Tix we're, a YouTube channel on the web at smart watch ticks comm yeah. We have an unboxing today. Of course we do. We have a brand new watch to show you and a bit of a deja vu moment as we reveal an analog watch now. I know we have been hitting it hard core with amazing, smart watches that are Android based dual processors, bracelet mode, you name it it. It does it but there's a whole market for folks who want a really attractive, looking regular watch. However, they want to do a few things that are smart, and this one called the time owner will do that. Let'S talk about it comes to us directly from the company itself time owner official store on Aliexpress it's, really an expensive look at this 25 bucks can get you into this thing. It'S got five atmosphere waterproofing. That definitely means you can swim and dive and do all court kind of things with it. It also has a built in SOS function, which is really nifty. It'Ll a collect, your step count information, your calories, burned distance travel. You can even use it as a remote trigger for your phone to take a picture when you're tethered to the app associated with it. Really nice thing let's talk about it, let's, look at it and then let's guide you through how you make this thing actually happen. The box has got some inserts. We took this out, it was already put together and we've got a little operations guide in here when we page through this.

It shows you the index, the basic layout with the buttons and there's a trip to how you push all these buttons to make it work. There'S your basic specs there don't have a full on spec sheet for you, because there's not a whole lot to it. It really is a simple watch but it's a very effective one, here's, a warranty information it's, a quartz watch inside of here so you're not like getting your time off of the internet or any, but you are having good quartz quality timing with it. The power on and off buttons how you set the Bluetooth on or off once you first initially set it up and get it tethered to the appropriate app called the you watch app and you can scan the QR code appropriate for you, we're on Android, so that's. What I've done there – and it also is in the Google Play Store, which I'm going to show you in just one moment when we finished the manual, the app homepage looks like that, and there really is only one page with a slide out panel on the side. That'S all you need, and then this is how you basically bind or tether the watch it's all here in the instruction guide, sports data and share is a discussed and, of course, you can set on the app itself here as necessary for your tethering stuff there's. The SOS function let's talk a little bit about that.

This is a new feature. It'S gon na be really powerful. If you have a senior in your life, let's say, and you want to make sure that if they need to reach you, they can simply by pressing a button on a watch, not technical, not even trying to grab a smart phone and figure out how to dial The emergency number you ever tried to do that yeah and not that easy you got to get into the phone you got to get into the dialer Omiya. Anyway. You set up up to three different numbers on this, with the SOS function and you're good to go. It will call automatically, of course you still need to be tethered to the phone, so you got to have the watching the phone close enough together to activate that, and then the phone's gon na take over do in the calling call. The three numbers send your GPS location, based on what it found in the phone where you're located and get everything underway for any kind of an emergency need. That alone could be a an important feature of a watch like this. If you're, in a situation where you think that might be important to you even I'm, just walking down a dark alley, if you've got your phone with you, when your watch, you could quickly press a button and take care of a situation all right. The manual and a little warranty card that goes with it and let's talk about it in detail.

We'Re gon na bring over from the Google Play Store. Now the the app is called. You watch smart ble there's, a few. You watch ones. You want the one with that icon, you download that it looks like it's all in Chinese, and it basically is. However, if your language is set on English, at least I know for sure English will work and you open it. You'Re gon na get into your home screen and and it'll all be in English. Now I am tethered to this I've just set it all up. I'Ve walked a few steps hundred and eighteen. Let me give you some guidance on this before we get much further. It'S tracking your step count and it's tracking it live now. It says that I need to take at least a dozen steps, or so before, you're gon na start to see the numbers, change and that's so that it's, not gon na you know make mistakes and start tracking every movement of your arm. But if it's sensing that you're actually walking it's a live, connect, thing and you'll actually see your step count change and, of course, your calories and distance will all be updated. Based on that, along with your circle, percentage against your target that you set, and how do you set the target same way, you set everything else you got to get into the menu over here when you do. This is how you change or set up the module to begin with.

You can hit a find the module, and this thing does you remember those old Casio watches that all they do is go beep beep. Well, this is the same kind. I don't know if you can hear it or not – now – probably not on the speaker here because I'm so loud in my boisterous voice, but it's it's, sending out a little beat beat beat notice to the watch so that you can verify that you're connected when I Get into camera mode here and I bring over something to focus on like the watch itself. I'M in the camera mode. All I got to do is shake this hello and it says it just take a picture of it, but foot.what Tucker I've captured right. Oh toddler thing is finished, so I'm taking pictures every time. I shake it. Yes, it's catching up with me and that's simple. As going into the app and activating camera right there, you can clear the data. You got your personal settings here's where you have gender and height weight stride stride, even which is really unique. You don't see that often that's, so that your distance calculations will be more accurate. If you've got your actual stride for all your steps, you can change metric to English and you can do as sleep things. So you can start and end sleep times and you can do a direct synchronization right there. If you've been offline for a while and you can go offline for up to a week and capture data on here, you've got your targets.

This is where you can set what your daily target is. I generally set 8000 and then I'm really happy when I exceeded and get 10, even though 10 is really what I should be getting, but then I can feel much better because I hit my target anyway, you got that you got reminders. This is all the different things that you can turn on to get a notice, a reminder on your watch that it came through and then here's that fancy SOS setting area where you go through put in a phone number and create the process for doing the the Settings: okay: now I got your attention and you might want one of these things. Let me go over something with you and that's, some of the fa: Q's cuz that's, really where this whole thing tends to break down. You'Ve got to be able to understand how to run through this properly. First of all, the prerequisites of what you need and again it's, going to update the pedometer after 12 steps in a row, it's not broken it's, just making sure you're walking. So how do you turn it on and off? You got a press buttons', a and B right here for three seconds simultaneously that's the first place, a lot of people say: it's a broken watch. I can't get it on. Yes, you can three seconds hold. It you'll hear a beep and then it's on once you're there. Then you can turn bluetooth on and off with this upper button.

You can SOS and do all that stuff with the lower button I'm, not going to read it all to you, because you could freeze frame this and read it on you own, but I'm, going to encourage you to take a look at it and make sure it's Something that you could master or your grandparents could master or whatever and yeah in that that's what you would do so all in all what I'm finding with this one is it's functional. It does what it says: it's supposed to do: it's not elaborate I'm, not giving you heart rate blood pressure, blood oxygen, heart reports, fatigue index, whether you're a female on your cycle or not. None of that, but you don't need all of that. If you really want an attractive, dressy watch, that's still gon na give you your basic step. Count. Information also be available for an emergency SOS function and you can get it as wet as you like cuz. This thing can go swimming check it out. It'S coming to us from an interesting company time, owner and yeah that's available right now, 25 bucks or so we'll see if we can get a coupon discount for you, you'll be able to pick this one up and add it to your repertoire. May not be your only SmartWatch, but it might turn out being a really nice one. You wear from time to time.