Oh and it does some uh what they call holistic programs for body balancing for bioenergetic harmony. Anyway, i got to try it out. I got ta tell you what it was like. I know it has nothing to do with this video but i'm, letting you know at the very end. I'Ll give you a little bit more about what this thing can do. All right, here's, today's video greetings and welcome to smartwatch ticks we're a youtube channel on the web at smartwatchticks.com. Look at this i've got a tin, wu box. That'S right. This is a interesting watch. I brought it in for a specific reason to show you guys. Some of you, uh will be intrigued by are you ready? Have you got your eyebrows exercised i'm going to raise them? You ready i'm going to raise your eyebrows well raised my eyebrows. When i read this, i went hmm really. This particular watch has watch faces on it. Of course, like all different watches, do some of them have um faces that uh have always on capability? You know so that they have a display on when they're off instead of going black, but this one. This one has something unique, apparently and we're, going to check it out to see. Apparently with this watch, you have a watch face on it. That shows up one way in the daylight and shows up differently at night, so it's got a cover that shows you. Power on stopwatch and sports are part of it.

We can take that cover off and before i get into the rest of the box. Let me tell you how you can get it. This is the uh amazon link. I took the amazon part off because it has all my login information stuff but it's from an amazon page. I have the link in the show notes. That'Ll, take you right over here. Uh to pick it up tin, wu smartwatch, with um wireless charging, bluetooth, health, tracker, digital, smart watch, five atmosphere, waterproof and this special watch face trick that it does let's. Look at the specifics that you'll see right on the amazon listing uh quickly run through it. It'S got a metallic frame and a tpu band with a 1.3 inch display an ultra thin body, yeah it's, pretty thin. Okay, i'll give them that and well sealed look at that. It could be five atmosphere. That means you'll definitely be able to swim with this one. So it's got a lot going for it. It'S got gps positional function now this is tricky guys. It does not have, as far as i can tell gps module in it. However, if you pair it with the app and you go out with your phone in your pocket or strap to your arm or whatever it'll collect your exercise, data and your trajectory from the gps in your phone, so it's gps equipped, yeah yeah um got fitness tracker Suitable for the android 5 and ios 9, and check this out they're clear about it, it's not suited for a pc or a tablet only suitable for phones with bluetooth, 4.

2 or higher you connect with tin wu is the app name. It'S got magnetic charging usb cable supports wireless charging, but the wireless charging base is not included in the package, so i think they're talking the the chi qi charging with this but i'm, not sure i'm gon na see, if i can test it out on some of The other chargers i got that watches came with and we'll, let you know, as i get into this 300 milliamp hour battery two hours of charging 20 days, uh standby and over 10 days usage, call and message notifications, but not bluetooth, calling in this one, the straps, The size, the weight, what it comes with, and then this little thing here that you can't use it when it's charging and uh it's designed with ip68 waterproof rating. Well wait a minute up here. It says 5 atm um. It says it allows you to take shower swim in the pool, but it's not going to track swimming data: okay, so we're kind of borderline there on it's, okay for swimming and and whatnot. None of these are good for bathing or hot water, but uh yeah. The waterproof thing is a little bit of a question, but at least it looks like it could be dunked in water, just not sure how far down you can go in the box. We also have the charging wire a little silica gel pack, cool yeah, that's, really working, because it must make it dry a standard usb with a two pin, tiny close together pins again, you want to make sure you don't mix your two pin wires up between watches Magnetically couples there and because the watch is nice and thin and lightweight and the magnet is really strong, it'll definitely hold it, which is really cool.

We'Ve got to thank you for choosing tinwu smart watch and what is that? An extended warranty activated within 14 days scanning that you get a one, uh hassle, free, warranty, wow. You don't see that often the fact is also being offered through amazon and a warranty. I think you can buy this with pretty good confidence that you'll be taken care of here's, the after sales info follow their channel and the thank you and then finally, the user's manual get into this for 20 and 20 w model. This must be one of those uh basic information i'm, just going to quickly go through freeze frame it if you want to read it the reason we always do this at the beginning of every video is so that you have access to the manual many many of These, if you don't, have the manual in the box, if you lose it, uh you're not going to find a cue, a pdf version of it on the web and sometimes there's critical things. You need to know or see that you know you'll find in the manual, and so we do this. It takes a little longer makes the video a little longer. You can always zip past it watch your video till you're you're beyond it, but it does uh enhance this channel in making sure that you have one resource. You know you can go to for any watch ever made. Well, not not quite that, but pretty close uh and check out the manual right toward the beginning of each of the uh unboxing videos yeah.

