. Smart watches fitness bands step counters, whatever you want to call them, are almost as common as smartphones. Nowadays, everyones got one and theres almost an infinite amount of them to choose from, but theres a big difference between a basic step counter and a truly smart watch were talking, watches that have the best music and app integration, the best everyday health tracking, the most customizability And hey style so which models are ready to rule the roost in 2022? Well, weve sifted through numerous websites and consumer reviews to present our 10 recommended products before we begin be sure to subscribe, to get mojo and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos. Okay, first up apple watch series: 7. yep. It may be pricey only compatible with the iphone and only have an 18 hour battery life, but the apple watch is still the one to beat in the smartwatch market, as well as looking slick and being available in 41 to 45 millimeter sizes. The series 7 has a slick screen: full qwerty keyboard, simple menus droves of apps and tracked workouts to choose from ecg and blood oxygen, readouts and, of course, phone call and music integration. The apple watch isnt the most advanced fitness tracker, but its certainly one of the sleekest and smartest watches out there. Samsung galaxy watch 4 lurking in the other corner of the smartwatch market are the android picks with samsungs galaxy watch series garnering much of the attention.

The watch 4 comes in 40 and 44 millimeter sizes and offers a more traditional, rounded design, thanks to its google wear os software. Its a great pick for a lot of android users, particularly samsung owners, with a ton of apps and loads of customizability like different watch, faces and a tad more emphasis on overall health tracking when compared with the apple watch apple watch. Se. This is apples. Mid range watch model aimed at those who want apple watch gloating rights at less cost. It may not have an always on display or an ecg monitor, but it still gives you that classic apple watch aesthetic phone calls from your wrist and access to apples, vast library of apps. In fact, it offers almost everything you could want from an apple watch with a price thats cheaper than both the apple watch series 7 and even the series 6. fitbit sense for those who want smart watch prestige, but dont want to skimp on health tracking features. The fitbit sense is the way to go as well as offering features like built in gps and slick menus with tons of apps. The sense also has an ecg monitor skin temperature measurements and stress measurement tools on top of a wide variety of built in workout tracking. Add to that the fact that its both ios and android compatible and youve got the perfect smart watch and fitness tracker compromise, fitbit versa. 3.. So where does the fitbit versa? 3 stand? Well, it doesnt have the fitbit senses, ecg stress or skin temperature tracking, but it is slightly more affordable.

It does, however, have pretty much all of the senses. Other features, including a slick, touch screen and a solid, build. A vast app library built in gps phone call and music integration and, of course, a wide variety of trackable workouts. So long as you dont need deep dive. Health tracking. The versa 3 is an awesome. Ios and android compatible pick samsung galaxy watch active 2. The active 2 is a bit of a strange one in a good way, although more affordable than the apple watch 7 and galaxy watch 4. The active 2 still boasts much of the same advanced features. This includes an onboard gps, an ecg sensor, extensive workout training, offline music storage and a sleek smartwatch design. You even get a cool digital rotating bezel and the option to specify an lte version which makes leaving your phone at home easier. There may be less internal storage when compared to the watch 4 and it does run on tizen os instead of google, but if that doesnt matter to you its an excellent value, proposition garmin vivoactive 4.. Okay, so we talked a lot about health tracking. But if you want a smart watch with the best fitness tracking, then a garmin is the way to go as well as offering a built in gps and blood oxygen level. Monitoring the vivoactive iv has a robust, build detailed on screen, workout animations in depth, workout metrics and an impressive one week. Battery life add to that its garmin pay and onboard music storage and youve got an extensive fitness tracker in smartwatch clothing, fossil gen 5.

. This brand might be a little out of left field for some, but fossil has been slowly gaining momentum in the smartwatch market, with its gen 5 model. Being undoubtedly one of the best looking smart watches money can buy. This wear os smart watch doesnt have the most extensive fitness and health features, but it still offers built in gps and nifty customizable battery modes. In essence, its a slick looking and easy to use smart watch thatll, please those who are after an upmarket, aesthetic, samsung galaxy watch three. Indeed another smart watch with the aging galaxy watch 3 occupying the space somewhere between the active 2 and galaxy watch. 4.. Pirus will love the watch 3s physical rotating bezel, as seen on the watch 4 classic and its overall health tracking and smartwatch features are astonishingly impressive. The only real difference between this and the watch 4 is that the newer model has slightly more in depth. Health tracking, but the watch 3 is certainly still up there with the best. Well rounded, models on sale, garmin, venue, 2. completing our list is another. Fitness focused garmin model, which is arguably garmins sharpest looking model. Yet it doesnt quite have the same. Extensive features as its apple and samsung rivals, but it still manages to offer advanced features like offline music storage, mobile payments and built in gps. That all, of course, sits alongside a whole host of fitness features with more than 25 built in workouts and a body tracker.

That tells you, if you should push yourself more and to sweeten the deal its ios and android compatible too so, which smart watch should you go for? Well, its no surprise if its style and connectivity features youre after apple and samsung reign supreme, and you dont have to go for the most expensive iteration to get some seriously impressive features. If you want your smartwatch to be infused with a hefty amount of fitness tracking features, however, then you should definitely check out models from fitbit and garmin stay tuned to getmojo for the most complete video product reviews.