Video I'll show you how you can check it out, come on back greetings and welcome to SmartWatch ticks were a YouTube channel on the web. At SmartWatch, we've got a box here that I'm gon na open up for you. This is a V that's right it's. After the virus, these new watches that are coming out have been produced since the corona virus ravaged China and is spreading throughout the world and they're all coming with something new. Since detection, early detection and identification of the potential virus is very important to folks we're, seeing body temperature as an addition onto these watches, along with all the other standard, stuff and that's, what we've got in this one? This is the tigress GTS. It comes to us from gearbest here's a little look at it. A very decent price it's on flash sale now check the show notes for a link over there, depending on when you're buying it. If the flash sales over I'll try to have a coupon for you to get it at that same price or sometimes better yeah just check the show notes before you buy and inside this thing now, it's totally waterproof even has a swimming mode on it. You'Ve got a 1.3 inch screen. Bluetooth, 4.0. Definitely ip68, really lightweight good, build quality. It has a phone call reminder, says Bluetooth, calling but it's, not where you can actually talk to your the other person from the watch. You can just see the call coming in and know if you want to grab your phone or not.

In addition, all the different health tracking stuff pedometers there, several different activities and message push notifications from your phone as well. Silicone ban really lightweight easy to use, banned and lots of holes in it too. You'Re compatible with iOS and Android with all these different languages and the big feature is the temperature capability, so let's get inside the box. Take a look at it. It'S well packaged nice display right off the bat you lift it out like so you find that the silicone bands are removable and totally sealed so it's. Definitely waterproof charging port is right here. We'Ll show you the dock in a second heart rate, diode in the middle and these two little metal plates now are not ECG we're used to seeing metal plates on there for that. But this is temperature that's, where you're gon na get your temperature taken right from the watch. One button very, very thin, easy lightweight we're inside the box itself. Now we have a bag with a dock. Usually, as you know, I'm, not a big fan of docks because they tend to be like funky when you put them in there and you got to get everything aligned just right. The magnetic wires are a lot easier, but in this case I'm sold. This is a nice little dock. You open it up like a cosmetic case for those of you guys who know what that is: there's a cutout for the knob. You put it right here, you snap it in it snaps and locks, and now, no matter where you put it.

What position it's in it's seal, plug it in and charge it up, and you're gon na get a really good charge for the thing. So it's got its own dock and its own little manual, which, as we always do, we're gon na page through to show you what these pages are all about, get it in focus for you freeze frame it. If you want to review it in more detail, sometimes that's valuable here's, the overall spec sheet directly from the box and a picture of the watch itself, it's got quite a few four or five. I think different watch faces on it. There'S the QR code that you scan for the tethering app, which is something new. We haven't seen this app before so we'll, be taking a look at that as well and here's how you find it, how you pair it? Oh, by the way, when you pair it, the watch doesn't appear properly here at least right now, they'll probably be an update to the app the tick wrist max is not there, but pick this right hand, one that looks kind of close to it and when you Get the qr code skin properly. It should identify it as the tick Gris max I'm, not not max hello, I'm, so used to that one. The tick wrist GTS is what we're, looking at all right on this side, a little bit more there's the QR code on the watch, which you scan with the app that's, how you tether it ultimately, but you got to select that watch from a picture first before You can scan the code that's.

The tricky part link to the app is called link to sport, and these are the settings that you have on. That screen will actually go through these in details, so I won't spend a lot of time on it here. In the overview of the manual, so we can get moving here's what the screens look like there's some of the different watch faces available and the temperature check is on the app drawer and that's how it works it's, always in centigrade. We don't have it for Fahrenheit. Yet we saw that with weather, guys you remember that and never could get Fahrenheit for weather and then finally they came out well. This is the second watch in a row. We'Ve done now with temperature in it and of course, it's incentive. Great just remember: 37 equals ninety eight point six. So if you're 36 and a half you good you're 37 and a half you're getting a little high and other than that, yeah you'll see more all right, let's, clear things out and take a look at it. All right, I've played with this a little bit for about a day a couple of days. Let'S take the cover off of it and yeah. I got some interesting stuff to report to you press and hold. It turns it on and we're right into. An initial watch face it's set at its highest brightness right now, and I just checked it again outdoors and you can see the time easily, it's, nice and bright in the direct sunlight, it's a little but nonetheless it's definitely viewable swipe to the left or to the Right bringing the left pane over you get your step count, distance, traveled and calories burned, and it times out on.