This is a long one. I thought i would have out talked it by now, but no here's, the weather looks like it supports that, and music control weather, of course, is pushed from the phone to the watts. So you always have to make sure you're tethered in order to get the updated weather faqs a little bit more. What to do in these situations, how to change the date and time? Okay, it looks like you can actually do the settings as well. If you want to adjust them manually, battery life is too short. What does that mean? Okay, good good. There put some time into this manual, it's, a very nice one, there's the overall specs safety information, battery warnings, wow and health warnings. You don't see that usually with a smart watch and overall maintenance, wow very extensive manual, that probably should be a benchmark that others use for guidance. Well, we have nothing left to do but charge it up and check it out. A quick press hold on the top button vibrates and turns it on. We get the opening screen a nice bright background with tin woo, their logo on there and we're into a watch face that's where the magic happens on this one i'm going to show you some stuff about that, but first let's walk through it. Here'S a face. It'S got all kinds of stuff on it, and the others will likewise have that as well. Weather is interesting because you get both temperature and humidity on here, and i got a great great weather face for you too, when we slide down.

If you have notifications pushed from the phone that you're tethered to the tin wu app they'll show up there when you slide up you get into a control for battery saving, um silent mode evoke the music player when you're tethered to the phone to control your music And uh find your phone that'll vibrate or make noise out of your phone when you find it as well, and those are the things you get in this direction now, if i go this way, i get into a bunch of different screens, you see there's four tabs Down here to this, when i go into step, count it's showing me a graph that shows my current my step count per hour over the 24 hour period and my total up here, that's pretty impressive. When i go into distance, i get the same thing and i can calibrate it for miles or kilometers, and i got a little tick mark there. Unfortunately, it's not calibrated on this axis, so all you can kind of do – is compare one hour to the next and then calories burned as well. Yeah, i put it on this morning and walk those thousand some odd steps. Just so i could get some data on the graph, so you can see what they look like, but of course, if you wear it all day and do it a lot, you're gon na see quite a bit more from here now this was uh. How do i get there? Let'S see? Oh okay, slide that way.

We move back to the first tab, here's a heart rate, and i can invoke that when i have it on and it's going to try to get a heart rate. I guess this is a good time to put it on and show it to you. Tighten it up. Nice tpu band easy to operate there. We go, of course, i'm bouncing all over the place, so it hasn't stabilized yet to get a heart rate, but it will it's interesting on the camera i'm, seeing kind of a purple square here and purple circle around the red heart and in real life. I'M. Not really seeing that that much oh, we lost it. Okay, we were down, we were over here right and we were on to this page and we were doing heart rate there. Okay and uh. It took the reading actually 7d7, it showed 79 and now because we landed on this page, it's stopping and restarting to take another reading. So you get the date and time of the reading and there it is now coming in at 73., reasonable. It seems for where i'm at right now 74, it was running continuously, and it timed out on me and i'm going to fix that right now, because uh, no, no i'll i'll keep with what we're doing and then we'll go fix it because we have only one More here – and this is your last night's sleep time – it's showing you basically your light and your deep sleep and your total there's a little bit more information on the app wow.

This is interesting, it's, a light blue on uh the camera. But when i look right at it, i it almost is black. I can barely make out a square, so the camera is bringing some more of the color and brightness out of here, so we uh are all the way over this way. I go this way. I'M. Back here go this way and i'm at the time, and i go one more and now i'm into these controls, where i have um options for exercise, which i also get by pressing the second button and we'll do that when we do the buttons i have a Relaxation thing which you can breathe in breathe out, breathe in breathe out and it guides you just by watching it's asking breathe in and then hold your breath and then breathe out it's visual. So you have to keep watching your watch i'm, not getting a vibration out of it. I wish it had that feature because a lot of times when i'm driving and traffic is crazy. I like to practice a breathe in breathe out, and i rely on the vibration of the watch for that, but nonetheless it's there. We have a stopwatch built into it, which happens to be in this button. Uh solely and we'll show you that from that button, and then your overall settings and now we're to the fun part. This is where the watch faces are where the brightness is and where your timeout is i'm going to show you brightness first we're, going to lower it all the way down: that's, the lowest and it's a really it's, really nice.

