At smart watch, ticks comm we're, starting to see a pattern. Folks, well a repeat of a repeat of a pattern. Somebody comes out with an incredible watch. After a few months, some company we've never heard of comes out with an exact copy of that incredible watch at a cheaper price and maybe a few enhancements it's. What we're, looking at today, I'll unbox that in a second once I let you know that it's called a tick RIS max2 Smart Watch and it is basically the same thing as the lympho LEM T. It has the same memory configuration 3 gigabytes 2 gigabytes it's got the same 2.8 6 inch screen. In fact, when you look at the specs, they are almost 100 identical with a few tiny exceptions. So this video is going to be dedicated to those exceptions. The exceptions are the camera, this one claims 8 megapixels, not sure if the lympho one is 8 megapixels, also plus there's confusion around this most of the time, it's a higher rating that they're saying it is because the pictures are what they call up interpolated to a Higher level, it may be a true 5 megapixel camera, making images that are 8 megapixel, but what either way what we want to do is test the camera on both of them to see. If that is changed in the hardware, they both use the same tethering app. All the languages are probably the same, but look carefully gang if your language is on this one and not on the lympho, then well there's, your deciding factor for purchasing it's using the same processor, same memory configuration everything the same with this new edition look face.

Lock is supported on the new one I'd, not on the lymph. Oh we've got GPS and we have several different sources for GPS and not sure if all these sources are part, the GPS on the lympho le mt either – and you know, custom watch paces – are definitely supported on both watches anyway. Those are the red highlights they put on the specs, so let's jump in do a quick unboxing. We pop it out here it is, or do a comparison side by side in just a second after we show you that inside here you also have accessories in the accessory box, which opens this way. I guess there we go. You have the charging thing and a screwdriver for putting in your SIM card, and the charger unit is identical to what we have on the lympho it's. A big rectangular box like this, with a fixed cord that's non removable, which is unfortunate, be great. If you could just pop this module in your pocket and put any USB cord in there, but unfortunately it is the same thing that slaps on the bottom, with the charging ports just like that, and you plug it in to charge it so no changes in outward Appearance of hardware we've got a cover over the optical diode area. You'Ve got the screws here for the SIM card and sure enough. Here it is on the le MT. The backs are 100 identical. Even the wording is the same, so in all affect it, looks like it's, an identical clone until you turn it on let's.

Do that now. So I honestly thought this was going to be a really quick review, because the outsides are the same. The insides are the same: maybe a couple of new watch faces, but no, it is totally totally different. Obviously the boot up logo is going to be different because there are two different companies, but that is the closest to similar as we're gon na see. This is really something if you currently have a lympho le MT. Ah too bad you are gon na, be so envious. Oh, you really are and I've got a little treat for you at the very end of the video but don't skip ahead. You have to watch the whole thing so that you're dutifully envious is what this tick risk can do at the lympho cannot do is gon na blow you away. Are you ready? First of all, you see, I got the little dot here. I'Ve got floating touch, you're running on this one and there's the ambient phase, and you see it came up first before the lympho did and here's the lymph. Oh, I got the little dot. I got the floating touch you're on there as well, and it starts out with two animated faces. When you touch it, you can make things happen, hello. Well, it was doing it earlier it based there. You go see, you can slide it around. You can twirl it and this one same thing: if you touch the screen adjust right, you can get colorful things to happen, so they both have an active wallpaper basic screen that they operate from.

However, what this one can do that this one can't you're gon na get really tired of me saying that what this one can do that this one can't is act with some other active wallpapers like this one, where you literally have the true active wallpaper floating. Underneath a watch face or time face that you don't have directly on the lympho. This is their only canned face. It does something like that and then you got this looks kind of like windows. Now I'm gon na keep the little screen protector, so you can really tell the tick wrists from the lympho, because once we leave the lympho logo, you're gon na see there's all these other faces and you might get confused, which ones which these are all just basic Faces nothing spectacular on them just grab one for the heck of it this face. Now you see all of the buttons yep. This one does not support active complications. If you call these complications like Apple, does you find that if you touch one of them, you can go to wherever it wants you to go, there's a calendar? If you got a SIM card, you got your messaging. You got your basic phone for calling there's. Google Play Store, updates to weather music player, the browser, the camera and even sports app that's, where you can do your workouts and things whoa all in a nice screen with the time and date right there don't like that layout, not a problem.