You came back right there. When you swipe down you get into heart rate, we'll come back and talk about that next one! You get your sleep time! Deep and light sleep is shown on here and I did wear it last night and then you get the QR code that you use to link to the app called link to sports and we'll. Show you that in a moment – and then it comes back so three screens they're your basic time back and forth from here. Okay, when you're on the time you go this way and you get into all of your icons, your your app drawer back here comes here. This way you get the settings a do not disturb mode, and your overall brightness and there's, the lowest brightness, which is good for nighttime and five different ranges of brightness shows you your battery level and, if you're tethered to the app it'll be linked like it's shown Right there and when you swipe up, if you have any messages that have been pushed to you from your phone, they will show up at that point and we don't have any so that's how it works. The different quadrants oops. I guess I pushed it too hard enough for it to want to power off which we don't want to do. That should take us back well there. Finally, it's a little bit sluggish on the pushes you have to you know, give it some good force to make it work.

You have a variety of different of hello. Come on stay on a little longer for me, alright lit a variety of watch faces. You have that nice bright one there you have a analog face. It looks like this and it has basic data on it on all of these. Then you have this one that actually keeps track of a bar chart of your goal in step. Count on a weekly basis date time and, of course, the things down at the bottom, like heart rate, calories, burned and your step count and let's see that one that one that one and that's it you've seen that one so let's land on that one and then You'Ve got this nice big bright. One minutes is usually what you're concerned about. If you have the knowledge of what hour, it is so it's, good and it's rare to find a watch face with big digits where the minutes are white and the color is on the hour. So if you're outdoors, the minutes will be viewable, even if dimly, if it's in bright sunlight, you can see it from right there. Okay, removable bands very soft pliable. I mean really super super lightweight overall and now we're gon na get into the good stuff, and to do that, I have to have it on because a lot of this stuff is the biosensing things, including the temperature and we're, going to talk about the temperature, because That'S kind of the main new feature of this one, but before I get to temperature I'm gon na put it on to let the temperature stabilize a little bit on my arm.

I have to twist your wrist to see the time active right now as well. When I go over and down and I land on heart rate, it takes it a while before it gives you its first heartbeat because it's, I guess averaging them all out and not going to throw you some numbers that are just gon na jump too wildly. So there we go it vibrated and it's, showing a heart rate now what's really unique about this one, and I think one of the main main things about it, as possibly a device you may want to get is this will stay on if watch will not turn Off and it will not leave the heart rate screen, I've tested it for over an hour and that's cool yeah. I haven't seen that in others I wish that was there. I'Ve really wished it on some of the watch faces that show the heart rate, that the heart rate would always be updating and would be nice and big and easy to see. Of course, this doesn't have the time, so you can't use it as an always on watch, but you can use it as an always on heart rate, monitor I've, seen when I've gone up and down my stairs outside I've seen the heart rate go up, and I Stop for a little while and I've seen it come back down and it's really fun to monitor the change over time, because this thing is live and active, so that's a really cool feature.

As you can see, I keep rambling on and it's still going, but again, temperature is what this one's all about. So I'm gon na bail out of this Oh notice that there's another page to it. Heart rate data high minimum minimum and your averages right there how'd. They get into that just swiping, okay, that's cool didn't know. I could do that anything on this one. No back to the heart rate and back over here to the app drawer that's, where we wanted to go step is gon na. Take you to the same thing, we've already seen for your step. Count. Sports now is something different. This is where you have your different sports there's. No GPS Atty stood the pedometer, but you have a regular outdoor, walk, a standing, walk running and a treadmill run. Cycling. Climbing swimming is in this one in history. So when I went to the grocery store with my mask on, I set it into walking and I walked 901 steps in fifty minutes. These are the kind of data that it collects. The heart rate, the miles the actual distance travel calories, burned your frequency 17 per minute, not sure what that is, then I believe, that's your pace down here and then I don't know what that is: confirm or delete. Oh okay, well we're just gon na leave it like it is so you've got all of those things here and you'll have different records for the different sports, and this one has.

