This is the brand new ticwatch pro 3 ultra gps, smart watcher. It comes with some new features beyond the previous generation ticwatch pro 3 and in this video ill be going over all those new features, as well as what this device can do from the smartwatch end of things, as well as what i can do for the fitness Side of things now, my reviews generally focus on the sports and fitness aspects of these sort of devices. Where i like to go into a lot of detail about heart rate accuracy as well as gps, accuracy, testing them for lots of different types of activities like running cycling as well as weight training, and if the information this video does help you out at all dont. Be shy by hitting that like button down below, as it definitely helps this video and the channel a lot quite a bit, and i appreciate it so first off theres going to be two versions of the ticwatch pro 3 ultra. So theres going to be a gps version as well as a gps plus lde version. The lte version isnt available in the us, its only going to be available in certain markets so ill be covering the gps version for you today since i live in the states. So the new ultra model actually looks pretty much identical to the previous generation ticwatch pro 3, but they now claim its supposed to have military grade durability and ive been using it for the last few weeks, and i havent had any issues with it.

Even during some rougher activities like mountain biking and the corning gorilla glass has held up just fine im, not exactly what youd call the most careful with these sort of devices where i bump up into walls and stuff like that and its held up just fine. For me and the stainless steel bezel looks just like new. The case is right, around 48 millimeters wide, and this is what it looks like on my 187 millimeter circumference wrist. Oh and its also ip68 water resistant and its rated for pool swimming. It has industry, standard removable bands and its an okay band, but its probably a little bit thick and the holes to adjust the fit are a bit far apart from one another and doesnt allow you to customize the fit as much as i would like. It has a really great looking 1.4 inch, amoled display and youll interact with it, using a touch screen along with two physical buttons and the touchscreen is responsive, its predictable and its nice to use and one of the features of this device, as well as the previous Generation ticwatch pro 3, is that it has this dual layer display technology, which has a nice vibrant, full color display, and on top of that, has a secondary black and white display. So when youre, not interacting with the device, the color display turns off and the black and white display turns on which is designed to save on battery life, when the main display turns off after a few seconds of inactivity, the secondary display shows the date time steps For the date, as well as a battery indicator and whats nice is that there is a backlight with a secondary display that enables, when you raise your wrist, the secondary display can also be used in workout mode, using the stock workout app tick exercise, showing the time Elapsed, time of day speed, distance calories, heart rate and battery, but when youre using third party apps like google fit, the secondary display just shows the watch face information and that brings up battery life, which i found to be pretty respectable for a wireless device.

At least so they advertise that you should be able to go out three days out of it, and i was getting like two to three days out of it. Depending on how many workouts i was tracking. Now that was with the stock settings, though, and i found there are some features that were turned off by default, like your new energy and fatigue level feature and which i had to manually, enable in the settings and then enabling those features reduce the battery life down To like one and a half to two days and then for gps battery life, that was actually pretty darn good, where it was using about six percent of the battery per hour to track an outdoor activity and then on the smartwatch side of things. When you pair it to an android phone, you can reply to text messages using some common predefined responses. You can use the onboard microphone to use voice dictation, you can send emojis, and you can also use the keyboard to write out a message, but just note that the reply functionality isnt available on iphones – and it has nothing to do with mob play apple – actually locks. That functionality down to the apple watch and then for calls when youre paired to an android phone youll, be able to answer the call on the watch itself using its onboard microphone and speaker and the microphone quality is pretty good but the speaker quality isnt. Quite as this is the test of the good on the tin watch pro 3 ultra, so just like the previous generation tick watch pro 3.

The take watch pro 3 ultra runs where os now as of right now october 2021, when this product is being launched. Its running wear os too, but the good news is that early next year, 2022 theyll be pushing out a firmware update which will enable wear os 3., so thats, some really good news and then with wear os. Of course, theres going to be quite a wide variety of apps that you can choose from to extend the functionality beyond what comes out of the box like fitness, apps and music apps, and it has eight gigabytes of internal storage, so youll be able to download music To the watch itself, using apps like spotify, for listening to music, while youre not connected to your phone and then it also has google pay and then for health and activity tracking. It tracks your active hours throughout the day that you can see in green your steps, which is in red and then your exercise minute switches in blue and then you can click into this widget. To see more detail like your calories, burned, distance walked or run and then theres. This new feature here with 24 hour physical and mental status, monitoring where it shows your mental fatigue level and your energy level, based on your hrv and again, this feature wasnt enabled by default. I had to manually enable this feature. It then shows the amount of high intensity exercise for the day and in comparison to yesterday, as well as your total for the week, your current heart rate, as well as maximum minimum for the day, a little summary chart of the week in terms of hitting goals And then it shows a summary of your sleep, any workouts that you did for the day.