They gave you a couple of them here's another one, big weather on this one heart rate on that one yep, all the stuff is there it's not even capable on the lympho le mt but there's more. It turns out that you also have full support of animation beyond the wallpaper that we showed you the firewall paper. This is the actual change to the clock engine that allows for animations now I'm gon na set this aside for a little bit. Sorry this is one of al rods original faces like for the LEM 10. I think an 11 you see how it's a nice square well collaborating over the the Internet and over time he has updated it to take advantage of the full screen of the LEM T. There'S more he's also played with the surfer watch. Remember that one have a lot of fun with that one here it is kind of square and now, with a bunch of work frame by frame he's got it updated to flow beautifully on the full screen of the LEM oops, not the LEM T the tigress max Yeah and more he's got Earthsea scott other things here, many many more faces and when you get way down here, you can treat yourself to a beer, yeah that's his latest one. I said I want another fun one, and here you go all of these faces. Of course, al rods got links down below you can go over and donate one fee and have access to his entire premium pack, and some of these are also in his free pack.

If you want to make sure they work on your watch. But this one will not play on the LEM T. What you'll get is just the white of time with no background the background is sophisticated animation we're in the app drawer now and you can see the icons are colored and identified a little bit different. Some subtle differences in their positioning, their layout and their look and feel. When I go into settings you got your sound and your overall display your app list style, which notice has bubble the bubbles back when you get back here you go into it again. Now you've got the whole Apple bubble layout. Here you have basic matrix that you saw or list and of course list is going to be just your linear list type of display same thing when you're in your basic app drawer. So if you want the bubble type of a display like Apple's watch, you've got it right here on the tick Chris Max now check this out, I'm gon na continue scrolling down. You got pretty much the same thing for the rest of it until you get down to that famous more button, let's go into more here. You got it accounts, Google Play services, background, cleaner, whoa, screen, lock settings and face unlock. You have the full screen, locking and the front facing camera unlock on the new Macs LEM T is limited by not having the ability to lock the screen at all.

All the rest of these things are still the same right down to data saver and by the way, while we're at it. Remember when you're in here, if you're gon na run anything like floating toucher and those of you who don't know it's a little button that opens up that lets. You do all kinds of fun things here on the screen. I'Ve got lots of reviews of that you're gon na want to go into background cleaner on both of these, whichever one you have tap on it, let it show you all the apps you have in installed and the ones that you don't want to disappear. When you turn the power off, you turn them off. Okay, so floating touch here and display. Brightness are off on and few other different, apps and stuff for here that I've installed, but I don't have any of them turned off because it's fine, if they get cleaned out completely and now I want to challenge something I'm gon na come back to the paperwork. For a moment, don't usually do this but I'd like to call your attention to it. Three things: a 2.86 inch display 2880 milliamp hour battery and an 8 megapixel camera, alright that's, the max okay, the tick wrist max the lympho le mt. I got the same 2.8. 6 inch screen i've got a 5 megapixel camera rather than 8, and I have a 2700 milliamp hour battery rather than 2880, so what's going on well, my hypothesis is smoke and mirrors they're exactly the same, it's really not possible for me to tell you for sure.

The battery in these things, we'd have to yank them apart, 2700 versus 2880, I'm, just gon na say, they're, probably identical and it's just a different way of reporting it for some reason yeah. This is another one al rods faces. This is a stock face. I can, however, show you some specifics on the cameras. This is where you really need to have an education, I'm gon na turn the cameras on here there you see me in both of them, I'm gon na take a picture and there we go and there we go now the way they measure these megapixels in cameras Is basically by multiplying out the information right? So if I get information on here, let's go into here and get details and leave that up on the screen. Oh boy, am I gon na be able to do that through here yeah? I can okay details now. Look at the dimensions: 32, 64 by 24 48. What happens when you multiply that together, you come up with about eight megapixels, eight million, something rather something another thousand. Yet this claims it's a five megapixel camera. This and eight what's going on folks is they're. Both five megapixel cameras and they're both up interpolated to show an eight megapixel image, so they could call this one eight or this one, five, it doesn't matter. The cameras are identical, so sadly, the the ticker is Max is falsifying that it's, an 8 megapixel camera when, in reality, lympho ethically, is reporting it as a 5 megapixel camera.

