We’Ll kick things off with the fitbit versa. 3 aka the best fitness smartwatch you can find in the market in 2021.. This device offers a significant improvement compared to its predecessor, including such features as gps call capability and a battery far exceeding the battery of even apple devices. Another exciting update for fans of virtual assistants is the addition of google assistant. The fitbit versa. 3 has been improved compared to its predecessor as it includes gps and allows you to make and receive calls via bluetooth. It sports the same fitbit sense, design with better curves and more anatomical features. Furthermore, no physical buttons have been added. It also uses the same magnetic charger. However, there is no eda sensor that helps monitor stress the device, has a heart rate: sensor: 24 7 monitoring the ability to tell you the active zone at each workout and also monitor your sleep. The battery is simply top notch because unless you activate the power training gps feature, this bad boy can last up to 6 days, including your training and sleep with the clock on the fitbit versa. 3 also has a fast charger which allows you to have a full day of use with just 12 minutes of charging. It is extremely comfortable to wear due to the light weight that does not exceed 0.7 ounces, making it an ideal, smart watch for athletes and anyone who wants to monitor the pulse and other health values during the day.

Another feature we quite like is the water resistance of up to 50 meters or around 165 feet, making it a solid option even for scuba divers. The versa 3 model comes with a heart monitor which can indicate the degree of exercise. The main function here is to calculate the intensity of physical activity and suggest the appropriate level of training. The onboard accelerometer is another important and useful function for sports, as it allows measuring speed while running. We also like the device’s distance qualification system. It is ideal for tracking the amount of distance we’ve covered in our training routine. The fitbit versa. 3 comes with a 1.5 inch. Ammo touch screen system, it stores all daily information about movements and other activities for 30 consecutive days, great stuff. If you were in pursuit of the best possible value for their money, we have singled out the samsung galaxy watch active 2 as the best value smartwatch available on the market in 2021. The device is highly customizable, allowing you to adapt it to your needs and enjoy the ride, starting with a choice between models with bluetooth or lte connectivity through size, 44, millimeters or 40 millimeters. All the way to stainless steel or lightweight aluminum construction, as well as a large selection of different straps, the elegant housing sports, a touch sensitive frame that allows quick control. The galaxy watch active features, a magnified black screen with a barely noticeable frame, meaning you get more room for display of essential information.

The device tracks your movement, so you can easily put it on your hand and start training with the addition of swimming. You now get seven activities that are automatically tracked, there’s, also an onboard function of a running coach that provides you with timely advice in real time. Thanks to the stress monitoring function, the device will help you maintain good physical and spiritual health by following the recommended breathing exercises. Health monitoring is built into the galaxy watch active watch with eight photodiodes on the back of the new curved case that perfectly adapts to wrist contours. Health monitoring is, of course, also included in the mix along with a function that sends you an alert when your heart rate is above or below normal. The galaxy watch active watch has a battery that lasts longer than one day during normal use. When you get home from training simply place, your watch on the compact magnetic wireless charger to a charge, no need for cables or accessories. Also, the galaxy watch active has the ability to track all your activities and travels thanks to the ip68 and 5 atm certificates for water and dust resistance, as well as exceptional durability. In plain terms, it can withstand various harsh conditions. This smartwatch provides wide compatibility with both galaxy and other mobile phones, as well as a variety of applications that you can download and install. If you want to get a solid performance and all the key features of a good smart watch at the lowest possible price, we say check out the amaze fit gts aka the best budget smart watch available on the market in 2021, apart from the rather affordable price Tag, this watch also boasts a surprisingly high comfort.

