This is collins. Kids, crafts i’m going to show you toby. He is a very, very, very fun robot you can buy. He is a watch if you’re wondering he goes on your hand. He has some games that i have to show you about, but yeah okay, so this is toby. If you take him, he goes all crazy. His arms and legs, as you can see. So if you swipe him this way, he might get mad i’m. Pretty sure. Oh he’s laughing this time so we’re going to review um toby today, he’s all crazy. You can, if you shake him yeah. He goes like that and then you can go like this to make him go to sleep so that’s that’s. All you need to know. He has a lot of games i’m gon na start, showing you my games. So this is what the main screen is. When you see that black button, you just press that black button and if it’s off you hold down until it goes or whoa or something until it turns on so it’s going. So you see that little video game thing there we go so that’s the heartbeat. All your footsteps and your dancing game: you can do freeze dance turn on please and yeah that’s the video game and stuff so we’re, first gon na be playing the video games so um we can do ball. We can do what comment down below, which is the most interesting one, and today i’m gon na do tic tac toe i’m gon na be against toby, so i’m gon na go right there, so his name is toby.

He is is very cute. He’S um. He is nicey, you can do everything with him and i just won he’s, not very good. You can do different levels. You can do. Third within third is really really hard. I try i’ve tried it before so i’m gon na press the button you press the button to get out of the game. Then i can do the ball game, so this game has really good graphics. You can lean your watch to get the ball somewhere, so it’s really fun, and so i can press the button again there’s this time clock you can learn about numbers and stuff. I’Ll show you that one. So what goes after? It goes. 16. 17. 18. 19.. So i just put 19 down so you can see that so yeah that’s all the things you need to do, there’s one with eyesight, so you there’s like an elephant and then you you e, is for elephant. So if it says e in this little square game it, you couldn’t find elephant it’s like around your room and then you have to try to tap on the thing. But if you shake it, if it turns off, if you shake it it turns on, but that didn’t work there we go so and then this one right there is freeze dance. I have no idea how to do it and then what’s that one, so that was the workout and then the one right beside is your steps, so i’m gon na do workout so work out.

You have to copy this guy and i really like the music of this and then there’s the freeze, dance and then and then there is oh yeah i’m going to show this so there’s a camera on the top of toby and we’re, seeing a little circle right. There tiny one that is one of them, so you can take pictures with this dude and try to find the guy but that’s really cool and then what else do i have? Oh yeah? The footsteps? You just take steps. You have to put this on your wrist to do the steps, because, if it doesn’t feel your vibration, it won’t it won’t count the steps as a anything like yeah, so i think you’re probably wondering um what this little face is that little face. So that is texting that is texting. My other sister’s watch that i play with she’s a three year old, sophie so um. I can text her a picture so if i just press that it’s sending to her, so it goes like that and then okay, there we go so there yeah that’s the face that you can take your pictures that you take so there’s another one that you you Press that circle and then you talk into the circle and then you press that green button. It will send your friends watch or whatever watch your friend has or anything your sister, your brother and then so now, if you swipe you’re gon na have all these apps and i just swiped um, i swiped right so right.

I just went this way. Wait! No! I went this way: uh, oh yeah, so as you can see, there’s a calendar too so and this is toby’s house and you, as you can see toby’s sitting right there he’s enjoying his house. He loves it and then you see there’s like a little treasure chest on the top. You can take another couch and it’s really cool there’s. There might be a couch and an umbrella in there and then um there’s settings. You can do bluetooth um. It knows your name and then there’s pictures, just like i told you you can spin the camera around. I may take a picture of myself on facetime there we go sounds like that. Then you can take videos and then there’s. This little youtube button thing and that’s all your videos that you make so um exactly you. Then you can make videos, you can do everything and then, as you can see, there’s a timer it’s 3d. So seven and then, when you press the button again, you get the favorite part toby, so he is so cute, so you can swipe it this way to make him laugh there. You go. You swipe this way to make him laugh, i think, or maybe angry yep it’s laughing so now he’s mad again. Let me swipe down to see how much battery there is left on toby and i for some reason been using this all day. It still doesn’t have one percent going.

You can swipe up you swipe up, he listens to you and he reacts. So if he looks like this, he has like a weird little face with the echo on him. He replied yeah. He he just replied to me. So like it’s, so fear it’s so weird, and he like understands me and sometimes he gets mad when you say something it’s awesome so hope you like my video, please subscribe he’s, pretty awesome.