Your progress and your exercise goal achieved for the sleep tracking. It was okay in terms of tracking the time i went to bed and woke up, but the sleep stages. I think were a little off where, although i did wake up in the middle of night, it was probably only for like 10 or 15 minutes and the tick watch pro 3 ultra also comes with the ability to detect irregular heartbeats as well as atrial fibrillations, but Again, i had to enable this feature manually and then in terms of what kind of sensors it has for sports and fitness. It has gps for tracking your outdoor activities without you having to bring your phone with you, it has a heart rate sensor. It has a barometric altimeter, and this new ultra version also has a compass and then, when it comes to the tick exercise app, it has over 20 different support. Profiles to choose from like running outside and inside cycling, both outside and inside, has pool. Swimming has gym. Profiles like growing in the elliptical a few outdoor profiles like trail running, as well as football basketball and even badminton, and table tennis, one workout profile. I found to be kind of interesting, though, is this high intensity interval profile, where it allows you to set up a workout routine, consisting of some common exercises like burpees, mountain climbers, jumping jacks plank and a bunch of other stuff? So you just choose the exercises that youd like to do and then you can see them just start to get added to a list at the top of the screen, and then you can repeat an exercise if youd like to and then after youre done.

Choosing all the exercises that youd like to do. It then allows you to customize each set or you can choose to do a certain duration, how many reps and rest time before the next exercise. I found this to be pretty well thought out and then, when youre done, you can even save this workout routine as a preset, so you dont have to set it up again now for what kind of information this watch collects for outdoor workouts lets. First check out some running so itll give your distance calories, burned. Average heart rate average speed and also provide your vo2 max estimate for running, and this is pretty close to my actual vo2 max value and then in addition, it also collects your cadence as well as stride length and then at the bottom of the page. It also displays a map and then for how well this data compared to other test devices. On this run, it did a pretty good job at tracking the total distance and well take a close look at the gps tracks here in a bit to see the finer detail of the gps accuracy and then for cycling. It provides very similar information like distance calories, burned average heart rate and speed, and the distance and elevation figures lined up pretty good here too as well, but it did underestimate the calorie burn and then for the actual gps track accuracy on this run. Here it was okay from a high level, but there was a bit more drift than what i would like to see from some of the straightaways and theres.

Also, this corner right here, where it cut in a bit and wasnt, quite as accurate as my actual path on this road ride on nearly all the straight sections. It looked pretty solid, but i did notice two spots where it had these little blips and these were on some wide open sections of the road without any overhead obstructions. And then there was also this spot right here where it had a bigger issue where it got off track quite a bit and then after i exited this tunnel right here, it had a bit of a challenge, locking back on the gps track and then on this Mountain bike ride again from a high level: it looked okay, but there was some drift on some sections and then on the switchbacks. It had a bit more challenging time where it wasnt quite as accurate, as i would like to see. Okay, so now on to heart rate, performance and again lets start out with some running and for the most part, not too shabby. It did have a couple minutes right here where it tracked about eight beats per minute high, but then it got back on track, but it did start to track a little bit low, as my heart rate increased at the end of the run and then for indoor Cycling, the take watch pro 3 ultra did pretty darn good for most of the workout. There was this spot right here where it dropped out momentarily, but it did seem to get back in line for the remainder of the workout and then for road biking outside theres.

Going to be more variables involved here, like vibrations and bumps in the road, and we can see that the tick ticwatch pro 3 ultra was definitely more shaky here. So on these rapid increases of heart rate, it took a little bit for it to catch up, and then there was some shakiness on the main portion of the workout. There were a couple portions at the end, though, where it got pretty off track, but i do have to say that it recovered at least from some of those inaccuracies and then with mountain biking. This is definitely a hard activity for a wrist based optical heart rate sensor to track accurately because of the gripping motion, as well as the rough terrain, but this is actually not a bad result for mountain biking. So at the beginning, it had some issues for sure with some spikes, but then for the rest of the ride. Thats actually quite respectable other than a few blips here and here and then another activity thats challenging for these types of wrist based optical heart rate. Sensors is weight training due to a lot of the varying arm movement, as well as the wrist flexion. But again the ticwatch pro 3 ultra did pretty well here for this stack of activity. It never had any huge spikes which was nice to see, but you can see on a few sets where it had a challenge tracking those, and then there was a dip here and here, but still this isnt bad for weight training at all.

Overall, though, for a company thats, not necessarily known for fitness devices, i have to say that the heart rate performance is pretty respectable gps. On the other hand, theres definitely some room for improvement there, and i hope they can do some optimizations to the gps accuracy with some firmware updates. Battery life is also pretty respectable for a wear os device, and a lot of that has to do with that. Dual layer display technology and i really do like how they implemented that and then, when comparing the ticwatch pro 3 ultra with lets, say the galaxy watch 4. If youre looking for a fitness device, id probably lean more, the direction of the ticwatch pro 3 ultra, mainly due to heart rate accuracy as well as battery life, and what is also nice, is that im glad that modboy does have a planned firmware update to update This watch to wear os 3 next year. Anyhow thats, the new tick watch pro 3 ultra, and if you have any questions about anything, i didnt cover in this video make sure to leave those down in the comment section down below and while youre down there.