You can have mileage believe it or not time or calories as goals, and if you set no targets and you start a swim now, this is not as elaborate as the watch we've reviewed earlier, which truly works for swimmers that has all kinds of gyroscopes and things In it to track your your laps and your strokes, and all of that, this is gon na compute. What the rooster saying out there. This is gon na give you calories versus time, um, based on an average swim. Apparently, don't know how they're calculating that maybe it's taking your heart rate into consideration in the back, not sure there's, not enough data for it to work so it's not gon na do anything, but all this is in the fitness area. So you get some limited data out of it notice. The icons are really bloomed bright because I have the brightness set so high. So we're gon na come down here and we're gon na. Take it up to a three hey. Can you guys tell it's springtime here there now the icons should be more visible. This is last night's sleep time and I don't have anything more in this except those numbers, and then we get into health. Now here we are with heart rate per takes. You do the same thing you just saw a minute ago. I'Ve got blood pressure; it does a one time reading of this and then it it bails out of this and goes dark and when you restart it or touch the button.

It'Ll come back to the time screen. So it's not like heart rate that's going to be continuously on and it does take a while to get the blood pressure as well. I'Ve noticed it tends to be low. For me, one hundred seven hundred and ten, the second one. Seventy yeah 120 over 80 is like normal for most folks, see and then it doesn't when you touch it again, it starts over again, so it doesn't keep it on very long, so I'm, not sure about the accuracy. I'M, not happy with how fast at times goes off and I'm, not happy. It doesn't keep the last reading for you to look at same thing for blood oxygen. This is tied in with green diodes, there's no red diodes on this watch. We all know if you've watched that red diodes are better overall for blood oxygen, but they can do an estimation for it from green diodes, and it does take it a little while to get it. Okay cut some of the footage out there because it was taking a really long time, maybe because I opened it up and messed around with it and that reset it all again. You saw it was at 99. It timed out. I had to press the button and it starts all over again from the beginning to give me another blood, oxygen reading so or implementation on these two excellent implementation for heart rate, but we still haven't gotten the temperature that's.

The main thing they're hyping about this watch and it's way buried down here, that's the first screen here's. A second screen messages pushed from your phone alarms that you can set it's got a music player that you can remotely play the music that's on your phone. It won't come out of a speaker because there is none. The silly QR code we saw on the other screen is right here that you use for tethering, and the third screen finally way down here has temperature after you get past the fact that it's got a countdown timer that you can set a carp count up stopwatch That will run you can take a lap time. You can pause it. You can start it. However, if you press the button you get out of it and it won't run in the background and then settings which we saw was a button up at the top. We can get into here, which I will after I finally show you, the temperature it's telling you that you should wear this whole thing for an hour before you take the temperature, not something you're gon na slap on and take a quick temperature or like the infrared Ones you just point to your forehead this one apparently the plates in the back after stabilize or something so that it can give you an actual reading from there and it's only in centigrade. 35.5. Remember. 37 is equivalent to ninety eight point. Six for those of us that live in the fahrenheit world so 35 and then it bails out completely here.

35.5 is relatively low temperature wise, but again it's skin temperature and not internal body temperature. So convert that you'll see what it is I'm, not sure about the accuracy of it and I'm, not sure, of course, if it's going to change, if I were to have a temperature, but it does give you a temperature reading now this time it came back and Lets me start it right up again and there's: no diode going off it's, just using those two metal sensors that you see there to come up with the temperature. Then you've got settings and in here you've got the overall brightness with a different display. Where you, you see all five levels which is similar to the circle, one at the top again the QR code. They really want you to tether this silly thing to the app it shows up everywhere, remote camera, which will activate this as a button that you can press to take pictures from your phone, find your phone reset everything and then finally, about the watch, which tells you The model to Chris GTS and so forth and that's the settings – and we are back to the very first page, one two three pages of apps, the overall time you've seen all of the pages or different screens that you can have all of these things are in Here and now, we're ready to talk about the app we'll spend a little bit of time on this one, because we've never seen it before it's called link to sport in Google Play.

