It covers the basics from email, notification and phone call command previews to tracking fitness. The ticwatch pro 3’s physical features are what makes it stand out. Instead of software, it’s sharp and clear 1.4 inch, oled screen display and it’s responsive to touch controls at the bottom of the watch are the heartbeat and spo2 sensors and two buttons on the right for navigation shortcuts, hey. This is alex from fit lab and welcome to our review of tickwatch. Pro 3. you’ll find the links to the products in the description, and you can use the links to check the latest prices and other user reviews make sure to watch. Until the end of the video to know our final verdict and whether this wear os smart watch is worth the purchase now let’s proceed with the video. It has an eight gigabyte storage capacity that is pretty standard and, although the wear os apps aren’t as curated as those on the watch os app store, you still get a wide variety of fitness, news and weather apps to choose from. However, the app’s interface isn’t as intuitive as competing for software, the exercise tracking options are from running cycling, swimming walking, rowing and more its built in gps will help you track your outdoor activities and also measure your heart rate, blood, oxygen saturation and sleep. Some extra built in sensors include meditation and breathing apps to measure your stress levels and a hearing monitor to make sure you’re not exposed to loud noises for too long.

What we liked has a faster and more efficient chipset, excellent battery life. Crisp and clear high resolution display zippy performance can use google assistant what we didn’t like the fitness ecosystem is lacking where os needs an update. The interface can at times be unintuitive ticwatch pro 3 specifications as per the table. The ticwatch pro 3 is a nice. Looking watch with good performance enough fitness tracking features and sensors and a good battery life to be above par things, you should know before buying the tick watch pro 3.. You can use google map navigation, while writing and its gps captures fairly quickly. You can download music for motivation while exercising ticwatch pro 3 features, fitness and health. This wear os watch has ticwatch made health and workout apps that have a that have a tick prefix. The tick exercise app works well with any of the 13 workouts you choose. However, some of its interfaces are unintuitive like not having the stop exercise button, so you have to press and hold the lap command or the lower right button at the side of the watch. For other workout and health options you can get them from the pre installed. Google fit apps and display them the heart rate and spo2 sensors. Its gps will track your workout routes and display them. The heart rate and spo2 sensors will easily take your readings as long as the bottom side of the watch is firmly against your skin. However, it can’t take a proper ecg.

The sleep tracking isn’t very accurate, as it will take periods where you’re immobile in the night. As sleep sessions battery life, the 577 milliamp battery can last about three days on normal use on a single charge. If you turn on the essential mode, it limits the function in the watch to just display the basic stats, and this will allow the watch to operate for about 45 days on a single charge performance. This smartwatch uses a snapdragon 4100 chipset with one gigabyte ram, making it a fast watch with no lag. You can swipe down to access the settings swipe up to check your notifications, swipe left for google assistant, reminders, news and etc and swipe right to check the weather and track your fitness all day verdict. Should you get the ticwatch pro 3 ticwatch pro 3? Is an excellent watch? It’S not heavy to wear optimal use of google’s wear os offers plenty of features, but it has no cellular and wireless charging capabilities which can be a deal breaker to some people, who is ticwatch pro 3 best suited for it’s best suited for anyone who wants a Health monitoring watch with long battery life are there alternatives to the tick watch pro 3. The apple watch series 3. hope this review was helpful. If you like this video, please hit the thumbs up button and subscribe to our channel.