Gtr 2 comes in the same format, with a 47 millimeter screen juicy amoled display with an excellent margin of brightness data on the screen is perfectly visible from any angle. The font is neat and clear. You also can use always on mode if needed. There is no nfc in the watch, but there is bluetooth and wi fi a dedicated key on the watch case launches the training menu. Here you can choose one of 12 preset types of activity. The watch keeps track of stress, shows blood oxygen levels and monitors heart rate. The battery life is excellent. A fully charged watch lasts for 12 days in normal use and, if you add always on display in this case it will be about 7 days. Amisfit gts2 is a smartwatch from which you can receive calls. The gadget is very similar to the apple watch, but it lasts much longer without recharging compared to the first version. The gadget hasn’t changed much in appearance, but there are many other improvements in terms of functions. The accessory has become more independent from the smartphone, and this is the main advantage. At the same time, the gts2 model received a metal case with a matte hands and a bright display with 2.5 d glass. The watch is equipped with 1.65 inch amoled screen with rounded corners. The resolution is quite high, 348 to 442 pixels. The 341 ppi density provides a very clear picture about 50 dials are available to the user.

Another watch feature is the blood oxygen level sensor it’s useful, but you shouldn’t rely entirely on its data. The watch offers 12 sport modes, pai activity, analysis system, heart rate measurement, treatment of stress, navigation, weather, new event, notifications, reminders and an alarm. The accessory received a 246 million pair battery the manufacturer promises seven days of active use or 20 days in battery saving mode. If we compare the gts2 with analogues from a brands, then huami watches are significantly cheaper than potential competitors. Now they can be purchased at a discount for just about two hundred dollars: mobvoi ticwatch, pro 3 lte is a new smartwatch on wear os, with a dual layer display and a snapdragon 4100 chip. This chip is the first update to qualcomm’s line of wearable solutions since 2018, its cpu is 85 percent faster. The gpu is two and a half times faster and it uses 25 percent. Less energy. Also on board is one gigabyte of ram and eight gigabytes of storage. The battery capacity is 577 milliampere per hour using the maximum capabilities of a smartwatch. You can expect approximately 72 hours of battery life. Another feature is a pair of displays, oled and energy efficient fstn. You would never have guessed that the watch has two screens. This doesn’t add any additional size or weight, but it reduces power consumption and is much better read in various lighting conditions. There is a set of standard functions as well as a sensor for measurement of blood oxygen.

Saturation declared water protection is, according to the standard ip68. The cost of this new item was about three hundred dollars: xiaomi 70 may sapphire watch a well known manufacturer of car accessories, including dvrs, is trying its hand at wearable gadgets and it’s very successful by design. The 70ma sapphire watch looks as an apple watch or opera watch for interaction and information display. It offers 1.70 inch screen which reproduces colors vividly and is convenient for viewing various data. The sports functions of the gadgets will help you to go in for sports more effectively. Monitor your results and better understand the body and the level of physical fitness, 5 atmosphere. Moisture protection will allow you to wash your hands freely without removing your watch and use it in any conditions. The watch is synchronized with the smartphone using bluetooth of fifth version, which makes the device stable in data transmission and also increases its energy efficiency with sensors fully used, including periodic gps startups. You can expect at least 10 days on a single charge. The 70ma sub 5 watch can be purchased for 125, smart watches, huawei watch gt2e sporty stylish, fashionable and youthful gt2e differs from the older model in a sportier design and slightly different positioning, but the most important difference is the lack of ability to make calls the watch Physically lost its microphone and speaker, otherwise, everything is familiar: around amoled touchscreen display of 1.’ inches a pixel density of 326 ppi and a pair of mechanical buttons in control.

