All the links of the watches are in the description below the video subscribe on my channel and click on the bell to stay up to date with the latest technology reviews so let’s enjoy this video in at number five. The smartwatch is lemfo nrf 5283 smartwatch. This is a multi function: sport smartwatch. This is simply an all around great smartwatch. That is really grateful because you can get all the necessary combinations at this affordable price. Recently, this smartwatch price is 13.15. It has 1.3 inch color screen, which can let you clearly see the screen in any area whether you are under bright sunshine or in a dark room, its waterproof and sweat. Proof design enables you to do any sports, including swimming, without taking it off. Do not press the button underwater do not flushing hot water. This watch will alert if you reach maximum and minimum heart rate. When you exercise it not only can play an optimal exercise performance but also can ensure safety help. You explore your own exercise pace while optimal guarantee, exercise, performance, 10 kinds of sports. You can choose running, walking, cycling, mountain climbing, swimming basketball, football, dance, aerobics, skating, etc. It can recognize sports types of running and ball games automatically record real time. Heart rate exercise, duration, distance automatically. This watch supports incoming call, reminders and message notifications, while bluetooth connecting if there is an incoming call, it would show the caller id almost notification of apps could be synchronized to the watch.

This watch built in 180 to 220 million per hour powerful battery about 60 minutes charging time 7 days, working hours, 15 days, standby mode in at number 4. The best smartwatch is nenbo s9 smartwatch. Now this smartwatch price is 26.76. The beauty is all in view using a 1.54 inch full touch, display high contrast and wide gamut, bring a pleasant experience of high definition, image, skin friendly and comfortable material. This watch built in a 450mm hour powerful battery about two to three hours, charging time three to five days working hours about 20 days standby time. It has also an ip67 waterproof system when the smartwatch is connected with your phone. The call facebook, sms and wechat will remind you through the bright screen vibration and you can view the specific content by sliding the screen. If you don’t want to answer, you can also press and refuse tracks real time, heart rate and blood pressure automatically and continuously. Also, you could get the complete report in the app automatically tracks your sleep quality, helping you analysis of sleep quality data and improve your habits. This is a powerful smartwatch fitness tracker. It can accurately track your daily steps, distance, traveled, calories, burned and activity time all day automatically press and hold at the more interface for more functions, including music control panel history message, firmware version, brightness search stopwatch turn off. The smartwatch requires bluetooth, 4.0, ios, 9.0 or above an android 4.4 and above smartphone.

It cannot work with tablets, computers and windows systems in at number. Three. The best smartwatch price is cospet, nrf, 52840 rock rugged watch already. This smartwatch price is 31.99 cospet. Rock smartwatch was envisioned as a rugged smartwatch that built to withstand and work in tough environments being waterproof dust, proof and shockproof 40 degree, low temperature operation, 55 degree, high temperature storage, 360 degrees, integrated dust proof design. The 1.69 inch large display offers a remarkable immersion and better touch experience. The high resolution reveals a vivid gives you a great visual experience when exploring outdoors. It is equipped with a 350 million per hour super large battery. This android smartwatch can endure up to 50 days at outdoors. Charging is nothing to worry about when exploring the wild 50 days standby time 14 days daily usage time 20 hours, continuous exercise rock adopts the tough sports style. The clear cut edges make it durable and resistant to water and dust fully enclosed shell design. You can submerge it in deep water up to 30 meters. Please do not wear it while taking a bath shower and sand, etc. Track your fitness progress all day know your health status anytime when engaged in outdoor activities at rapidly changing altitudes monitoring blood oxygen saturation allows you to understand your physical condition in real time and adjust the current suitable intensity to cope with the changing environment in at second Place the best smartwatch is san lepis, mtk, 252d ecg smartwatch.

Recently, this smartwatch price is 42.99. It has a 24 hour heart rate monitoring feature which helps you to keep you healthy all day. It has an intelligent heart rate algorithm whether you are resting or exercising. It can actually monitor heart rate through scientific, big data. You can view the daily heart rate graph to protect your health. It also has ecg monitoring. If you feel chest pain, tightness, panic, suffocation, dizziness, then you can check the heart rate using ppg and ecg technology. Only one minute, ecg examination is one of the commonly used examination methods and is widely used. You should monitor data only for reference. Only don’t use it for medical use. You can also monitor your different sleep stages like deep sleep, light, sleep, etc. You can scientifically evaluate sleep quality and improve your sleep. You can exercise with the watch can easily play music. You can remotely take photos with one click to keep every wonderful moment. It supports multiple sports, whether you enjoy it in the gym or outdoors. If you like sports, it is a great device for you. It analyzes professional sports data, which lets you exercise more scientifically recovery. Time refers to the time required for the body to recover fully after the exercise is completed. Recovery time reflects the state of physical fatigue during exercise. You can check your exercise time and distance of time between your exercise. You can also check the calories burned during exercise. Its scientific sports data provides exercise, step, amplitude, movement, speed and the changes in heart rate during exercise six heart rate zones.

Let you know your heart rate, comprehensive sports data and exercise status. Its data helps you to judge your training effect and provide a reference for in at number one. The smartwatch’s lemfo lemd, 2020 sports smartwatch. Now its price is 55.99. It contains a pair of true wireless stereo earbuds inside the watch case. It supports it, gives precise real time, feedback on physical conditions of health rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen and sleep. It has professional sensors to track your different workout data like running walking, cycling, hiking, hiking, yoga, basketball and elliptical. It has 0.9 millimeter moving coil unit and professional tri band tuning that works together for rich and crisp stereo sound. It offers protection from temporary submersion from water and splashes. It has rust proof, 316l, stainless construction and scratch proof tempered glass. It has a 1.3 inch, thin film transistor screen, which enables clear visibility. When you are indoors or outdoors, it is a smartwatch with bluetooth, 5.0 headset, 360 by 360, high definition screen 350 million per hour battery life, and many more you can light up the screen. By raising up your hand, it will work like a camera. It will give you a call and sms reminder: you can do social sharing with facebook, twitter, whatsapp, skype, wechat, etc. You can get sedentary reminders and monitor sleeping too. You can also check the pedometer calories, etc. It is compatible with both android and ios. It supports android. 4.4 and higher ios 8.