Please subscribe to our videos on youtube and like this video, if you find it useful, don’t, forget to hit the bell to be notified of our upcoming videos. Today, i’m, going to take a look at the tiso t, touch connect solar it’s been a long time coming that i’m going to review the t cell smart watch because we’ve been looking forward to this for several years now, and this is a prototype version that i’ve Been testing with tiso and i have to say they did a very interesting job with this. It was about five years ago that i reviewed the last t touch and that was called the t touch, expert, solar and the connect solar builds upon that now. It’S, a brand new watch in in all aspects new case new hands, new dial, new innards knew everything, but what tiso did they said? Okay, we want the watch to do everything that the expert solar did but then have the connectivity added on top of that. So they did more than that, but this is sort of the first bluetooth connected one and you actually need to use bluetooth if you don’t want to. But it makes sense so that you can have the ability to control certain features in the watch to the app, which is very, very useful, as well as to get things like notifications. The notifications work pretty well. The idea was, if you get the notification on your phone, you can get on your watch.

If you don’t want notifications, you have to worry about it and later on they’re, going to include some interesting gps navigational features, but for now let’s sort of talk about the watch itself, so they come in a few different versions. They’Re all titanium. This one is a yellow gold, toned titanium and the bezel is black ceramic it’s very important that the bezel is ceramic because there’s an antenna underneath it so metal would impede the signal, whereas ceramic does not have that effect. What does t touch mean? Well, in 1999, tiso came out with a watch called the t touch. It was very revolutionary because it was a quartz watch, but what you did is you touched various zones on the dial to activate various features, and so the way that would work is you have to unlock it. Usually it was with this pusher. Now this upper push right here is the unlock button and you hold it down and then the hands go to this position, and then i touch various quadrants on the dial, so here’s compass, for example, and now i’m compass needs calibration. Okay, how convenient how convenient so now i would, i would be calibrating it so i’m going to go ahead and the way you would do it is this. I actually just reconnected this watch, and so you actually have to calibrate it each time but that’s how you do it. So i can just i’ll just show you that you can imagine that the hands turn into the compass needles, so we’ll go back to that in a moment there.

This is just a room full of electronics. Well, here it is the non calibrated compass and you can see here how the hands reposition themselves to be the compass needle and that you can read the degrees in the bearing right here on the screen. The screen is great because it is a full color screen. Previous versions were not full color, and i also want to mention something really important is the top part of this entire dial. It just looks like a black dial, it’s, actually a photovoltaic cell, and so what tiso is able to do, especially the improvement over the expert solar is develop. An aesthetically pleasing photovoltaic cell, which doesn’t look like a photovoltaic cell. So, unlike, for example, a citizen eco drive which has a filter, this has an unimpeded view of the light for maximum power generation. That was something that was very very important for tiso was to have a watch i put into the barometer mode was to have a watch that did not need to be charged very often so. The the estimated the advertised battery life for the t touch connect. Solar is about six months. Some people have said it’s even longer within the company, especially if you go outdoors a lot. It comes with a little charging dock, so there’s a wireless charging dock and just sort of sit it on there and that allows you to charge it very quickly. But but the idea is you, don’t have to use it very often.

So if you’re, using gps a lot or if you’re, using a lot of the connected features, you might need to use it more often, but the idea is that for for most people charging it once every six months or something like that is all they’ll need. That’S. A that’s a long time, hopefully you’ve noticed how quickly the hands move. So over the years the t touch, hands have been moving faster and faster and faster and faster they’ve also been getting. You know longer, and so one of the things that i think people complained about in some of the in the last generation of the the t touches, was that the hands appeared to be a little on the shorter side, and here they are quite long. So let’s go to chrono mode and we can see how that you can use the the chronograph function there. So quite elegantly done and again this is a watch that is developed in switzerland, a lot of the actual hardware and electronics as well. The software was made in switzerland, so that makes this a very special pr product uh in the scheme of connected watches, uh tiso prefers connected uh connected fine timepiece or a fine timepiece with connected functions, um that people actually use and they spent a couple of years. Like i said making all of this from the ground up as a foundation to build upon, i think that for the most part they succeeded in creating the t touch, experience, which is, which is not only modernized um, but also has the bluetooth connectivity to it.

They wanted to make something that was very autonomous, that didn’t require battery changes or charging on a regular basis. They wanted to have something that was attractive looking and that could be very easily a daily watch without having to connect to anything, and so overall, i think tiso did a fantastic job with the several years they spent developing. The t touch, connect solar and there’s, going to be more things that are coming for now, there’s various versions of the watch with different colors. It comes both on this very comfortable strap, as well as titanium, bracelet options and again, even though this is a 47 millimeter wide watch, pretty big it’s, not heavy because of the mostly titanium construction, um and it’s, actually quite comfortable given sort of how low and snug It fits on the wrist you can see here that the strap actually begins very high up on the case, as opposed to lower down here, which gives it a lower visual profile and overall, as a sport watch it just it looks really great. It feels good. It does a lot of good, durable things, water resistant to 100 meters, and even if you don’t want to connect the tiso connect solar, the t touch connect solar to a smartphone. You don’t need to. It actually can be a fully autonomous and be a full featured watch. The operating system requires a little bit of getting used to. This is a brand new system for swatch, and i recommend that anyone using the t touch connect solar, investigate the tutorials and read the guide because there’s certain things, for example, you can swipe down if you’re in a different mode – and you just want to get back To the time mode you can swipe down just like that in order to return that’s, not necessarily obvious, but one of the cool little things that you can learn about again.

This is the tiso t touch connect. Solar price is 975 swiss francs.