The case is made of stainless steel. The back cover is plastic. The watch is waterproof and withstands. 5 atmospheres watch gt2e can count the number of steps taken, route activity time per day track various types of workouts, including 85 additional ones, count, calories, measure, heart rate, track sleep and so many more. An important innovation in monitoring the state of the body is function of pulsoxy mater measuring blood oxygen saturation. They promise that the watch can work from a single charge up to two weeks. As for the price, this watch officially costs about 180 dollars, which is almost 74 dollars. Less than huawei watch gt2 amazfit bipass is a new version of a popular bipwatch from chinese company huami. The watch is made in classical style. A la apple watch, the body of the bbs, is completely made of plastic. The screen is covered by gorilla glass 3, which is more scratch resistant. The main feature of ms5bs is a translactive tft screen with a diagonal of 1.28 inches and a resolution of 176 to 176 pixels. It is capable of displaying 64 colors, which seems ridiculous against the background of modern amoled matrixes. At the same time, power consumption is significantly lower than that of ips or amoled screens. The watch is using amazfit os platform, which is tailored for monitoring physical activity. Bps has water resistance of 50 meters according to the ico 22a10 standard that gives, unlike the previous model, ability to swim dive or take a shower with them.

The main trump card of the amazfit bipass is the operating time. 190 milliampere per hour battery is installed inside together with an energy efficient screen, modern platform and optimized software. This is enough for seven day of work at a price of seventy dollars. They aren’t much more expensive than a regular fitness tracer, but offer all the features. You’D expect from a smart watch: xiaomi mi watch revolve rich functionality and low cost. One of the main features of the device is its autonomy. At the presentation it was stated that in active mode of use they will live for about seven days and if you are using it light, then it’ll. Last all 14 days, the amoled display takes up virtually the entire front panel. The bezels around are minimal, which makes the watch look. Stylish more than 100 dials are presented for the user to choose. The watch supports bluetooth, 5.0 technology and smart always on display. Are there any good for sports charge it for yourself? The watch supports transport modes. Has a built in heart rate, monitor and is able to measure stress levels as well as sleep track and, most importantly, it is equipped with a blood oxygen saturation sensor, such as an apple watch series 6.. The body of the device is 5 atmosphere. Waterproof you don’t need to take it off. Even when you are swimming and taking shower. According to the manufacturer, they can be submerged to a depth of 50 meters for 10 minutes without being damaged.

Xiaomi mi watch revolve costs, 110 dollars, honor magic watch, 2. A perfect wrist friend the honor brand continues this expansion into the smart watch market a year after the release of the first model of watch magic, smart watches, the second generation model magic watch 2 goes on sale, kirin a1 processor, which is the basis of the new Product is the proprietary development of huawei. It features ultra low power consumption. However, the long running time of the honor magic watch 2 was achieved not only thanks to the chip, but also due to the use of an economical 1.’ inch amoled display and the os of its own design, which, unlike google, wear os, has nothing superfluous economically consumes. The resources of the watch to work as a fitness tracker, the new product, has a full set of necessary sensors, accelerometer, gyroscope magnetic compass barometer, light sensor and, of course, an optical heart rate sensor. The technical specification of 5 atmosphere allows the watch to be submerged underwater to a depth of 50 meters as a result of testing. The watch has completely discharged only on the 12th day of operation. If you do not use them at night, then the declared 14 days will be definitely work without charging. The magic watch 2 is produced in different colors and costs 114 dollars. Hua me a well known manufacturer of xiaomi mi band fitness bracelets announced the start of seals. Of a new smartwatch model under its own brand amazfit gts2 mini they are compact, watches with fairly broad functionality for their money.

The user gets a 1.55 inch amoled screen with a resolution of 354 to 306 pixels, with an always on display function. There are gps over 70 sports modes up to 14 days of battery life, tracking pulse and blood oxygen saturation is also present in the chinese model. Nfc support is declared, but in the international and russian versions of smartwatches the nfc module is not provided. You can buy amazfit gts2 mini in china, starting today at a price of around 99. The watch is present in three colors green black and pink is xiaomi watch light a 50 dollar apple watch. Hmm after successful xiaomi may watch smartwatch model. The company decided to release a lightweight version called xiaomi mi watch lite. The smartwatch is equipped with 1.4 inch high definition, tft display with a resolution of 323 ppi, its ultra lightweight design was created for extended, wear and incoming cool and time. Information is clearly visible on the screen. Indeed, the mi watch light smartwatch offers a variety of strap color option, making it easy to match you with outfit, be it casual or sporty. In addition, the watch has over 120 dials to display whether classic or completely original. So you can change them every day there are 11 spot modes for athletes such as running swimming, etc.