The front side of the amaze fit gts has a length of 1.7 inches, a width of 1.4 inches and a thickness of 0.37 inches. The watch weighs just over 0.85 ounces, which makes it very light much lighter than the other models. This gts can record up to 12 different sports with a variety of interesting features. Some of the activities you can follow are cycling and spinning swimming running treadmill, running elliptical, skiing, walking or hiking tennis or football. Also, you don’t have to worry about this product in the pool or at sea. The watch is water resistant and can be submerged up to 50 meters underwater or around 165 feet. Thanks to the onboard sensors, you can track info on a variety of fitness and health aspects, but also get info about external conditions such as weather or location. We also love the device’s connectivity, allowing the users to receive notifications from many apps that they might have on their smart watches. You can receive calls read messages from whatsapp or other messaging apps receive notifications from facebook, instagram and other social networks good stuff. For all. You apple fans, out there we have singled out the company’s watch series, six as the best apple smart watch you can find in the market in 2021. This product will grant you the ability to measure blood oxygen levels with a revolutionary new sensor and app you’ll be able to get ecg anytime anywhere. All neatly displayed on the improved alves on retina display with this device on your wrist you’ll get a significant boost to help.

You lead a healthier, more active and a better connected life that new blood oxygen sensor features a set of four led clusters and four photodiodes. This sensor is integrated into a completely redesigned crystal on the back and works in conjunction with the blood oxygen application. The advanced algorithms can calculate the color of your blood, which is further used to determine the amount of oxygen along with the ecg. This is a great achievement for a wearable device, we’re talking about a product that can provide doctors with critical data with maximum convenience to the user, simply tap the digital crown and create an ecg in just 30 seconds. Talk about fast and efficient right, an ecg application can detect if there are signs of atrial fibrillation, a type of severe cardiac arrhythmia or a beating heart in a normal sinus rhythm. This way you can set and achieve personal sleep goals if you want to be in shape, knowledge is best, be motivated to exercise more and measure your training data more accurately than ever before, whether in the water at the gym or outdoors users have the opportunity to Enjoy music, podcasts or audiobooks? Listen to anything that motivates you to rehearse more, such as 70 million songs on apple music, stay motivated to sit less move more and rehearse thanks to the activity rings to motivate you even more. You can share your activity rings with others and organize competitions, for example. Invite friends to a seven day activity, competition, pretty cool, and this brings us to our gold medalist for today, packing premium features and performance tucked in a highly durable casing, while offering the best price quality ratio out there.

We can freely say that the samsung galaxy watch 3 is the best overall smart watch that can be found on the market in 2021. The galaxy watch 3 comes as a combination of smartphone productivity and top health monitoring technologies. So far, this is the most advanced galaxy. Smartwatch, it allows you to organize your life in a very simple way and monitor your health. At the same time, specifically, this is the only smart watch that is a high precision rotating ring for navigating applications. Whatever size you choose, 45 millimeters or 41 millimeters, you will surely be delighted by the performance. The elegant design in mystical, black mystical, silver and mystical bronze is taken to the next level by a unique rotating ring on the larger screen of this watch, framed by a discrete rotating ring. It is much easier to see and focus on what is really important. The galaxy watch 3 is thinner smaller and about 15 percent lighter the product’s sophisticated design with beveled edges makes it ideal for your wrist. Of course, the cool looks of the galaxy watch. 3 watch would not be complete without a modern, genuine leather strap through careful processing. The manufacturer has achieved a worn, but natural look of the skin, which is protected from color changes from the back. Another amazing feat is that you’re able to check your heart rate with ecg monitoring just hold the button on the back of the phone for about 30 seconds, so that the built in sensor with electrodes kicks in and measures your heart rate.

This mobile ecg device examines artificial fibrillation and the results will become available to you in a matter of seconds. You can periodically view results, receive or share or report on your phone. The galaxy watch 3 uses red leds and infrared rays to estimate the level of blood oxygen saturation since oxygen saturation is directly related to physical fitness. This device can play a major role in helping you make your daily habits healthier using the advanced accelerometer. The smartwatch automatically detects the more serious falls and notifies your emergency contact about the location of the incident with an sos message. The galaxy watch 3 also makes records of rem phases, depth of sleep and time spent sleeping. It also has over 120 home exercise programs as well as running tips. The watch is compatible and easily connects to a large number of galaxy devices, but also those that do not belong to the galaxy family. You honor the best. You got it thanks for watching and that’s all for now.