So let’s begin with a video now so what’s up. Everyone welcome back to surge tech. Sergio here in this channel, i do a lot of tech reviews and tutorials so make sure you subscribe, so you don’t miss out on future videos like this there’s gon na, be links to everything that i talk about in this video in the description down below. So do check that out and let’s get right on with the video, so first up, we’re gon na have one plus smartwatch oneplus has dominated the smartphone arena for quite some time now. It started out with flagship killers in the premium category and now it’s feeding its passionate community with mid range wonders like the north and in 2021 the chinese oem is going to step into a new dimension, with the expected release of a smartwatch, ceo pete lau confirms That the oneplus smartwatch will be arriving in early 2021. The smartwatch is expected to run the google where os since lao, has a keen interest in working with google to fine tune the smartwatch operating system and for place number two we’re going to have the samsung galaxy, but pro samsung’s, most technologically sorted earbuds are going to Land soon and they’ll definitely be on the list to look forward to in early 2021.. The butts will most probably launch, alongside the highly anticipated galaxy s21 series, based on the recent leaks and the renders of the anc earbuds. We can assume they’ll sound good and obviously have an ergonomic design for the wearer’s comfort on the third place.

We’Re gon na have the xiaomi mi 11 pro the xiaomi mi 11 pro. It proposes to be one of the most powerful devices powered by qualcomm’s latest snapdragon. 888 processor mi11 series is set to launch in china on december 28, 2020 and an official global launch will follow shortly. The smartphone has a distinction of being the first to be powered by qualcomm’s fastest, most powerful chipset ever and is likely to feature an in display camera underneath its 2k screen boasting and 120hz refresh rate is projected to support 100 watts super fast charging and now we’re Gon na have the apple air tax apple could put an interesting device early next year, targeted at people who can’t seem to keep a tap on things like keys, wallets, luggage or cords. It would have a deep ios integration for apple devices and work over bluetooth, led to ensure accurate tracking of anything that the user feels can be lost in the sea of things. Although it was slated for a 2020 release due to turn off events, air attacks are not expected to launch in the spring next year now we’re gon na have this spray care band, and this is the coolest gadget that you’ll be able to show off when it’s. Finally, shipped in march of 2021, this brake hair band is a handy sanitizer dispenser that disinfects, with the touch of a button, the accessory will be able to dispense 40 applications of spray that lasts 3 seconds each enough for days of use.

The smart device has already achieved its crowdfunding goal and is on the target for mass production in the coming months and then we’re going to have the samsung 110 inch microled tv. You can watch four videos at the same time with the new samsung 110 inch. Microled tv and is designed with split screens that lets you share the tv with multiple users to watch news and movies, while using other apps. Also, this breathtaking tv offers immersive visuals with 4k hdr content. As a result, it provides bright vivid visuals, but that are optimized for each scene and with 8 million pixels the colors are lifelike and bright. Furthermore, the samsung 110 inch micro microled tv offers an incredible audio experience as well, and the next one is going to be razer blade. 15. The bass edition of small gaming laptop the razer blade 15 bass edition small gaming laptop features. A 10th gen intel core i7 processor to deliver smooth gaming. Even when streaming this processor minimizes interruptions and allows you to multi task for maximum performance. In fact, it comes with a windows 10 home operating system, so you can also use the razer plate 15 base edition. For work and on place number eight we’re going to have the beard: 2x omni, 1 vr treadmill. So what you need to make your home virtual reality experience as great as possible is to be able to move all over the place with the vertux omni 1 vr treadmill.

You can do just that. In fact, this home vr treadmill lets you move up down side to side and, in all 360 degrees, what’s more. It can even detect if you crouch or nail as you’re, probably known to do during your games. Furthermore, it only has a diameter of only four feet. So it’s not going to take up much space in your home on place. Number nine we’re gon na have the rank always home cam security drone, so what’s better than a home security camera that stays put. The new ring always home, can security drone, which patrols your entire property and it’s designed this security cam is actually a ring. Camera mounted on an autonomous drone. The great part about this security drone is that it can move about and record images around your home and now last but not least, we’re going to have the zuk’s autonomous personal vehicle. This is going to be a new way to hail rights. This personal transportation vehicle is designed to make the future safer, more fun and cleaner for everyone. In fact, this on demand autonomous taxi, takes care of navigating through traffic. While you sit back and relax in your journey, designed with a spacious interior cabin with two benches, this looks autonomous vehicle ensures everyone inside has the same amount of comfort and space, no more asking the person in front to move up their seat. So that was it on the top 10 tech products coming out in 2021.

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