com, tikkris you've heard that name tickriss has been here before, with some pretty impressive watches like the max and then the new smaller max s. Well, they're back with an rs, and this is in a whole different category of its own it's called smart, enjoy yeah right inside the box boxes, the watch and the band and information about it comes to us from banggood. The tikris rs is a 1.3 inch ultra thin 50 days standby time watch with bluetooth. Five we'll talk about that in a minute. First let's take a look at the specs again, you can get this watch by clicking on the link in the show notes. It'Ll. Take you over there and if i have a coupon for you, i'll have that included right next to the link. Tikris rs bluetooth, 5 full touch screen it's using the yfit app we're going to take a look at that today, too. All kinds of languages supported in it ip68 waterproof so should definitely be splash resistant, heart rate monitors, including 24 hour heart rate monitoring on it. Look at this up to 31 sports mode tracker. You could do a different sport mode every day, that'll get you healthy. You got a uh, a step count and messaging and call rejection and all of that there's, no bluetooth calling or any of that in it, and i don't believe it has a speaker in it just vibration. It does have music control for remote control of your music and a brightness control for indoor outdoor, the different sensors, the size, the batteries at 200 milliamp hour with 50 days standby.

They say 14 days of regular use and probably about a day or so 24 hours of doing all kinds of workouts. If you keep that whole thing activated 22 millimeter bands on it, so they're definitely interchangeable. Now about that bluetooth. Five! This is an interesting thing. I didn't realize i'm gon na share with you something to look for on a watch any watch. This one, of course, has bluetooth five uh, as opposed to the earlier 4.2 it's, a definite reduction in power consumption, a much faster transmission speed and a lot of folks are concerned about whether it's going to hook up and stay hooked up. Look at that 400 percent increase in the transmission, so bluetooth five is definitely something worth looking for. In a smartwatch, we've got the module there. We go and we've got the bands and uh good nice. Silicone bands yep got a little bit of a pattern on the outside comes with these bands. The watch itself will put those on we've got a little cover on it, revealing a nicely designed bezel, definitely flat no raised bezel. We have one button: the charging port and the heart rate sensor inside the box. Deeper we've got a second band. Okay, it comes in two different colors black is standard, and this time they sent me a green one. So we have i'll put this one on something: different, green band or black. The two prong charging element, and one thing they have not standardized on – are these two pin ones if you notice it's fairly wide? Some of them are narrow, so you really do.

If you have multiple watches, you want to make sure you keep your band or your your charger and your watch together. Don'T, let them get mixed up, got a couple of screen protectors here. If you want to put those on and then we've got a manual and it looks like a tukris warranty card, please keep this card as warranty proof for 12 months and damaging stuff, reserving the rights and there's where you fill out your information to chris warranty card There there's some email addresses that you could contact them if you need to take chris, how about the manual itself let's page through that one like we usually do our overall specs and basic information on safe usage again for those of you new here we do this. Every time because you just can't, find these manuals anywhere there's a qr code. By the way you can scan that right off of youtube. If you want, or click in the show, notes below the video will have a link that you can use to download it right to your phone that's, what you're going to be using to tether to this watch and a bunch of different pages. This is one of those that's more picture oriented than words um wow halloween party; okay, the different application settings. This looks like a bunch of different uh watch faces that you can selectively install to the watch too. Through the app yep there you go there's, a custom watch face that they've made for it.

So i saw it said you had access to about 20 or more watch faces and, of course, if you can get to a server on the web through the app you probably have access to a whole bunch more, you can take your own pictures and use them As background so forth and it's got onboard apps, which we will take, a look at looks like you can have the display in a apple style, if you want or in a scrollable style. If you want, this is the overall user's manual there's, some text part. Are you ready? Are you ready? I am too i'm going to put it all together and we'll come back and take a look at it. Well, here we go uh very thin, really nice attractive watch you've got the little knob. It doesn't it twirls, but it doesn't do anything in twirling. When you swipe down, you have a do not disturb. You can change your brightness and by the way it's on the lowest brightness right now. Look how bright you can get that puppy. Easily viewable outdoors we've got a flashlight mode that makes it a nice bright white screen that you can swipe out of and of course, your messages can be viewed from here as well. Convenient very nice battery level date. Time of course, right here as well. Here, we've got our step count. I just walked around a little bit so i'm, just beginning it's, going to create a little bar chart for the day.

With your step. Count on here as well. Twist brings you right back to where you were that's nice, here's, heart rate analysis. Can you see that it's uh creating a active 24 hour chart of the heart rate and the low and the high for the day and the current heart rate it beeped? While i was talking, and now it beeped a second time and it locked in the current reading, so it does it right when you land on that screen, here's uh last night's, sleep time, total light and deep sleep, the weather in the area you can set the. If you want it in centigrade or fahrenheit, it's right there as well, and a really interesting music player, which i'm going to demo for you once we bring the app over here and that's it down this one. And, of course you got that so you got those in that direction. Here is your overall app drawer, basically with all kinds of things, including look at all the different fitness, individual fitness activities and there's like 31 different fitness things in here, amazing, oh yeah! Look at that we have a blood oxygen as well here's the blood oxygen chart and boom. It just did another one. Just like that hit check and it'll do it again. We'Ve got information on the watch there's the sleep time which we've already seen here. We have a stopwatch and when you leave it and come back to it, it resets itself, so it doesn't run in the background we've got.

