If you are looking for a good quality smartwatch on an optimal budget and if its budget is under 30, then you are watching the right video in this video. I have fixed the watches, considering the quality durability, demand, customer rating and order, etc. I hope you like my watch reviews and you get the best quality watch you want. You may request that the video be watched in full as the video is larger. All the links of the watches are in the description below the video subscribe on my channel and click on the bell to stay up to date with the latest technology reviews. So let’s get started with the video in at number five, the best smartwatches cobrafly p8 smartwatch. Considering its cheap price quality durability, customer rating and customer demand, i have put this watch at number five on my list. Cobrafly is a multifunction sport smartwatch, the 1.4 inch square screen gives you a better using experience and you could adjust the screen brightness in the watch. It supports various sports mode monitors continuous, real time. Heart rate monitoring makes you a better understanding of their own health, more than 128 mb ram and rom about five to seven days battery life. This watch built in 170 mah battery capacity that make a proper combination. Recently. This watch price is 18.35. There are some effective features of this watch. Are this watch has a 1.4 inch touchscreen ip67 waterproof rating? It is completely waterproof when washing your hands or getting caught in the rain ultra long battery life with 25 days standby time.

It is perfect, companion, keep you organized and productive all day. This smartwatch is an all in one combination: pedometer calorie counter health, tracker sedentary, remind remote photos, music control, call reminder, alarm, clock, anti lost, remind weather, forecast notification, push for email, sms, facebook, twitter skype, etc. This smartwatch has personal health tracker system built in latest optical sensors, track real time, heart rate, effectively blood pressure and blood oxygen levels, intelligent sleep, monitoring, helping you adjust yourself for a healthier lifestyle by its all day, activity, tracking, bluetooth, running gps, fitness tracker accurately record all Day, activities like steps, distance, calories, burned, active minutes, special sport modes for walking, running cycling, football, basketball, badminton, skipping and many more. You can easily connect to the phone download the app connect via bluetooth, watch, real time, movement data and share the sports data instantly to social media networks. The app supports ios, 9 or higher an android 5.1 or higher version in at fourth place. The watches s18 full screen touch smartwatch. This watch is just an assistant tool for mobiles. It is a 30 meters, waterproof smartwatch, but you can connect to your phone via bluetooth to achieve other functions. It can be an information reminder, call reminder sleep, detection, weather sports, pedometer, distance calorie, stopwatch alarm clock sedentary, remind remote control camera. You need to install an app and bind the mobile phone to take pictures with ip68 waterproof function. It can meet your daily needs for doing sports instead of calling now this watch price is 25.

89. Overall, i have been highly impressed with the built battery type and comfortable wearing, especially considering its budget price. There are some main effective features of this watch. This watch has multi function, mode, weather date, luminous style, walking, steps, walking, distance, burned, calories, alarm, stop watch function, remote camera offers you to take photos in every place. The call and message icon keeps flickering and makes a notification tune to remind the messages, including sms facebook. Skype, twitter, whatsapp, etc. This smartwatch built in 220 to 300 milliampere hour high capacity, powerful watch more than 128 mb ram and rom 20 days of maximum standby time in this digital sport watch. You also found sport data record records, walking steps, walking distance, burned, calories, consumption to help you understand the benefit of the sports in real time. This watch will detect your sleep automatically at night and analyze your sleep quality with deep sleep and light sleep it’s metal surface and the soft watch strap is comfortable to wear unique, waterproof design good for outdoor activity ip68 waterproof just for daily use, washing hands. Take a bath swimming, but not for diving, but don’t press any buttons when swimming or take a hot bath. This smartwatch features a strong 4.0 bluetooth version. You will easily hook up with await real time movement data and share the sports data instantly to social media networks. The app supports ios 8.0 and android 4.4 or above in number three another watch is s10 smartwatch from pretty little considering its reasonably priced charge, exceptional durability, purchaser rating and consumer call, for i have placed this smartwatch at number.

