Those are very helpful for your daily life. All the links of the cool watches are in the description below the video in at number 5, the watch as san lepis mtk 252c ecg smartwatch. Recently, this smartwatch price has 37.32 cents. It has a 24 hour heart rate monitoring feature which helps you to keep you healthy all day. It has an intelligent heart rate algorithm, whether you are resting or exercising. It can actually monitor heart rate through scientific, big data. You can view the daily heart rate graph to protect your health. It also has ecg monitoring. If you feel chest pain, tightness, panic, suffocation, dizziness, then you can check the heart rate using ppg and ecg technology. Only one minute, ecg examination is one of the commonly used examination methods and is widely used. You should monitor data only for reference. Only don’t use it for medical use. You can also monitor your different sleep stages like deep sleep, light, sleep, etc. You can scientifically evaluate sleep quality and improve your sleep. You can exercise with the watch can easily play music. You can remotely take photos with one click to keep every wonderful moment. It supports multiple sports, whether you enjoy it in the gym or outdoors. If you like sports, it is a great device for you. It analyzes professional sports data which lets you exercise more scientifically recovery. Time refers to the time required for the body to recover fully after the exercise is completed.

Recovery time reflects the state of physical fatigue during exercise. You can check your exercise time and distance of time between your exercise. You can also check the calories burned during exercise. Its scientific sports data provides exercise, step, amplitude, movement, speed and the changes in heart rate during exercise six heart rate zones. Let you know your heart rate, comprehensive sports data and exercise status. Its data helps you to judge your training effect and provide a reference for in at number four. The smartwatches lemfo lemd 2020 sport smartwatch. Now its price is 59.99. It contains a pair of true wireless stereo earbuds inside the watch case. It supports it gives precise real time, feedback on physical conditions of health rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen and sleep. It has professional sensors to track your different workout data like running walking, cycling, hiking, yoga, basketball and elliptical. It has 0.9 millimeter moving coil unit and professional tri band tuning that works together for rich and crisp stereo sound. It offers protection from temporary submersion from water and splashes. It has rust proof, 316l, stainless construction and scratch proof tempered glass. It has a 1.3 inch, thin film transistor screen, which enables clear visibility when you are indoors or outdoors, it is a smartwatch with bluetooth, 5.0 headset, 360×360 definition screen 350 million per hour battery life, and many more you can light up the screen by raising up your Hand, it will work like a camera, it will give you a call and sms reminder.

You can do social sharing with facebook, twitter, whatsapp, skype, wechat, etc. You can get sedentary reminders and monitor sleeping too you can also check pedometer calories, etc. It is compatible with both android and ios. It supports android 4.4 and higher ios 8.2 and higher its waterproofing rate is ip67 in at number 3. The smartwatches lockmat nrf 52840 sport smartwatch. Already this smartwatch price has 79.99. It is a smart watch that helps you getting access to important things without scrolling because it has a 72 degree flexible high definition screen. It has a heart rate monitoring system built in optical heart rate sensor. It helps you to pay attention to your heart rate. Changes around the clock. You can also record your heart rate changes in each period on the health assistant app. It shows the method of pulse conductivity. It helps you to have a better understanding of your own health. It can also calculate the time of ecg detection to obtain blood pressure, information, incoming calls text messages, wechat messages, etc will be synchronized and will vibrate reminders without the need to check the phone. You can see the reminders. By raising your hand, it has a real time. Pedometer, it shows exercise data such as heart rate, exercise, duration, mileage, speed, calories, consumption, etc. At a glance, it has a multi sport mode, 15 multi sport modes that can record sports data in real time without the mobile phone. It is professional sports reports that make your training more targeted.

It monitors sleep quality throughout the journey records past sleep data, so you can plan a healthy life in the future it’s ip67 waterproof. So there is no need to take off the watch in daily hand, washing and rain to meet all daily waterproof needs. It intelligently manages your life with its amazing features. You can check the weather and travel with confidence, connect to bluetooth and take pictures remotely so that you don’t miss any moment you can play music through it which lets you enjoy, throwing away your phone in at second place. The watch is amazifit gtr, 47 smartwatch. Now this smartwatch price has 109.99. If you want the classic look of the traditional watch for sports and business use, it is the perfect one for you. It can be your trainer with a sports mood for running walking, cycling, elliptical trainer, open water, swimming mountaineering, trail running skiing, exercising it’s ultra long battery life gives you 24 days of usage, which lets you say goodbye to the frequent charging. It tracks your health in 12. Different sports mode, to give you the most information about your health, it provides over 100 watch faces to fit the look. You want its leather silicone, quick release. Straps, give you a sweat proof premium. Look. It also has a 1.’ inch mold display with high 326 pixels per inch 454 by 454 resolution, with corning gorilla, glass and anti fingerprint coating 5 atm to bear 50 meters of water pressure with only one or three of power compared to similar gps chips.

The 28 nanometer sony gps chip is ultra low power, consumption for 24×7, uninterrupted heart rate measurement more efficiently and with lower power it has self developed dual hey attack technology. It is provided with built in gps glonass to track your routes more accurately than satellites. It can also monitor your sleep to understand your sleeping pattern. It gives smart notifications to get all your important updates right in your watch in at number one. The watch as skyrim kiran x smartwatch recently, this watch price has 194.99. This smartwatch has nine sport modes. Heart rate, monitoring, blood pressure measurement and other commonly used bracelet functions. It can provide you with a fitness tracker. Sleep tracker message, reminder call reminder alarm, clock, heart rate, tracker, 24 hour, instructions, push message, etc. It is compatible with both android and ios. It consumes lower energy. It uses the newest zirconium material. It provides interactive music. It is an amazing smart watch with some amazing features like an 8 megapixel. Dual camera fast face recognition, 50 meters, waterproofing capability, lower energy consumption and many more. It has a 1.6 inch full touch, screen and wi fi hotspots and supports the latest version of android 7.1. It also supports the google app this watch equipped with 3 gigabytes ram and 32 gigabytes rom mt 67′ processor, optimized cpu. It also has a true ip68 waterproof level. It supports video high definition, call it supports jpg, png gif as picture format in mp4 irma’s video format.

It supports mp3 wma flac as audio format. Its application age group as adult and screen resolution is 450 by 450. It also has a world clock in 4g network mode. It has a ceramic case, beautiful material silica, gel band material. It also has a 2200 charging compartment and 450 milliamp hour battery capacity.