What i’m here for in this video i’m gon na tell you five best smartwatches you can get for under 5. 000.. Luckily, i’ve reviewed each one of them separately. So if you want more detail on them, you can find the links in the description all right. If this is your first time here subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon, so you never miss an update. Also follow me on my social media handles for more tech info. This is your friend texing let’s get Music started. Now, before i begin, i have to tell you this: no watch is going to be perfect, i’ve rated them. As per my experience, i’ll tell you the pros and cons of each of them and accordingly, you can decide which one you should buy. So let’s begin at number: five is the both storm smartwatch this one actually surprised me: it has a square dial and a plastic frame. A 1.3 inch lcd display with a resolution of 240 by 240 pixels, the color reproduction is decent. It also comes with a heart rate sensor, spo2 sensor and 580m water resistancy rating. It receives phone call alerts, you can only reject the call. There is no way to silent it or answer the call. You also receive message notifications, which you can read on the display. The both pro gear app is decent records, your workouts sleep tracking and the usual stuff. It has a 210 mah battery that gives you about seven to eight days of use now cons.

Now this is a very averagely built device with an average display. It doesn’t have swim tracking and no option to silent calls pros. Are that it’s feature packed for the price? The both storm smartwatch is priced at just 2499. The most value for money smartwatch on this list to know more watch. The full review. Video at number 4 is the realme watch s. It has a round dial with a metal build 1.3 inch lcd display with a resolution of 360 by 360 pixels. The color reproduction is not the best in fact feels washed out at times. Brightness is excellent. Over 600 nits, so clear, crisp images even under direct sunlight. The display has a gorilla glass 3 protection to prevent it from scratches. It has a heart rate sensor, spo2, sensor ip68 rating, so my splashes and wearing it in the rain should be fine not for shower and absolutely not for swimming you’ll receive call alerts. You can reject the call or in fact, if inside the ringer notification alerts, also work well, the real me link app does a decent job. It comes with ‘0 mah battery. That gives you about 10 days of use. Now let’s look at the cons no built in gps average display and might seem a little bulky for those who have thinner wrist. The good thing is excellent: metal built with gorilla glass, 3 protection and it’s feature packed it’s priced at 4999 to know more watch. The full review video now at number 3 is the amazfit verge light.

I was kind of hesitant at first even to add this to the list as it released about five months back, but it has the hardware that many others don’t and that’s. What brings this at number three, so it has a round dial with a plastic build. It looks really sporty 1.3 inch, amoled display with the resolution of 360 by 360 pixels. The colors are unmatchable to any lcd display, vivid and punchy. Blacks are super deep. Also, the text is sharp because of the high ppi. It comes with heart rate, tracking and ip68 rating, so wearing it in the rain or water. Splashes are fine, strictly not recommended for swimming. The biggest plus of the verge light is that it comes with built in gps, so you can map your runs. Without taking a phone with you, you receive call alerts, you can reject a call, you can even silent the ringer. It also receives app notifications. So you can read a part of the message on the display directly. The user interface is colorful and extremely fluid. It comes with ‘0 mah battery that lasts 15 to 18 days. It’S unmatchable. All right, let’s address the cons. Firstly, lack of sp2 sensors, so you can’t measure your blood oxygen levels and it doesn’t look like a premium. Smart watch. The body is thick a little plasticky, but not inferior in any way. So actually i won’t call it a con it’s. Just a matter of preference pros are many, the biggest one being an amoled display.

Then it has a built in gps and 15 days battery life. The price of the amazefit verge light is 499.. If you want to know more watch the full review. So at number two: is the noise color fit pro 3., so it has a square dial along with grey matte finish. It has a polycarbonate body 1.05 inch lcd display with a resolution of 320 by 360 pixels. The color reproduction is actually quite good. The texture is sharp and the bezels are really small on the side. That itself makes it look a lot more premium, there’s, a heart rate sensor, sp, auto sensor, 58mm water resistancy, so you can wear it in a shower in the pool. In fact, it even comes with sim tracking. It comes with a 210 mah battery which should last you over a week. You can receive call alerts. You can only reject an incoming call, there’s, no way to silent the rigor app notifications work. Well, too. No problem works smoothly. The noise fit app is very well designed only thing that was disappointing was lack of good watch faces, but overall everything else you need is here. Let’S talk about the cons no built in gps on board the os isn’t, the most optimized. It feels a little slow at times and now don’t get confused between slow and laggy, also i’m sure that it will get a lot more better with an update. The noise color fit pro 3 is currently selling for four 4499 to know more watch the full review.

Video all right at number, one there’s, another maze fit in the list. The amaze fit vape view. Now it has a square dial with the polycarbonate body. It has a 1.43 inch lcd display with a resolution of 320 by 302 pixels, the color reproduction. Even though lcd is really good, accurate and vivid, the texture is crisp and easy to read. It comes with a heart rate, sensor, sp, auto sensor and 580 watt resistance, and it also has swim tracking. It has over 60 workout modes. The interface is extremely well optimized smooth as silk, you can receive call alerts and you can reject the call or even silence the ringer. If you don’t want to answer it. App notifications work like a charm, you can read most of the messages directly on your watch. The sub companion app is also very well designed, you can add your data from several other accounts like strava google fit and a few more. It has a 225 mah battery that will last you over a week, so the bpu doesn’t have the biggest display in the list. It doesn’t even have the longest battery life, but its performance and experience is the reason it tops this list. It’S light it’s, comfortable, it’s user, friendly, gorgeous watch faces and it’s feature packed. You can buy the amazefit bpu for just ‘999 for that price, it’s. The best smartwatch for your buck, so this was the list guys. I hope this video was helpful if you want to watch full review.

Videos of all these devices that i just mentioned, you’ll find the links in the description along with the purchase links. If you like to buy them, you should definitely check it out. So if there are any questions, feedbacks or complaints mention it down in the comments all are, welcome, don’t forget to like share and subscribe until next time.