This is a wear os, so a google based smart watch very kindly sent into me free of charge by the manufacturer. No money exchange hands for this video. They haven’t asked me to say anything in particular just to share with you my experience using this over the past few weeks. This is what the product box looks like really nice box. If i was receiving this as a gift for myself, or indeed giving this as a gift, i think it looks really nice very well presented now inside the box. You do get some paperwork. You also, of course, get the watch itself, which is the star of the show, and then you get this charger, and this is a like. A magnetic uh, puck type charger it’s got contacts on it, which line up with the contacts on the back of the watch and there’s a magnet that sort of pulls the watch into place. So you don’t have to fiddle around aligning those contacts. It does it sort of automatically for you and the charger in turn has got a usb cable integrated into it, and this plugs into your own usb wall, charger, there’s, no charger supplied inside the box. So nice charging solution and an equally nice, very impressive, smart watch. I will show you this on my wrist in a very short while, but let’s just take a closer look at this. So we’ve got this very nice leather strap. I really do like the the colorway on this and then the watch itself is like a gun metal black color around this metal surround we’ve got a plastic sort of body to the watch, but very nice matte finish to it really do like the the overall styling We’Ve, of course, got a touch screen, which i’ll show you in action very shortly, and then we’ve got two additional buttons here.

One of them set at the moment to a shortcut to the mobvi fitness app and then the top button is like a back button or access to the the apps and then, of course, we’ve got a nice uh tang style buckle plenty of adjustment on sizing. The inside of the strap, although the front feels like leather i’m, not sure it is real leather it’s more like a silicon, that’s been made to look like leather, and this has got some texture to it really nicely done. Also quick release on the strap as well. So if you didn’t, like this style of strap, you can easily swap it out with another one and then we’ve got the charging point that i showed you earlier. We’Ve also got the heart rate sensor and a really nice metal back to the watch. It really does look stunning, so let’s have a look at this watch in action so before i actually show you the interaction with the touchscreen interface let’s, just take a look at it on the wrist and for context. My wrists are 173 millimeters or 17.3 centimeters. It feels very comfortable, it doesn’t feel too big at all. A nice supple watch strap as well, so a really comfortable fit, and i think it just looks absolutely stunning. Now it has gone always on display options. You can see it sort of a dimmed display at the moment when i interact with it by touching or indeed, if i move my wrist.

So if i raise my wrist to have a look at the watch, it does bring it up to the full brightness. You can adjust the brightness as well either automatically or to your desired brightness at the moment we’re around about the midpoint, so we can tap on the watch face. We can swipe down to access our settings and, if let’s just go into the main settings here as well, so you can see we’ve got settings for display sound apps and notifications, gestures, etc, etc. And if i go into the display settings just here, you can see what i was talking about with the adjust brightness so we’re currently on three, which is the mid way point. It has got a sensor built into it as well, so you can set it to automatic at the top, if you so wish, but for this video we stick to three and if we want to go back, the easiest way is just to push the top right Hand button: if we push this top right hand button again, we gain access to all of the apps, so we can swipe around. All of the apps are pre installed and you can of course, install more from the google play store. We’Ve got plenty to get us up and running it’s, very responsive, look at how fast we can scroll through these a really responsive experience, and if we wanted to select one, for example, the play store, we just tap on it.

Let’S go back one stage if we use this bottom button here, it is currently set to go into our fitness activities. So we can scroll through these various fitness activities and activate them via the watch face we’ve got outdoor run, outdoor walk, indoor run, cycling, freestyle, swimming rowing, machine elliptical, trail running yoga mountaineering, even so. Plenty of choice here on the built in fitness, app we’ve, also got the possibility to swipe here to go to google fit. We can swipe across here to go to notifications or sorry to go to um sort of our our smart settings to interact with google assistant and then, if we swipe up, then we go into our notifications. If we tap and hold, then we can of course change the watch face. There are some slots pre installed so, for example, this one’s really good for, if you’re into your fitness tracking, but you can install more via the wear os app and i’ve been using this on ios, so it does work with an iphone as well. You get more functionality if you’re going to use it with an android based smartphone though, but it does work perfectly well with an iphone. I think this smart watch is superbly featured. It feels very, very comfortable on the wrist it’s got such a nice turn of speed. Very responsive, a really nice screen as well, and it comes in a really attainable price point: tickwatch have always priced their smart watches sensibly, so this is well worth taking.

Checking out. This is the tickwatch pro s that’s it for this video. Thank you very much for watching. I really do appreciate it. Let me know what you think of this watch in the comment section below. If you want to pick up one for yourself, there are also links in the video description. There’S also a link down there to the tick watch website, thanks very much for watching everyone. I really do appreciate it.