It combines suntone’s industry leading sports expertise with smartwatch features from wear os by google, making it a perfect companion for sports and everyday life. Sudo 7 has over 70 pre configured sport modes and accurate exercise tracking with gps barometer and wrist heart rate. Sensor find your own paths with free offline maps or follow the most popular routes with built in heat maps, use the suunto app to gain training, insights or connect to leading sports apps like strava, endomondo or training peaks. Listen to the tracks that take you further connect. Your headset to your phone and control music from your wrist tsunto7’s battery takes you through a full day of active smartwatch use and still has enough juice left for your daily workout. Alternatively, it can last up to 48 hours in smartwatch use or up to 12 hours in gps tracking mode extend watch functionalities with your favorite apps on google play and change. The look of your watch with interchangeable, straps and watch faces with wi fi connectivity. Software updates are automatic, so your suunto 7 is always up to date. All of this is designed and tested in finland, with the quality that suunto is known for the watch will stand up to whatever adventures you decide to take on suunto 7 sports and life combined aquatic 6 multi sport, gps watch connects to your fusion stereo, so you Can take control of your entertainment system from anywhere on your boat? First set your compatible fusion stereo to discoverable mode.

This is the same setting as when you pair a bluetooth device to the stereo stay in close proximity to your entertainment system and open the fusionlink app on your aquatic 6. here’s. How from the watch screen select start click through to fusion link and then press start again open the fusion link app. Your watch will automatically pair with your stereo unit after this initial pair is complete. Your watch will automatically connect with your stereo unit when you open the fusion link app once paired. A number of control icons will appear on your watch, face use the up and down buttons on your watch to scroll through these new icons. When you find the one you’re looking for press the start button to select, for example, if you want to change the track that’s playing from your fusion stereo scroll down to the next track, control icon on your watch, press start and you’ll skip to the next song. In your playlist, if you really want to turn the song up scroll to the volume up, control, icon and press the start button as many times until you reach the desired volume level with aquatic 6, you can be the life of the party on the water to Learn more about aquatic 6, go to, Music, Music, wow, Music, Music, wow, Music, wow, Music, Music, wow, Music, Music, fitbit ionic is a design that blends precise, geometric forms with subtly curved surfaces. Ionic is constructed from nano molded 6000 series aluminum.

This makes it tough enough to survive intense workouts, yet light enough to be worn all day. Ionic has insanely crisp graphics with great outdoor visibility. The display was designed with higher resolution and amplified brightness of up to 1000 nits, the unibody construction integrates wi, fi, bluetooth and gps into the body and minimizes leak paths. Making ionic water resistant up to 50 meters ionic’s pure pulse heart rate sensor is our best. To date for exercise and all day tracking premium, horween leather and sports accessory bands provide perfect options to wear to work or an intense workout fitbit ionix at the new standard for design performance and its ability to suit your personal style, because every second matters this watch Displays real time notifications to stay connected to what’s important, because every second matters it precisely monitors all your movements inspiring you to go further because every second matters it constantly monitors, heartbeat and lets. You know if an irregular rhythm is detected because every second matters it can record a medical grade electrocardiogram at any time to detect atrial fibrillation and provide valuable data for doctors, Music, because every second matters it continuously scans blood oxygen levels to identify sleep, apnea risk making. Sure you breathe easy at night.