They must come with multiple os compatibility, necessary health monitoring, sensors and, indeed, an easy to use companion app. These features can ensure a better and convenient user experience for an entry level user, and if you are looking for a watch with such capabilities, we have got the perfect video to help you out. In this video. We have rounded up the top 5 best smartwatch for beginners, which can be quite perfect for upgrading from conventional watches. Wear os by google offers exciting features to get you started with, and the techwatch e3 comes with the same operating system to boost your confidence as an entry level, smartwatch user having a thick design with two crown buttons. This smartwatch definitely gives a more premium vibe and a 1.3 inch hd display is nestled on the watch face that is fairly visible, equipped with the qualcomm snapdragon, where 4100 platform, one gigabyte of ram and eight gigabyte of rom. The watch delivers smoother performance and more precise interactions. You can launch apps without facing any stuttering and also reply to notifications that pops up on your watch with the 20 plus professional workout mode and other health sensors. You will be able to use the watch as a regular fitness tracker as well. The watch can also help you with 24 hour heart rate monitoring, including sleep tracking stress, monitoring, blood oxygen, saturation detection. Most importantly, the take watch e3 comes with a 380 milliamp hour battery that can run your watch for up to 72 hours on smart mode.

So as a new user of the smartwatch getting the tick watch e3 can fulfill most of your requirements that you would expect. Upgrading yourself with a proper smartwatch can make your life even more adventurous, and the suntow 7 makes sure you get full elevation. While traveling outdoors powered by the google wear os. The watch is compatible with both android and ios phones from your watch. You can get smart widgets, such as meeting reminders to do lists and even play with google play all from your watch. Suntow’S multi sport smartwatch integrates smartwatch technology, which sports expertise and allows you to track exercises accurately. It offers more than 70 sports modes gps and wrist heart rate tracking capabilities. You can also enjoy your favorite tracks while on the go, connect your earphone to your phone and control music from your wrist, explore more as the tsuto 7 offers, both offline and online gps maps and its water resistance rating ensures protection up to 50 meters underwater to Expand your capabilities while moving outdoors, the suunto 7 can be a great companion, a smart watch with everything that you need. Moreover, at a budget friendly price tag meet the fitbit versa. 3. A perfect watch to upgrade right now always keep track of your pace and distance, and without carrying your phone with the built in gps from your watch. The sp auto monitor, allows you to view your nightly blood oxygen levels. Furthermore, you can track your health metrics in the fitbit app to see how your health changes over time for more convenience.

The watch comes with google voice, assistance and alexa compatibility so that you can get most of your jobs done, including receiving calls notifications and weather updates, and many more only through voice commands. You can also use the built in mic and speaker to take bluetooth calls hands free. The watch can’t provide impressive battery life for more than 6 days, only from 12 minutes of fast charging. So getting yourself started with the fitbit versa. 3 can surely give an outstanding and convenient user experience Music. If you are an iphone user. You would probably like to have a watch running on watch os, but getting an apple watch might cost you big bucks. Well. Apple has an alternative too, as the watch se costs lower yet offer excellent performance. This smart watch features a large retina overlaid display with 40 millimeters and 44 millimeters options to suit and match your personality with ease. It comes with a list of advanced activity. Trackers such as running swimming distance, travel, calories, cadence and more so that you can always keep track of your daily activities and so on with its integrated health app, you can get notifications on the low or high heartbeat rate, while the sleep app instructs and sets new Goals for better sleep each night to lead a healthier life. This smartwatch also comes with an intelligent fault detection feature that can connect you with emergency services so that you can get immediate help from your surroundings.

It allows a water resistant facility for up to 50 meters that lets you get into the water with confidence, and this smart watch can run approximately for 24 hours for non stop operation. The best android watch that never compromises on surface and accuracy. The samsung galaxy watch 3 comes with excellent features and an attractive design featuring a 1.2 inches super amoled display. That shows real time action straight from your smartwatch, while its exynos 9110 dual core processor gives you an unmatched performance with absolute accuracy. This smartwatch can track up to 40 different outdoor and indoor, including running swimming treadmill, cadence and many other activities to help you keep fit while eating a healthy life. It comes with the latest fall detection feature which allows you to get immediate assistance from your surroundings. At the same time, it has an ecg check with blood oxygen checkup support that always monitors the amount of oxygen that your body is getting with an ip68 water resistance rating. This smartwatch complies with military grade 810g standards to keep you protected even in the harshest weather conditions outside. It also has a water resistant facility for up to 50 meters. So if you are an android user who wants to get the best out of your watch, then you should definitely go for samsung galaxy watch 3. Music, so that was all about the top 5 best smart watches for beginners. Just for you, thanks for watching our video like comment and share with your friends, if you find this video helpful subscribe to our channel.