You can download it and we're gon na take a look at it, open it up and I've already on a page where the body temperature is being displayed on here now, one really cool thing and jumping right into this and we'll back out to look at the Whole thing you can set a temperature alarm in here, you go in here and it will alarm you on a high temperature. It appears that it takes an automatic reading every 10 minutes and if that reading exceeds your high temperature alarm rate, which is set up from 37.3 all the way up to whatever you like 41.3, so let's say you got a little temperature of a hundred and one I'M guessing let's say that's the same as thirty eight point, one and you're already got that little temperature, but you want to know, is it going up? You know is so you you crank this up a little bit a few more digits and you set the level that you want and now, when you're 101 degree temperature hits 102 point five. The alarm would go off that kind of thing converted to English. For those of you that I probably my primary audience same thing applying about you know, setting the centigrade levels never ever seen that before it's rare to find a device that actually reads real body temperature. We have some that give you the weather temperature outside. But this not only gives you body temperature but allows for setting, alarms – and that is really cool down here here are are my measurements and it appears that what it's doing is a body surface measurement, the blue one that's the actual reading and then it's.

I believe presuming what your internal actual temperature is through some algorithm from that. So thirty two point: zero there's, a thirty three point: zero here, thirty two point: zero: those are my skin temperature readings and then the green ones are the the interpretations from that must have just just done another one yep it's eleven o'clock just took another temperature. Just vibrated a lot of things going on right here, so this is the panel that you see for body temperature and it happens in the data over here I can refresh, but it actually transmitted that last one live so it's doing a background. Synchronization here's my step count per hour, that's, where I went to get the body temperature. This is where I go to get to blood pressure and it's, showing the individual points on the chart when you actually take the blood pressure, it's not doing it on a regular basis, but it does give you that there's, the walking that I just did – and I Showed you on the watch, what it looks like here, it is actually on the phone. I'Ve got the total information there's the breakdown of everything we saw on the watch and here's my heart rate over time, so that's pretty cool and it shows you my high and my low. The high is erroneous because I'm probably was vibrating, so unfortunately that's it, but then it peaked up a little bit peaked up more. These are times I was walking to and from the car, probably anyway it's nice that you have your overall heart rate.

You don't get the little line. That shows you at any incremental point, or do you thought I saw something yeah I do man looks like you have to actually touch it on the spot. Well, I see it flashing a couple of times anyway, you're getting heart rate information and all your other stuff on your workouts that you put in here. But of course, distance is not computed with the GPS and you don't have a GPS track. But if temperature and real time always on heart rate, are things that you want. This is nice to have some fitness state and my thumb is over my location, information which is showing you have your sporting stuff here. Your heart rate chart here. This is different than the heart rate now that we just showed you in the workout. This is my actual real time, heart rate going on all the time, and then you've got the sleep information from last night, where we just had a summary from before now. We'Ve got the actual breakdown that's, showing you light deep and awake, but no REM sleep on this one and as an assessment of the quality of your sleep, is on there too. So you got those three different sections on here. This one is the overall watch information of where you set things do not disturb mode you can put on so it doesn't interrupt you for notifications. However, it does not suppress the turn your wrist to see the time.

So if you're gon na wear it to bed, you have to come into the app turn that off otherwise every time you roll over your watch is gon. Na light up. I wish that we're in court incorporated in the Do Not Disturb mode. It would be much better heartrate, continuous monitoring. You have that choice there as well, and then there's you – and this is where you can. When you first get into the app you can create an account or you can go in anonymous, but you'll still be able to put in yourself. The thing is that if you delete this app, your date is not in the cloud you don't log in with your name and password, but if you want to use it casual and you don't want your connection going to China. This app allows that so it's a lot more autonomy on here. You can set your units, although it doesn't affect the temperature, but you can go Imperial for your data entry. You can feedback the settings for here just about basic stuff. So, overall, the app itself is reasonable, not terrific, but the best feature is the body temperature and the ability to set a body temperature alarm and the ability of this watch to display real time. Continuous heartrate you just go to the icon. You don't have to activate it. It'Ll start on its own and it'll stay on alright. So you can pick up this little puppy from gearbest.

Your best is bringing it to us it's on a flash sale right now, that's a really good price. I might have a coupon discount for you, probably when the flash sale ends, the coupon would kick in, but yeah that's a decent price for something like this. The tick risk GPS with it's real time, always on heart rate, love this thing and, of course, with the temperature built into it as well. There you go, you've been watching, Smart Watch ticks and we appreciate your subscription and your thumbs up and we will be back soon promised here's Tilly. She runs 100 gross on YouTube, so just go to YouTube in your search bar search for 100 gross, pull up the very first video and voila. Oh sick girl, sick let's get some more from you like that.