com. You can reach us directly there. What is it? It'S? A t4m, whoa what's, a t4m it's, a hybrid watch from toe lead attack, yeah hybrid watches, are straight analog. Regular watches with like a quartz movement in them that just set like a normal watch, but they have smarts inside as well. They'Ve, got usually a digital display and can track all kinds of things like pedometer information and distance traveled and those kind of things. This particular one in addition, can calculate and accumulate your vital signs of heart rate and blood pressure. Let'S take a look at it before we open the box. It'S, oh and blood oxygen, it's, a fancy watch that primarily works as a regular analog watch. Nothing big and fancy with all kinds of buttons on it. In fact, you could get away with it just being a regular watch, but have it monitoring all this stuff in the background it claims ip67. But it says in the literature that is 50 meters waterproof, which means it's 5 atm. It uses a good app we're fit we've done lots of reviews of watches that have the wear fit app we're not going to cover the app today. But you can check the show notes for links to reviews of the wear fit app. If you want to get caught up on what it'll do all of the vital signs there, the main features it's a tiny little screen size, but it's just enough to show you what you want digitally on a regular analogue watch now about every few months we get To do one of these kind of watches and I have a whole playlist set up for analog digital hybrid watches that you can compare with others.

So let's see what the talita tech watch looks like inside the box when we open it up. You'Ve got this beautiful Black Watch black band leather band. It looks like yeah, really nice, genuine leather. It says smooth back with a heart rate sensor in it really well put together on the front. You have the word smart, you have the analogue hands. With the second hand, ticking you have a little panel down there that you can barely see now. If you get this in white, that's gon na be much more obvious, because it's always black, but you can check four different colors on this. We have a little screen cover, not really a screen protector on here, a couple of buttons and the knob, which I presume is for setting the time yep. 10. 10 that's. Usually what we see when you look at watches what pictures taken are set there? We also have a box here and inside the box got a few things: we've got a charger and a little manual now the charger is one of these clip on kind, not my ideal favourite, but it works in a pinch. Look at the dots they're like way over here and over there, so it appears that they'll line up not with specific points, but just with these two different plates, you see there are two different locations, so you can probably drop it on just about anywhere one of Them touches the outer edge one, the inner and you just plug that into the USB to charge it up.

The quartz is just ticking away on its own here. Let'S, take a look at the manual we've got a Chinese version of it and do we have an English version here, there's a basic information with a QR code that you can scan to download the tethering app or you can just check in the show notes. I'Ll have a link over there for you, for where fit and, like I said before, I'll also have links to other videos where we've reviewed this particular apps. So you can take a look at all the things the app can do in conjunction with the watch. Here'S. All the different screens information and a little bit more information and that's it for the manual okay, well, it's it's, already running it's, just a matter of turning on the the display but I'm gon na charge. It up just to make sure it's really ready to go. So we basically have two buttons: this will be your mode and changing button. This is on and off so you press long to turn it on long to turn it off, and the digital display will light up. First of all, telling you the hour and minute: okay, it's 814, which have set the analog watch to match and the date and the day of the week so that's in the main display. And you activate that from this button. When you press the top button, you get into your step count if you've used the pedometer calories burned and distance traveled that's all right there, based on the built in pedometer, then it'll activate the diode and do your heart rate, your blood pressure and your blood oxygen.

Okay, those are all your vital signs. So, following that, you can come into a stopwatch which, when you press and hold the top button, will activate a stopwatch timing in hundredths of the second it's kind of hard to get that in focus there. It'S so bright, anyways hours know its minutes seconds and tenths and hundredths of a second. It may automatically switch to hours minutes seconds once you get enough of a time on here, but I haven't run it out that long to tell you can tap the button to stop it to start it there's no lapse on it and you can exit it with A long press on that one or just press here to come right back to home. Okay, that always brings you back we're cycling through after the stopwatch, which is, after all, your pedometer stuff, your vital signs stuff, your stopwatch information, then it says it's C 79. I believe that's, what you're looking for when you tether this thing, and then it comes back to the main screen, so that's what's done on the watch itself and let's put it on. It looks like a traditional analog watch, got ta get the section here hook it up, oh the buttons are or the holes are there. We go in alignment now it's a little bit thick, but it does have the battery in here for this and it have a twist and light up yeah. It can do that so you've got your basic analog display and then it'll twist.

The light up to show you the days of the date and the day of the week, as well as the digital time right down to the second. What I wanted to do is bring you over here to the heart rate, and we can test that out. So, as it's accumulating, this I'll remind you that all of the data that's collected here will be able to transfer over to the tethering app on your phone. Once you set that up, it's got a bezel, but the bezel doesn't rotate. There we go we're starting to get heart rate. 79 80 beats per minute, so it does a reading of that and it's running it continuously. Now, if I press the button one more time, we come over to blood pressure and it's, giving a little symbol up on the top sorry about the reflections it's always tricky on a dark watch, especially if it's got a nice shiny, reflective surface. If I get it angle, just right, I can usually hide most of them, so it's accumulating the blood pressure reading right now and again, this is from totally tech. There we go. I cut a little bit of time out of that. It took several seconds if you monitor the second hand you can see when I started and when it ended. That'S kind of a nice feature that we've got the second hand here. The numbers are still jumping around. A little bit seems a little low to me and again we put the disclaimer on any device that's reading blood pressure that this is just for information purposes.

Only there it vibrated. So if guess it's settled down after it showed you a few numbers and then it came up with the final number when you tap it again, it's returned to the beginning. So, as you take these vital statistics, you need to keep watching it because otherwise it's gon na drift off on you and it reset back to zero. So you don't have any idea what it was. The third thing is a blood oxygen that's, a new feature we're starting to see show up on watches, it's, again derived from the optical sensor on the back, using a variety of algorithms that apparently have been proven to be fairly accurate, relevant of a list ictus lee. So so that you can get some data to work with, but again I would suggest that you just use this as a gentle guide. Whatever your readings are, if you're working out and exercising you want to make sure you're in the high 90s, if you're getting lower than that, you may want to throttle back a little bit. So you don't go into an anaerobic state. Those of you guys into Fitness know a lot more about it than I'm talking about it's still changing numbers, it hasn't vibrated. Yet there it did so that's its final number it's, holding it for just a few seconds, and then it times out and that's it. After that, we've got the stopwatch. We showed you that so there's the three vital signs, the stopwatch, the information for tethering and then we're back to the main screen, so that's, pretty much everything there is in.

This watch once again check the reviews for the show notes down below for the tethering app, and you can see all the data that can be collected in that app and if you want to pick yours up, it's a really good price I've. Never these hybrid watches. This low of a price and most of the time all they do is a pedometer reading. Oh by the way, you also have last night's sleep time that's accumulated on here and can be transferred to the Apple though it's not displayed. You can have push notifications.