We did the information there's our home, here's uh, the weather in our area. We saw that panel as well. What else have we got the music player yeah when it's, not linear? For me, i have a bit of a trouble keeping track of everything here's the timeout. We can set it as a maximum of 15 seconds before the screen would time out on us. Here'S a inhale, exhale thing and give that a test for a second. It tells you to inhale it's, going to go for one minute: it vibrated and then it's exhaling and now it's vibrating again, and then it stops so it's vibrating for the inhale and quiet for the exhale that's. How this one is working, what else all the different fitness things if we do a run, you'll notice, it goes into it instantly. You'Ve got the time, steps, calories, burned, distance travel and heart rate with the day of the week time or your current time on the screen as well. No gps, but pretty much a basic fitness activity with all kinds of other activities included, and i think that's pretty much what we've got in here when we're back to this side, we flip over here. Aha, now we've got the same thing we had over there in this direction. The shutter is remote uh picture, taking when you're tethered to stop watch find your phone, the uh screen sleep time. We just changed that for you watch faces.

You can set right here. Reset power off the qr code and the overall about the watch as well so that's the watch. Now let me bring the app over so i can show you a little bit about that music player right there. The app for this one's, a relatively new one, a y fit. We haven't, used that one uh we've got the step, count the last workout that we did, because you do have a workout tab on here. Your overall heart rate, sleep and blood oxygen. Those are the things that are tracked here, so we go into them, there's the bar chart – and this was pretty interesting. You know i wore it last night, so i could get the sleep time, but i didn't expect it to actually count my steps going to the bathroom and back, but it looks like it did. This is four in the morning. 4. 35. 5. 30. A.M. 6. A.M. I got a little bit of exercise just before starting the video, so i'd have something to show you guys. You don't think i'm totally sedentary you've got a day the week, the steps all of that the last workout and there's dots if you've had any kind of a workout next to the date, and it automatically did uh this walking that i did so. It picked up on that on its own uh you've got heart rate here's the heart rate, uh results from midnight tilt present time and something interesting.

If i slide it back a day, this is yesterday i was not wearing the watch, so it uh look at that. Shooting up to 160, something like that. It unfortunately does not just turn itself off. It is attempting to get a heart rate from whatever surface it's laying on, but when you do put it on, it does appear to settle down and give you a good reading. Oh yeah, you can, wherever you touch, will show you what the reading is at that time. So this is today – and this is reasonable, so kind of you know it probably is fairly accurate, but it also is totally inaccurate if you're not wearing it. So you can't go with the maximum and the averages, if you take it off and leave it for a while somewhere, just something to be warned about sleep time gives you these kind of charts. Oh there we go, i thought you could yeah yeah it'll tell you the time when you're in it all of the different zones, total duration, deep shallow start and in time for your sleep and that's about all you get on that one and then blood oxygen. Uh shows you, your dots, you say start and almost instantly. It gives you another reading of your blood oxygen and it's developing those in a chart that just dot by dot not according to time, but it does give you the time you took the measurement here and that's um that's that one so that's everything on this page.

The workout page is where you could create a a an outdoor run. Workout you can change the settings and stuff like that. Then you get into the device stuff. This is where it gets kind of fun. You got all your standard stuff, won't bother with that, but look at this under music control. You can specify which thing of the stuff that you've got installed, which one do you want it to launch and start playing if it's, a music source it's got my aura ring in there that's that wouldn't work, but philo flipboard tune in radio. Listen to the radio. A lot and so that's what i've got set up on this one for the music control and we'll come back to a little bit more here. Just want to show you. When i go into now the music. There is no bluetooth tethering for the music to come out of the watch, but if i hit the play it's coming out of the phone – and this is my remote player – that i can switch songs – i can change the volume and you see the volume changing there. I can go back and forward. I can pause it. I can do all that kind of stuff remotely from the watch for the particular app that i commonly use. Usually, you have to start that all playing on your phone set your phone down and then you can control it from the watch, but that's a pretty unique um thing that this has got where you can specify the particular app spotify pandora cnn, whatever it is you're Into listening to you can set that up in music control.

I hope we see that implemented on other apps as well. First time, i've ever seen that basic drinking alert, drinking water, water, water, it's, a water drinking alert, your time, format, 12 24 hour find the band and when you do that, it vibrates there's, no sound coming out of it, and you do not disturb twist your wrist To see the time automatic heart rate detection is on check for firmware updates. All of that stuff. Let'S take a look at the watch faces when i go in here. It shows you, the selection of faces there's about seven of them here, uh, six, okay, and we select them either on the watch or you can select them um directly from the app i can switch them over for you, so you can see them. These are all stock faces. Now this one you can edit and i've already edited it that's, actually a sunspot from one of the newest telescopes in the sky, and you can set up the date and and whatever you want for your secondary thing as well. So you have one editable face and a variety of other faces that you can have and then, of course, your profile where you can set the units and put in your basic information and choose which kind of map it will use. When it's doing those workouts, which is either google – or i never heard of that one and of course, third party access – you can tie into google fit so your activity information can transfer over there as well, and that is the yfit app.

You got your temperature too, for your current location, okay, i think we just about covered it all, except again, where you can get it. It'S called the tickris rs and it's available from banggood check. The show notes down below we'll have a discount coupon for you. If it's out of flash sale whenever it's in flash sale, that's, probably the best prices, just go ahead and use our link. If you don't mind that gives them a tracking thing that you saw the video and referred it over there um, but you could go pick.