Smart watches on the market this year, based on performance and situations they’ll be used in we’ll, be taking a look at products within different categories, so, whether you’re looking for something with sleep, tracking and fitness tracking or looking for something to make calls and texts directly from Your watch we’ll have an option for you, so if you’re interested in finding out which budget smart watch will be best for you stay tuned, all the links to find the best prices on all the products mentioned in this video will be in the description below the Products mentioned in this video are in no exact order, so be sure to stay tuned to the end, so you don’t miss anything we’ll start with the veritech nimble 2. Our choice for best value budget smartwatch, the veritech nimble 2 – brings you the core, essential, smartwatch features, plus bluetooth, calling fitness and sport tracking all an amazing price that’s under 50, making it one of the best value budget, smart watches for the money, the veritech nimble 2. Has a classic round face and a durable zinc alloy case with a comfortable wear resistant, silicone strap and it comes in three different colors that will complement whatever you’re wearing the 1.28 ips color touchscreen swipes very well and features a fingerprint resistant coating when bluetooth is paired To your smartphone, the nimble2 will notify you of incoming messages or calls. The standout feature to highlight is that, unlike other budget, smart watches, the nipple 2 cannot only reject calls but allows you to make and answer calls directly from the watch without having to pull your phone out.

This is normally a feature you only find in higher end. Smart watches and if you like, to track your health and fitness, the nipple 2, has you covered too, with activity tracking for walking, running, hiking, cycling and more. It also measures your blood, oxygen levels, blood pressure and heart rate. You can wear the nipple 2 to bed and will track how long you’ve slept and the quality of your sleep cycles, but sleep tracking is limited to the hours of 9 pm to 9. Am though, but that shouldn’t be a deal breaker for most people, it’s rated ip68, so sweat, rain and showers are not a problem. Battery life is above average, giving you up to 24 hours with bluetooth, calling on and up to 3 days with it disabled. Its charging cradle holds the watch in place while charging, which is a nice touch compared to other magnetic chargers. The veritech nimble 2 gives you great value in a budget smartwatch, it combines stylish, looks poor smartwatch features, including bluetooth, calling and fitness and health tracking at an incredible price that you really can’t go wrong with, although the fitness tracking isn’t as accurate as other higher end Smart watches out there it offers a true smartwatch experience at a very affordable price and will likely be the best option for most people looking to get a true budget smartwatch in the 50 price range. Next, we have the fitbit versa. 2. Our choice for best budget, smart watch for fitness.

Now we didn’t want to just showcase three smart watches all under 100 that do the exact same thing. So, if you’re, looking for a smartwatch with an emphasis on fitness, the fitbit versa 2 is worth a look priced at around 150 it’s, definitely more expensive than a lot of the other budget. Smart watches out there, but for what you’re getting it’s a high quality affordable option, the versa 2 has an always on display mode built in alexa and tracking for running biking, swimming weight, training and more. The versa. 2 has a square face with rounded corners and a 300 by 300 pixel ammo led display that puts out 1000 nits of brightness, so you’ll be able to read it. Even on the sunniest day, the display can be set to always on mode and show you the time date, battery life and a couple of performance stats, depending on the face you’ve chosen to use it’s a really convenient addition, and even with it enabled you can expect Three days of battery life, the versa 2 also has amazon’s alexa voice assistant built in which has been integrated, seamlessly versus you can control spotify, but only from the app on your phone, rather than from the watch independently. All the sensors and the charging port on the back holds it in a unified curved square area, that’s more comfortable against your wrist than the older models. Health and fitness are front and center with the versa 2.

. You can choose from 20 exercise modes and workout options, including a generic workout. If you like to keep things simple and there’s modes for cardio machines, too, your steps, calories, burned, floors, climbed distance covered and activity minutes are locked each day with celebratory messages. When you hit certain goals and each night you’re, given a sleep score out of 100 for sleep tracking based on time of sleep, deep in rem, sleep and restoration, the first two are self explanatory. A restoration is based on sleeping heart rate compared with your overall resting heart rate and how much you toss and turn at night if fitness tracking is a big reason, why you want a budget? Smart watch, the fitbit versa. 2 is a very good choice for you and in terms of fitness tracking, for the price it’s hard to beat for those who are turned off by the 150 price tag, but want true fitness tracking on a budget. You might want to consider the fitbit charge 3, which currently retails for under 100 last we’ll, be taking a look at the apple watch series: 3.. Our choice for best budget, smart watch for iphone users priced at around 170. The apple watch series 3 may have been initially released in 2017, but the series 3 is still going strong today, making it an excellent budget. Smart watch for iphone users, like the versa, 2 it’s more costly than most budget smart watches out there, but if you’re an iphone user.

Looking for a more affordable, smart watch to pair with your ios system, the series 3 will likely be your option. While the series 6 is the best apple watch, you can buy right now. The series 3 is a very decent budget. Smart watch. It may be a little bulkier and not have up to the minute features, but the foundations like apple’s, extensive fitness tracking capabilities are all still there and a lot more. The watch has a square 38 millimeter face and an aluminum housing and feels great on the wrist. Thanks to the smooth white sportband, the 1.65 inch oled screen offers rich colors and deep blacks and boasts a resolution of 272 by 340 pixels it’s impressively crisp and vibrant, featuring all the same display features you’ll find on apple’s, retina, equipped, ios and osx devices screen. Swiping is smooth and firing up. Apps is pretty fast and fluid for battery life. You’Ll get around 18 hours, but if you use the gps for a run overall battery life will drop down to about 5 hours. In any case, apple recommends that the watch be recharged nightly, so it’s more of a matter of power management. Over the course of the day, the series 3 tracks walking running cycling as well as cardio machine use like the rower or stair stepper and swimming, is also tracked, using the internal accelerometer and for any workout. You can set up goals like time or duration and you’ll get progress towards that goal.

At your mid workout point: if you’re looking for a budget, smart watch that can handle sports and exercise tracking when you need it, the apple watch series 3 would be a great choice for you, especially if you’re an iphone user, alright, guys that’s all for now. If you enjoyed this video, please go ahead and leave a like if you’re new to the channel and you like the video, consider subscribing, we do our best to keep you up to date with the best products on the market right now. So if you want to stay currently regarding the best gear, make sure to hit that subscribe, button be sure to check out the description for links to find the most up to date. Pricing on all the products mentioned in this video hope you all have a great day.