So if you're thinking of buying them based on the camera, that's the wrong metric because they're identical – and I propose to you that the batteries are likewise the same metric just like the screens are at least they can't fake with 2.8 6 inch, because you could actually Measure that so stand by what I said earlier, the physicality of the watches are the same. The they are are basically identical, build the differences in the firmware which brings me to this Pablo 11 you've heard me talk about him quite a bit actually he's a mastermind behind so much that goes on with these watches all the way back to the actual code That goes in them. That makes these things work we mentioned firmware, and I told you you guys that are just googling for the firmware in the Mac's to put in your LEM T that there'd be a little treat for you at the end. You guys remember when I took the band's off of this lympho LEM T a while back to see if the antennas were actually in the bands or not turns out they're, not they're, actually taped onto the body, but in a screwy kind of way. So you can't like get a hold around these things and do anything with them, but the bands are removable, doesn't, break the integrity of the watch or violate the antennas. Well in that process, I pretty much committed this one to be a sacrificial lamb, just in case it didn't work and it broke, but it did work and it didn't break and it's a lympho le mt.

So when I press it and hold it it's exactly identical to this one from lympho running tigress, yeah, yeah watch when this one boots up you're gon na find that if you went into settings – and you went down to about watch and you scroll down to see That it's the tigress max running Android, seven one one with this kernel and build number from 20 2001. Oh seven, the firmware that runs on this platform, the three gigabyte, 32 gigabyte version. Now not a one gigabyte, 16 gigabyte or anything else, but the version that comes in the original le MT that comes in the tick Gris max is Universal in that it will work across the board. So when you flash the firmware from tick risks to the lympho le mt, you have a tick wrist watch complete with everything that we've seen the animated faces. It'S got the ability to do the active complications. It'S got everything everything that we just showed you that works on this one, the buttons the same stock. Everything does what it's supposed to do heart rate sensors right there just the same. So what you got are some options now: I'm, not gon na. Take the time to do that, you know it'll work, I hope it'll work, you have options. You can pick up the lymph o le MT and be happy as a clam with it, knowing that it's really an 8 megapixel up interpolated camera and probably a 2880 milliamp.

Our battery and, of course, three gigabytes, 32 gigabytes at a higher price, or you can pick up the brand new tick Chris max with the 2880 battery in the 8 megapixel up interpolated camera and all of the features that it will or you can flash the firmware To your existing lympho LEM T, if you've already got one any which way you cut it, you've got yourself a really amazing watch, that's doing the kind of things that we wish. These watches could do and have now incorporated into them. Don'T forget you can get these fun animated faces from Elrod and some fancy ones that have the complications on them too. I wanted to show you a couple in here gon na go way down here. All these are stuff that he's sent over and there's a bunch. More that are from different places. I think I just load them up. I love it so I've been playing with this one to check out a bunch of the watch faces here check this out. This is one of our rods faces. It'S got the time and every one of these dots is a complication point that you can touch that you can go into and get it to launch into all these different things, just like you saw in the squares or rectangles he's, got him set up in a Variety of different watch faces that you can you look at this one here? This is amazing. I don't know eight or nine of them in here, including a flashlight.

You got to install a couple of third party apps for the calendar or calculator and the flashlight and a couple of other things. But when you do, you got full functionality right from the watch face screen, but only on the tip wrists max for the lympho le mt running the tick wrists firmware. Am i getting them all mixed up? This is the real tigress. This is the lympho with the firmware from here, and this is the original you've been watching. Smart watch ticks really is fun to play with you with all this technology integration. If you want information about how to flash the firmware, if you want to get that firmware, you're gon na follow the link down below you're gon na go to WWF ooh Android watch comm only trust firmware that you download from there of being 100 okay. I got this directly from Pablo 11 flashed it on here. No problems whatsoever. It works like a channel pick up your watch at banggood, either one the ticker is Max, or the lympho le MT I'm, going to try to have the latest newest deepest discount coupons for both of these. For you in the show notes, and if you haven't got one yet these are the places to get it. It helps us out, helps me to be able to have these here. To do these things to help you learn what you can do with them, so it serves everybody around. Alright we'll see you again soon, thanks guys for watching.

Oh one more thing just check this out watch when I scroll over and I scroll over on the le MT, you get to the fitness section right or you can get to it by scrolling down to the fitness app okay on the new Tigres max. When I scroll over and scroll again, I can't go any further. It does not have that last panel, however, when I go into the fitness app, you might notice a difference. Three dots at the top two dots over here I scroll over. I got records. I scroll over, I got records, but I scroll one more and I got GPS yep. The fitness app has been updated for the GPS, so that, if I actually start an event on both of them, you notice the difference is it tries to invoke GPS? Gives you a countdown and then starts recording with the flashing blue distance indicator, meaning it's attempting to acquire your distance by GPS? This one goes right into.