Three on my listing s10 is the newest edition award winning smartwatch its technical specifications. An astonishing 1.3 round screen 240 by 240 hd screen display gps barometer geomagnetic sensor, heart rate sensor, 45 days of maximum standby time 7 to 10 days of normal use. Time 400 milliamp hour, polymer, lithium, battery ip67, waterproof rating etc. S10 is simply an all around great smartwatch. Recently, this watch price is 26.98. The main feature of this watch is: it keeps track of the phases of light depth and sleep get a better understanding of the quality of your sleep, get useful information on each night and set a sleep schedule with reminders before going to work actively towards a consistent Routine, this watch is made of waterproof resistant, protects the watch when you wash your hands swim or get rain, keep track of and share your daily activities and get the motivation to achieve your goals by camera, music and remote control system tap the screen to change the Next song play music pause and control the phone’s shutter to take pictures from your wrist. Take your pleasure anywhere. This watch has heart rate monitoring system, use heart rate to better, monitor calorie consumption, optimize, workouts and discover health trends that inspire you to move on your health and fitness goals, gps connected via the phone for real time. Travel statistics connect the fitness tracker to your phone. It will vibrate to alert you if your phone receives a phone call, an sms and sns messages.

The watch can display real time, air pressure, temperature, altitude, weather and other data. It is an indispensable sports equipment for outdoor sports. There are a compass, be: do gps positioning and direction identification. The number two the smartwatch is ksr 914 smartwatch ksr 914 is a multi function. Sport smartwatch. This is simply an all around great smartwatch. 1.3 inch round screen gives you a better using experience and you could adjust the screen brightness in the watch. It supports various sports mode, monitor continuous real time, heart rate monitoring, gps positioning system. It has more than 128 mb ram and rom 220 to 300 milliampere hour battery capacity. That is grateful because you can get all the necessary combinations at this affordable price. Now this smartwatch price is 28.31. There are some external features of this watches. It has a 1.3 inch color screen can let you see the screen in any area whether you are under bright sunshine or in a dark room. Ksr 914 can receive gps satellite signal. The deviation is less than three meters. The watch not only can show your optimal speed and average speed, but also can show you the maximum pace rate and average pace its waterproof and sweat. Proof design enables you to do any sports, including swimming, without taking it off. Do not press button underwater. Do not flushing hot water. This watch will alert if you reach maximum and minimum heart rate. When you exercise it not only can play an optimal exercise performance but also can ensure safety help.

You explore your own exercise pace while optimal guarantee, exercise performance, eight kinds of sports: you can choose running, walking, cycling, mountain climbing, swimming basketball, football, dance, aerobics, skating, etc. It can recognize sports types of running and ball games automatically record real time. Heart rate exercise, duration, distance automatically. This watch supports incoming call remind and messages notification while bluetooth connecting if there is an incoming call, it would show the caller id almost notification of apps could be synchronized to the watch. This watch built in 220 to 300 milliampere hour powerful battery two hours charging seven days using guaranteed tft color display and gps can be used continuously for eight days 15 days, standby mode and 30 days, power saving mode in the first place. The best smartwatch is l7 bluetooth smartwatch. This watch is the top winner on the list of best smart watches under 30 it’s, a budget friendly smartwatch. That is everything you need from a digital smartwatch with eight different sports tracking modes and round the clock activity monitoring feature. It is an ideal choice for trainers, athletes, sports players and anyone who wants to remain active, fit and productive access, calls messages, social media and a tone of different other apps and features with just a few clicks. Users appreciated the smartwatch for its versatile design and handy features at this price. Already, this watch price is 28.95. This smartwatch have some main features such as the smartwatch has a 1.3 full color sensitive touchscreen sensor.

That offers perfect image visual quality. You can adjust the main interface as your style with the app for any pictures. You like the fitness tracker watch, supports heart rate, blood pressure, sleep monitor, calories, calculation, auto pedometer, weather, clock, alarm, multi, sports mode, stopwatch sedentary reminder, remote camera and music control. Call sms message. Reminder, etc, with the adjust perfect quality, zinc, alloy band suitable for family or friends have different wrist sizes work or play. Happily. This smartwatch can continuous automatic heart rate monitoring, blood pressure and time to know more about your body and health. The smart watch will automatically track your sleep, duration and consistency with a comprehensive analysis of sleep quality data.