You can see it good indoors, outdoors, not as well, but it is visible. I got to change that timeout there. It is now it's changed as you can see. It'S, a darker color i'm, going to come in here i'm, going to change the um the level here for the timeout it's set for three seconds. I can go up to five seconds and then i can go to always on yes folks. This watch can do always on and it just flip back to the watch face after that three second uh timeout, but it will leave the watch face always on which is great, especially when i'm reviewing. We were over. Oh oh notice, this it's locked too. After a few seconds, it locks it, so you can't accidentally, do anything. You have to press it once to unlock it. Now i have active control of it when it's in the always on mode it's, always in this dimmer mode. If i change it and go back a little bit, then i can raise the brightness to there there or there there's full brightness, and i can take this all the way down to zero and when it's on zero seconds, that's a little too bright to read isn't. It let's go down to there when it's on zero seconds when it times itself out um it's going to go off and it's going to stay off, and so, if you have the twist, your wrist activated it'll light up that way, but otherwise it's just going to Turn the screen completely off after its time delay in there.

So you have some good control overall on this one and we have the brightness. We have some things here. We have the you know: vibration, uh mode on here, uh i'm, not totally sure what these are, but we do have it over here are the watch faces so let's walk through those. This is a really fun face. This is one of my favorites. I like this. Oh, you know what, before i do, that i'm going to exit out of here and i'm going to change this to always on so we're, not getting kind of messed up with it. Okay, there's that face, and it is dimmer now um i'm going to just slide. I believe yeah and i can change watch faces there's, a big digital one, okay that's, the first one and then here's the second one here's a third one and now we're getting to the fun style. You see this particular face here now: pay attention because i'm going to show you a graphic. This is the other cool thing about this watch. Not only do you have always on time capability or always offer anything in between, but you have what they call auto switch day night mode when you're wearing this watch and it's daytime uh. That particular watch face is the one you'll see, but at night it's going to change to that face there's one in here now, you'll see like this and at night it goes to the moon.

You'Ve got this weather thing that you're going to see and it's it's it's, really fun. These different watch faces will actually flip, depending on whether it's uh daytime or nighttime, without you touching any of the controls. So when we go to unlock it and switch it and go to settings and go into here when we switch it now to that one uh it's going to be a different flower configuration that one, i think when it switches to the nighttime mode. Anyway, you got ta play with it. Each of them have a an offset that matches up with um what it'll do in the day or in the evening here's another nice colorful, one here's a different kind of a digital display, and this this is fun i'm gon na land. On that one here's another one and you see you've got calories and temperature and stuff and another digital one. Any of these you hit the check mark and it'll, save that one there's, a nice bright white one. You can use it kind of as a flashlight. I guess then, the dark ones and another dark one. So a couple of analog ones, some digital ones and the weather one. This one i'm gon na take we're gon na come back out of here and there now look at all of this. We got the date step count time. You got all kinds of things. You got your weather, uh temperature per humidity, you tap on this now, and it shows you the range of temperature in your zone and where you are, what kind of weather it is clear.

Partly cloudy you name it your your wind speed, you tap it again and you get the next seven day forecast and the next seven day forecast and more so you can get three weeks out worth of forecasts on this one and all kinds of other information and A pretty decent time display that's the one i leave it on in this always on mode always on uh day night. Now i didn't wear this one at night and leave the watch on in the always on mode, but i didn't put it on the charger either. So i charged it fully up put it in this particular face with the weather tethered to the watch, so it would update and let it go. It lasted a little over between a day and a day and a half almost a day and a half before it completely ran down with the watch screen, always on so really like that feature, it's going to be one of my favorite watches to wear, especially with That nice weather forecast capability the way the screen locks like that yeah really great. Now the other things that i mentioned, we come back to the side. One here is a stopwatch, just press it to activate the possibility. Then it goes you can pause it. You can play it. The thing is you can't get out of it. You can't do anything with it. Everything is locked up while the stopwatch is on until and unless you actually stop it.

