We made this list based on our personal opinion and hours of research and i’ve listed them based on quality popularity, price and more i’ve included options for every type of buyer. So if you’re looking for an entry level option or the best product money can buy, we’ll have the product for you. Please check the link in the description below for more details. Let’S dive into the video. If you are looking for best sleep tracker here is a collection you have got to see, let’s get started number one. Fitbit versa, fitness tracker last year’s versa was the company’s best effort in making a competent smartwatch. It is comfortable to wear, had great battery life. Advanced fitness and sleep tracking features it’s not too large, not too small, it’s, also very lightweight outstanding outdoor view ability. You can speak to this watch as if it is a smartphone alexa will answer to your weather report, you’re able to control any of your smart home devices with this watch. The alarm feature is very useful. The versa 2 is one of the few wearables that i’ve been able to comfortably wear 24 7. Even while sleeping number 2. let’s fit smartwatch fitness tracker, the let’s fit fitness tracker, smart, a wonderful workhorse, capable of tracking oodles of health reports for days on end and a knockoff of the fitbit versa. Compatibility is open and even extends to apple users and their apple health features right down to the font on the watch face it’s, waterproof and the pedometer is reasonably accurate.

The battery life is about a week and the band is soft and comfortable. If you want an even cheaper, simpler tracker, which also has a long lasting battery, is waterproof and is comfortable let’s fit smartwatch is the best option for you number three samsung galaxy watch active tracker. If you own or are lusting after an expensive, samsung galaxy s20, you may want the galaxy watch active tracker, it’s, light, attractive and half the price of the apple watch, it’s, also dust and water resistant and has built in gps, continuous heart rate, tracking and cheery notifications. When you accomplish the smallest fitness goals, you can even use your samsung phone to charge it with the powershare feature. Aside from a few big names like spotify and strava, there aren’t a lot of high quality apps in samsung’s app store, but the built in apps work. Well, number four xiaomi mi band 4: it does activity tracking with a half dozen workout modes, including a treadmill outdoor running, cycling, walking and swimming. Yes, it is waterproof as well. It counts steps, of course, along with tracking distance and estimating calories burned. It also includes a heart rate, monitor and has the ability to notify you with heart rate alerts. If it senses anything anomalous, you can also use it for basic sleep tracking. The inch long and mold display is bright and colorful and is easy to see even in bright sunlight. You get generous battery life. It can go nearly three weeks between charges.

Number five within sleep, sleep tracking pad, like the beauty rest in mfit, the tracking device, is a contactless mat that you place under your mattress. You’Ll then receive your sleep data on your smartphone. They appear to have a particular focus on improving your sleep schedule soon. After registering the healthmate app asked me if i wanted to join a social jet lag program to improve my sleep, routine consistency 7 days a week, it also has an interesting option to integrate with smart home devices via ifttt. It attempts to track sleep stages and give you detailed graphs in the morning on the app thanks for watching.