They do this by including a computer system that carries out the normal functionality we expect, but can also handle some extra bells and whistles in this video. We are going to be reviewing the tinwoo smartwatch t20w series. Tinwoo is a company that focuses on your lifestyle that primarily makes smart watches that are compatible with most modern devices. First, let us do a quick unboxing to see. What’S comes inside the box. Music Music let’s talk about some of its specifications quickly. As you can see, we have a circular screen design here, which is great. The screen is a 1.3 inch display watch with a full metal frame. It has a tpu band or thermoplastic polyurethane, which makes it look very premium. It has a full display with an extremely thin body. The resolution is 240 by 240. It is not the sharpest of the displays out there, but it does the job pretty well. It weighs at around 46 grams, so feels really sturdy on the wrist. It has a battery capacity of 300 milliamp hours and it charges within two hours, so that’s good, and it has a standby time of 20 days and if you are using it continuously with different features, turned on, then you know it obviously will not. Last you 20 days and will last you around 10 to 15 days, depending on your usage. It charges magnetically with a magnetic charging cable that comes in the box, so that’s easy. It connects these magnets at the back these ones here so that’s, easy and straightforward.

It has three shortcut buttons: on top you get a power on switch, the middle button will start the stopwatch, while you can use the lower button to adjust between the different sports modes. And finally, it comes with an ip68 rating, which means that you can easily use it in shower. Splashes will be fine as well, and you can also swim with it without worries so that’s also really cool let’s talk about how to pair the tin wu watch with the smartphone after charging the tin wu watch for about two hours, let’s pair it with the phone App first download tinwu app from the apple store or play store, or you can scan the qr code from the user manual launch the tinwoo app to allow the app to function correctly. Grant the permissions for all the access Music let’s set up the smartwatch to complete the pairing with tinwoo app first swipe left setting icon swipe up about tap on the same serial number on the app to get the pairing. The tin woo watch successfully connected with your phone. The tin wu app gives you actionable information about your phone and your health. It actively monitors your heart rate, your sleep cycle and your overall sleep quality. It also gives you a detailed analysis of your lifestyle. This serves as a reminder as well to keep yourself healthy. Tinwu t20w is a professional device that supports real time, call alerts and notifications. It even has a sedentary reminder too.

This watch can be a perfect assistant for you, owing to its excellent functionality. T20 comes with over 14 colored clock faces, as well as four colors to choose from couple that, with the large display you can customize your watch to make it suit your attire. You can also customize the icons as well. The overall customization is good enough to give you a pleasant experience.