There it's paused and i still can't, go out, but if i stop it hello, okay, i can get out of it stopwatch that's. All that button. Does it doesn't toggle it just activates it. This one is how you get out of there. The bottom one now is all the different exercises you have walking and running. You have hiking and it looks like cycling, badminton, tennis, basketball, soccer, those kind of activities, and you can get back out of here. So if you wanted to go let's say on a run, you start it here. It instantly starts up you're, getting all these different things on here: there's, no gps, so it's basing its distance on step count. But wait till you see the app yeah you get stride with this one uh and time and all that stuff and so um. When you're done. I believe you press a button. Okay, we hit the back button. Okay, that's how we would get back to it and it's too short, so it's not going to save that, but there's your information with the flags and everything and we're back to the watch face. I think that's everything that we've covered we're in the settings we went through all of these uh. When i press up, i can get about the watch, restore it or turn the watch off that's. The only way to turn the watch off folks you'll find that if you press and hold the upper button, nothing happens, it only lights.

The screen up. You have that that and that and that's it. You can't even of course it's in always on mode. So you can't turn the watch off when it's, in always on mode uh, either turn the screen off or the watch off. So the only way really to turn the watch off. Remember this because it took a while to figure this out. You got to go to settings, you got to go to the second page and you got to power it off from right. There wow all right, let's pull in the app from the google play store or using the link in the show notes you go over and find tin wu that's the special app that this one uses we've not looked at that before i've already have it active and Running and it's landed on its home page and it's tethered to the watch and it's all the basic same stuff. You always do we'll just go into the detail, so here is the home page it's, not very colorful, and fancy it's not really fleshed out to be real. You know attractive like a polished app, but it gets the job done. You tap it you get in here. You see just like on the watch itself. You see a little bar, but now you've got your uh your calibration on the side. There'S 2 000 steps i'm a little over a thousand in that particular hour, and so you'll see each hour's steps and they'll appear here and then your totals down here and calories burn distance, traveled and steps, and it can be in um kilometers.

If you want or miles same thing, you got week month and year, cumulative totals that'll appear there that's when you tap here. If you go into your step count or your heart rate now, this is continuous heart rate and it's, pretty cool here's so far from midnight to now, and if you tap on it, you can get the reading of that exact um moment when you got the heart Rate now, unfortunately, it's not telling you also the exact time you have to kind of estimate that, based on where the line is and hitting a peak like trying to hit that peak there, there we go 110. It got up to at a certain time somewhere around 5 a.m. That could be an anomaly since it's only one uh peak, but if you suffer from a heart issue that involves some sort of flutter or flitter or afib or irregular heart rate uh over a time either while you're, asleep or while you're awake, continuous heart rate is A great way to kind of keep an eye on that. You see here when i woke up things got higher in terms of heart rate, um yeah and just you can work with that. Then here you can hit that back arrow and there's. Yesterday i wore it pretty much all day yesterday until in the evening, then i took it off and then the day before is when i started it so had it all in use and it's up to current time.

So you've got this nice continuous heart rate uh chart capability here. This is the same as that when you press there and it's also showing you minutes or something so here's my totals and there's the chart same thing. We saw and then here's your sleep time, and this gives you a pretty interesting display. I can't expand it, unfortunately, but it shows that just before midnight i went to bed got up, but just before seven does it show the time yeah. Here you go well. 12. 15 a.m. Well: that's interesting because that's, zero right there, it looks like it's, 23, 30, 40, but maybe it's tracking at midnight. 15 is the beginning to 7 17. Well, they look a little bit off, but oh look at that. You can touch and you can see the zones. Okay. Can i slide that not really there 0 0 15 to 18 is the very first thing, and that says when i went to bed deep sleep light sleep awake time and now you also have heart rate here. So you can take a look at your nighttime heart rate and it sort of slides around a little tricky. But you can observe again that the time in the when you're asleep and your resting or sleep heart rate, which is really really great as well it'd, be nice. If it also gave you heart rate variability, because you could do a lot related to stress and quality of sleep and things like that with hrv and maybe an enhancement to the app could do that, because it's obviously collecting all of the data it has.

The capability with the sensors just an app enhancement over time, so those are the things you see on the opening page. This is uh where you can actually do a tracking session. It shows you your temperature right now that the chart is going right into the map. I have it on the a gps app. I could switch it to oops sorry to the google map. If i wanted to and you'll see the true google map of my exact location, with the information right like here but i'm, not going to do that for you i'll just leave it on this because ageps doesn't work where i'm located uh anyway, you can start this Whole thing up and it has a sound on it. I think i'm gon na have to turn the volume up. Let'S do walking and turn the volume up. Okay, you hear that tracking has begun. Um, stop it long breaths to stop it. The exercise has ended. Your exercise lasted zero minutes and the distance traveled is 0.00 miles. Okay, so save that and then there's your chart that you're gon na get with the track that you did. You got it. You thought yeah, okay, good good! This is a really nice robust, app for doing tracking with voice integration. What i don't see now, unfortunately, is heart rate display in all of this, which would be awesome if it was transmitting the heart rate it's picking up on the watch to the app which is using the gps in here.

