All the links of the watches are in the description below the video subscribe on my channel and click on the bell to stay up to date with the latest technology reviews, so let’s enjoy this video Music in at number 5, the smartwatch as new herald smartwatch. Already this smartwatch price has 36.98 peral is a multi function. Sport smartwatch 1.3 inch squarescreen, gives you a better user experience and you could adjust the screen brightness in the watch. It supports various sport mode monitors continuous real time. Heart rate monitoring makes you a better understanding of their own health. More than 128 megabytes ram and rom about five to seven days battery life built in 360 milliamp hour battery capacity makes a proper combination. This watch has a 1.3 inch touchscreen smartwatch ip68 waterproof rating. It is completely waterproof when washing your hands or getting caught in the rain ultra long battery life with 15 days of standby time. It is the perfect companion, keep you organized and productive all day. This smartwatch is an all in one combination: pedometer calorie counter health, tracker, sedentary remind remote photos, music control, call reminder, alarm, clock, anti lost, remind weather, forecast notification, push for email, sms, facebook, twitter, skype, whatsapp, etc. This smartwatch has a personal health tracker system built in latest optical sensors, track real time, heart rate, effectively blood pressure and blood oxygen levels, intelligent sleep, monitoring, helping you adjust yourself for a healthier lifestyle by its all day, activity, tracking, bluetooth, running gps, fitness tracker accurately record.

All day activities like steps, distance, calories, burned, active minutes, special sport modes for walking running cycling, football, basketball, badminton skipping. You can easily connect to the phone download the app connect via bluetooth, watch, real time movement data and share the sports data instantly to social media networks. The app supports ios or higher and android 5.1 or higher versions in at number 4, the best smartwatch as tl 8251 8g smartwatch. This watch is a stylish gps sports watch that not only represents a stylish attitude but also monitors your health and movement at all times. It is a very cost effective sports watch built in gps and multiple running exercise modes for choice. Have such a watch ignite your passion for exercise recently, this watch prices, 43 dollars and 22 cents. It has a 1.28 inch high resolution round. Full touch screen makes the displayed content more vivid and beautiful, bigger screen fit the width of the wrist, bring a pleasant feeling of wearing it can accurately monitor, pulses and the active and resting heart rate changes to generate a professional heart rate report, support blood pressure, monitor And blood oxygen monitor, enter into monitoring for sleep interface and click start and then put onto hand to sleep. The pedometer will monitor the user’s sleep quality through oscillation, amplitude and duration of sleep. It has ip67 waterproof design. It can easily deal with daily waterproofing. It cannot swim or contact hot water and fit for a normal, cold water environment.

This watch has a 260 milliamp hour battery three to five days for common use. Battery life and charge cycles vary with use, settings and other factors. Actual results will vary. 8 sports modes are supported record your workout moment. It has multi sports modes like running walking, basketball, football, badminton, skipping, cycling mode, the real time status of weather can be synchronized via bluetooth. Bluetooth, push notifications, leave your phone in your pocket and view notifications on your wrist. You can set an alarm to remind customize the face of your smartwatch to fit your needs and at number 3 the best smartwatch as leah bw, 152 smartwatch. Today we are going to talk about the latest and cheapest smartwatch from the brand leah, the bw 152 smartwatch. It features a 1.3 inch, touchscreen stylish design, a metal case ip68 water protection. Many useful features along with 15 days of battery life. Already this watch price is 56.99. The watch case is made of carbon, while the bezel around the screen is made of aluminum. The dial is only available in black, but the strap can be chosen from three options: black red and green. The watch has around 1.3 inch screen. This is an ips panel with a resolution of 240 by 240 pixels. The display is touchscreen and it is quite bright. You can see everything in sunny weather. It has nine sports modes walking running cycling, rope, badminton, basketball, football and swimming, as we said before, swimming mode is available because of ip68 protection.

This watch is synchronized with mobile devices on android 4.4 and above or ios 8.5 and above to connect the watch to your smartphone. You have to download the dafit app as for functions. This watch tracks steps distance calories. You can also use a timer alarm clock stopwatch calendar activity, reminder weather, forecast, remote control of the camera. It is not a very large battery compared to other lia smartwatches. However, lia bw 152 still lasts up to 10 days on a single charge in standby mode. It will last for 30 days excellent result. Given the color touch screen display it takes about two hours to fully charge. The watch in at second place the smartwatches lea bw 104 smartwatch. Now this watch price is 79.98. This smartwatch can support two way calls after connecting your mobile phone and smartwatch via bluetooth. You can contact and communicate with friends and family anytime anywhere. At the same time, this watch will vibrate to remind you of incoming calls sms and sns messages like facebook, twitter, etc. The fitness tracker, with a heart rate, monitor supports 24 hour heart rate monitoring, to monitor and record the data of heart rate in order to comprehend your own physical condition better. The smartwatch also monitors and records your sleep status automatically, providing a comprehensive analysis of your sleep quality like deep sleep, light sleep and wake up time to help you develop a healthier lifestyle. This fitness watch has 10 sports modes to choose from walk running cycling, rock climbing swimming diving table, tennis, badminton football and basketball.

You can record and view real time data such as your heart rate, combustion and distance exercise. This activity tracker has a weather and temperature display. So you will prepare umbrellas and clothes before you leave home. This watch has ip67 waterproof design, which makes men’s fitness, smart, watches, sweat, proof, rain, proof or splash proof. You don’t have to worry about damaging the fitness tracker when you wash your hands, but you can’t wear the watch for bathing sauna or diving and other behaviors. This smartwatch will also record your activity, distance and calories. Sedentary reminder alarm reminder stopwatch: timer, music control, breathing exercise and other functions. The lia smartwatches are compatible with smartphones with android 4.4 ios 9.0 and bluetooth 4.0 or higher in at number one. The best smartwatch as 368 german marks, plus smartwatch, considering its reasonably priced charge, exceptional durability, purchaser rating and consumer call, for i have placed this watch number one on my listing now. This smartwatch price as 87.88 german marks is a multi function. Sport smartwatch 1.3 inch round screen gives you a better user experience and you could adjust the screen brightness in the watch. It supports various sports mode monitors continuous real time. Heart rate monitoring makes you a better understanding of your own health. The watch is equipped with a powerful quad core processor mt 67′ high speed, video coprocessor and high definition image processor. It adopts an android 7.1 system, one gigabyte ram and 16 gigabytes. Rom supports nano sim card 4g lte network wi, fi, bluetooth, 4.

0 wireless connection with a 1.3 inch mold touchscreen, which will bring you smartphone like intelligent experience. The watch supports multiple sports modes, gps tracks, your positions, movements and generates track maps. Sports data professionally, analyzed and displayed makes you learn and better manage your health activities. A professional human detection sensor is built in the watch which supports heart rate detection and works with big data and precise calculations to achieve real measured. When you receive a message from your phone, it will be synchronized and pushed to your smart bracelet. You can view the text content on the wristband and never miss any important information.