, The normal traditional watches are getting out of trend. People do buy the premium traditional watches., But everyone who used to buy midrange watchesRs 2 5K have now started to shift to smart watches.. So weve made this video. Im going to talk about the best smart watches under Rs 10K. According to me. Weve already made a video on the best smart watches under Rs 5K do check it out. But if you want a premium experience in smart watches, then youd have to spend around Rs 5 10K. And Im going to tell you which are the best ones, While making these Best Under series videos. We spend a lot of time efforts in research. Only then we bring the list to you guys.. We also have a minimum criteria benchmark like the other videos.. There should be 4 5 things in a smart watch Like an AMOLED screen if youre spending Rs 8 10K.. Secondly, it should have at least a 14 day. Battery life. Should have a heart rate sensor, SpO2 Monitor.. It should also have GPS support for multiple sports modes. Many watch faces. 5 Honor MagicWatch 2, Its a little old, but at Rs 9999. It has some very good features. Eg. It has a 1.’ AMOLED screen. The factor that differentiates it from the others is that it has 4GB of storage. Swimming with. It wont be a problem as its 5 ATM water resistant.. It has a heart rate, sensor, SpO2, GPS. All of it.

, So overall, looking at its price, looks he Honor. Magicwatch 2 definitely comes at 5., 4 Amazfit GTR 2e. Its most amazing feature as Amazfit claims. It can run for about 24 days under normal use., With heavy usage itll give up to 12 days of usage.. So even if you use it heavily itll go on for 14, 16 days. And thats a big thing. This one has a 1.’ AMOLED screen heart rate sensor: SpO2 90 sports modes. Gps sensor is priced at Rs 9999., So overall in our list its at 4.. If battery is the most important thing for you., Then you should definitely look at it: 3 Amazfit GTS 2e. Its the GTRs brother, where, in the GTR you get a circular dial in the GTS, you get a square dial.. It has a 1.65 AMOLED screen, the largest among all 5 watches in the list.. It has a 14 day battery life with all sensors, like heart rate, SpO2 GPS, along with sports modes, its priced Rs 500 less at Rs 9499 with offers it gets even cheaper., And with that its on 3 in our list., I know youre waiting for the top 2, but do hit LIKE SUBSCRIBE if youre enjoying the video 2 realme Watch S Pro. I really like 2 3 things in this watch. Its realme link app where you get 100 watch faces, so you can put a new one every day for it to look unique. So theres a big collection of watch faces.

And it has a 1.’ AMOLED screen a 14 day battery life, a heart rate sensor, SpO2 GPS, its all there., But the 2 things watch faces. The realme link app do stand out. 1 Mi Watch Revolve Active. If you look at 1 2, they are both similar in features.. This is 1 because of 2 things. It has Alexa integration to talk directly through the watch talking about its sports modes. There are 117 of them. It has a 1.’ AMOLED screen a heart rate sensor. Spo2 GPS, a 14 day battery with 5ATM water resistance., So everything is nice. According to me, the Alexa integration has brought it to 1. Theres.