com the premiere site for smartwatch specs news and reviews. Okay, as we promised, we are on the second part of our video review of the tikris gtx, smartwatch or smartband the last time we check on its design and specs. So this time, we’re going to check out its menus, the display screen will turn it on okay. So far, when it comes to design, it looks good, it looks premium. Okay again, we got it from check out the links below. So if you’re looking for a smart watch or a smart band, that looks like a smart watch with this wide screen display. I think this is one of the latest in the market we have here again we have a pc body here and metal bezel. Okay. So we got it from and the gtx decreased gtx. As you can see here, 1.91 inch display screen 3d curve design. You have a slight curve here on the display and on the bottom part, so it will sit comfortably on your wrist. Okay, so 300 mh lithium ion battery. So it is a sleep function, heart rate monitoring function, okay, you have a multi function, reminder and sports mode, and most of all it is ip68 again water resistant. So here are the features of your decreased gtx check out the links below for full specifications, as well as the shopping site, fitness and sleep 300 mah, okay, beautiful screen for full color screen, display 3d curve design and, of course, wide screen display.

Okay, so let’s check. So we have here: okay, the smartwatch, okay, let’s, remove it okay, the plastic covering here again nice very wide screen. It looks like a smartwatch already, okay, i have here the amazing gts. Okay, look at the display screen; okay, so this one it looks like a blend of smartwatch and smartband okay power button. Here, okay, let’s see okay from top to bottom. We have these settings here and from left to right. We have a blood pressure, monitoring that’s, it so let’s see so it doesn’t, detect let’s, see see if it’s continue measuring the blood pressure. We’Ll see okay so far and i’m removing my wrist. So it stop checking or stops monitoring. Let me show it to you again: okay, so we have here so it stops okay, but when i put my wrist here as you can see, so it works so it’s, just not a design or a fake blood pressure monitoring, it really works. Let me move my wrist, so, as you can see here, it stops. Okay, let’s go back to the home let’s check. There are preloaded watch faces, long press, so okay, doesn’t have a function for changing watch faces by tapping on the screen for or tapping on and waiting for several seconds. No okay, so let’s see later only on the settings. Okay, we have here the step automatic step. Monitoring we have here these steps, the kilometer, the distance and the calories. Okay, that is your heart rate.

Again stops monitoring when it doesn’t, detect your skin or your wrist, and it monitors again. Okay, so nice, okay seems like we have here – are really working heart rate. Monitoring as well as a blood pressure monitoring, okay, so we’ll see and that’s it for the menu from top to bottom. So where can we access the sports functions here so here from the bottom to up just tap or just slide the screen? Okay, heart rate blood pressure, the sports sleep monitoring. Okay, again, the notice is for reminder editing. So we have here the qr code, timer countdown and the settings let’s go back again for the sports, so we have running walking climbing riding football basketball by badminton ping, pong and swimming for the running let’s see. If what are the details, so we have the blood pressure, the steps and the time long press the watch button to pause. Okay, let’s, try, okay, again long press, okay, let’s, stop okay, let’s see in the settings menu. If we have the options for the watch face. So we have here a theme: okay, unlike other smart watches, that you have do long press the screen to change the watch face this one. You really have to go to the settings. Okay, let’s see. We hope that there are pre loaded watch faces. I mean there are available watch faces in the support app, so that’s it just tap on it and it will be activated notice, notification.

We have the countdown and so far very simple, ui easy to use and what i’m impressed more is the sensor here. So, as you can see, it stops working with when it doesn’t detect your skin or your wrist, and it works right away when it detects the presence of your skin. Okay we’ll see so it takes time. Okay seems like it’s working so far, simple ui very wide display screen. I like it. Okay, if you’re working out, you can really see the information, okay, very comfortable to wear to use because of its curve design here slightly curved design. Let me wear it. You can see the contour of the design, as you can see here, curve wide screen display easy to access, ui, full color, full touchscreen display with brightness adjustment, see, as you can see, very responsive menu and a very affordable smartwatch, slash smart band wearable again, if you Are interested, please check out the links below on our next video we’re, going to install this in android and ios. So please watch out beautiful smart band smartwatch. This is your decrease gtx. I guess the time for the display time out here is available in the support app, so it measures automatically measures your stats or heart rate. You don’t have to tap on it. You slide and select the sensor or the function, and it automatically detects your heart rate. As well as the blood pressure, okay so far very impressed with the design, okay, the display screen and the sensor of the tikris gtx mark watch or smart man.