To give you your trajectory and your distance and everything else, but for what it is, you could probably download the app for free even without owning the watch and test this thing out, and it might actually be a good app to use if you want audio feedback Of what's happening with your uh tracking thing and that's all on this one help is here, gives you some help. Topics to look at settings is here. This is where you set up your particular stuff and age, gender. All of those kind of things. This is um where you can set it to take a photo here's, the overall device. Now you can set 12 24 hour imperial or metric temperature date format. You can set alert times that it'll notify you. If you have a call coming in or message nice notification filter of the apps that you want from your phone to send to your watch, uh select those your resting heart rate, monitor you can specify a time frame for that or leave it for 24 hours and The turn your wrists to wake up the screen capability is selectable in the app as well as individually settable in the watch really really well thought out and of course, then find your device and it's vibrating right now, there's no speaker in it, and i just say: Okay and bail out of that, and then what else did i want to show you back over here on home? This is the connection to the watch here.

You can unpair it and do factory updates and stuff and um back over here in settings personal. No not there. Oh oh uh, here sport. I skipped that this is where you really set everything up your running stride in feet and inches or centimeters. Your stride length your natural stride when you're walking your step goals, calories, distance, your high heart alert and your low heart range alert, and it has done that uh, while i've been wearing it 24 7 heart rate monitoring and i set them kind of narrow to test It out and sure enough it'll, vibrate and tell me i what my heart rate is and i've i've triggered the low heart rate alert, for example, when it dropped below 60., and you can turn on or off the sedentary reminder to get you up and uh and Moving – and that is pretty much the review of the app that's pretty much the review of the watch and one more time remember these uh. These uh watch faces also automatically switch at night and take on a different characteristic. I think it's right around six am six pm, but i haven't honed it in be really cool if it was like with sunrise and sunset, but i don't think it's quite that sophisticated, but it does uh flip them. It does change them. So it's the tin wu smartwatch um t20 and it is available uh directly from amazon, and this is the link that you can.

Click on in the show notes: that'll take you over there. It comes with a variety of different bands, silver or black, and it does everything you just saw five atmosphere, waterproofing. Ah, ah, another thing i wanted to mention to you: not only does it come with its charger, the two pin charger that you connect to it, but it'll actually work in a wireless charger. Here, let me show you okay, this is one of those qi. Qi chargers comes with. A different watch does not come with this one, but i can use it as an example because it's illuminated, which is really cool. When i take the watch – and i just lay it in here – you see it switches to charging mode, it shows that it's charging and, of course, when it gets fully charged by this uh remote unit, it'll turn green and then i know the watch is fully charged. So samsung kind of a charger, i believe, would work with this any of the q chargers uh that you've got the ones for your phone, the big round flat things. Look like a burner right. You could just set the watch flat on those and it would uh charge up as well so really neat additional feature in this. One. Uh it's got the whole circuitry built in for true wireless charging and that's, partly why you can get five atmosphere. Uh submersibility, with this seriously waterproof watch with an always on display that you could see underwater screen that locks, so it's not going to go flipping out when it gets wet, really great watch.

I know i know, but i got to show it to you. You can get it from amazon using the link. We'Ve got down below 50 bucks click on over. There pick out the style and model that you like, and i think you're going to find it's a really nice watch for what it does and all the extra capabilities it has. Thanks again for watching everybody, we'll see you again soon, the healy and what a healy it is uh yeah. I got to hook it up and have my very first session and it was a doozy. I really got to tell you. First of all, i want to show you because i haven't done that yet uh. Well, you know what, instead of putting this at the end of this video i'm gon na i'm gon na, send you over to a different link, it's gon na be to a private playlist that talks about the healey and everything to do with it. I'M gon na have uh my first experience there and i hopefully will add to that playlist so follow this link and um yeah come on over and watch the rest of this over there. Well, i didn't know if it would work, but it did. I was able to set up a private playlist with a special bitly address, so to learn more about tahily. Come on over bit.ly bitly, slash, healy, videos, that's the tag.