uh i.e this little pin adapter that we have here it latches on to the back of the battery. If you lose this, you can no longer charge your battery now.

I know this battery has an awesome, awesome life to it, fully charged it’s going to last you about three days without charging, and if you use the essentials mode, it is said that you can get up to 45 days on this now i’ve been using this for Two weeks, i’ve only used essential mode once or twice, but i mean that’s what they say and hopefully that will stand up so 45 days in essential mode and three days of battery life in the smart mode and speaking of that screen, you actually have a low Power mode, so if you don’t turn on your always on display, you’ll be able to achieve that low power mode which will save battery ie, which will extend past that three day battery life. But the kind of guy that i am i like the always on display and if you’re using that always on display once the timer goes off, it still displays the hands and everything on your screen. It just goes into a different type of animation, so either way it’s something really good. That low power mode is more like a e paper display, but the smart display is where you’re going to get the full gambit the full screen, the full retina, the full amoled. Everything that you would need the brightness that’s, where you get your smart display at this thing, comes with one gigabyte of ram built into it: eight gigs of storage for apps and music.

You get a 595 milliamp hour battery, like i said, it’s gon na last. You three days guys uh dual layer display, which we talked about just a little bit ip68 waterproof. It has bluetooth 5.0. You also have o2 sensors and heart rate monitor for those of you who want to take advantage of google fit it’s built directly into this device, and you can actually set up shortcuts by pressing this bottom button. Your shortcuts come up for all your exercises, so you don’t really have to worry about a whole lot of toggling and those shortcuts can be toggled. Just keep that in mind. You can make it whatever app. You would like to the exercise. App is just more convenient. Just because i think, with the staying at home and working from home, people are really trying to be more conscious of their health and their exercise. So i think it’s really good to have that one as a shortcut right about now. This watch actually has its own gps, nfc and wi fi, and we also talked about the speaker and the mic built directly into what’s the weather like right now in mcdonough, it’s, ‘ degrees and clear tonight. The forecast is around 36 and mostly cloudy and tomorrow it’ll be rainy. It supports phone calls as well as sending text messages, and actually you can have some pre assigned text already built into the watch. So you don’t have to worry about trying to type on a really small screen or just sending emojis all the time.

You can basically have everything that you need already pre arranged. One of the biggest things about this is the actual software that is built right into it. So this one is supporting the qualcomm snapdragon 4100, which a lot of people have really been waiting on that combination, as well as one gigabyte of ram that would basically take wear os to the next level. Now i’ve been using wear os for a few years. I actually had the moto 360 many many years ago and it was a great watch, but it was super laggy and super hard to navigate, but with this new qualcomm snapdragon 4100, the flow on this is awesome. The apps move really smooth. There are no issues with this and i’ve only had it kind of freeze up, maybe like once or twice within using this for about the past two weeks. So i don’t really see a whole lot of problems and a big shout out for that 4100 snapdragon. Processor that’s in there right now so what’s the verdict most people say a watch is a watch is a watch right, but you have different styles of watch. You have your samsung watches, which are built for more feature. They pack features into these watches right. You got a o2 sensor, you got um ekg. You got all that big stuff packed into those samsung watches and then your garmin, your fitbit, you basically focus on fitness. They don’t have all those features, all the bells and whistles.

But this watch right here the ticwatch pro 3 falls smack dab into the middle. You kind of get the best of both worlds, you’re going to get a little bit of that fitness from the garmin fitbit realm and then you’re going to get a little bit of that style and those functions from the samsung. And you put them together, and this is the watch that you get i’ve had no issues with this watch. It’S priced really well at that 299 price point and with the 4100 snapdragon processor that’s built into it, as well as the one gigabyte of ram it’s, really smooth, uh, really fluid, and the apps are awesome to work with. You can also download third party apps from the google play store and you can also get tons of watch faces from within wear os that are built directly into this watch. And you can actually download the my boy app and it has watch faces in there. And you also can take advantage of using facer which, like i have to style up your watch. This watch supports 22 millimeter bands, so any 22 millimeter band you have laying around will fit the bill for this watch. So that has been it. The ticwatch pro 3 is a great addition to anybody’s smartwatch collection, or this is your first smart watch ever picking up really think it’s, something that you would enjoy like. I said this thing has a three day battery.

It has microphone, it has speaker, it’s water resistant. You can’t go wrong with it. The silicone band on it is actually really comfortable. Doesn’T pinch the hair on my arms, so i give it a big thumbs up and the price isn’t that bad either 2.99. You really can’t beat that for a smart watch, that’s gon na do your blood oxygen, it’s gon na be your heart rate. It has four exercises on it and it has this snappy ui from google built right into it. So hopefully this has been able to help someone out i’ll be sure to drop a link below. So you can check it out for yourself until next time be sure and give me that big thumbs up and please subscribe.