First, let’s take a look at the device on the top left. You’Ll see the light key which you’ll use to control the backlight and also access the controls. Menu hold the light key to access the controls menu, which you can use to lock your device set it to do not disturb mode and more below that are the up and down keys. These help you navigate through the different menus data screens and widgets on the top right is the start, stop key which, in addition to starting pausing and stopping timed activities, you’ll use it to make menu selections. Finally, on the bottom right is the back key pressing. It will return you to the previous screen or during timed activities, press it to mark a lap when you turn on your device for the first time, you’ll be prompted to enter your language preference, then it will ask if you want to pair it with your smartphone. If you select, yes, you can pair it in complete device setup through the garmin connect mobile app. If you select no, you can complete the setup on your device and pair with the phone later. If you choose to continue setting up your watch without your smartphone you’ll, now enter your preferred unit of measurement in time format. Finally, you’ll answer a few questions about yourself, such as birth year height and weight before setup is complete, starting on your watch’s time of day screen. You can access all of the features built into forerunner 935, for example press the up or down key to cycle through pre loaded widgets, including heart rate performance, smart notifications and more remember.

You can customize your widget loop by accessing the settings menu more on that in a minute. You can also hold the up key to access the menu right from the time of day screen. Here you can customize your watch, face access, alarms and other settings by scrolling down to settings. You can customize the activities and apps list or widget loop and other preferences press the start key to bring you to the run home screen press the down key to see some of the other activities, 935 supports or press and hold the up key to access the Menu in the menu you can update your preferences for the currently selected activity, such as changing data screens or setting up an alert or for your watch in general. To start an outdoor run, just press start to enter the data screen loop after that you’ll see the data screens. Your watch will vibrate to let you know when gps is ready. This normally takes just a few moments. Press the start key again to begin your activity during the activity you can scroll up or down through the data screens to view important stats like distance time and pace as well as your heart rate. When you’re finished with your activity press stop from here, you can either restart the timer and continue running or scroll down to save your activity. After you save you’ll be shown the achievements you’ve accomplished, such as personal records or a new vo2 max.

Your aerobic and anaerobic training effects scores a suggested recovery time and a summary of what you just accomplished for more information on using your 4runner 935 watch. The other videos in this series – Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, i’m in a sweet spot i’m feeling good the sun is shining. I knew it would the world’s a playground i’m in the clouds. Let me show you what it’s all about check it out check me out just check me. Let me show you what it’s all about check it out Music, so welcome to garma’s training, video series – i’m, marcus, gerhard guys. I i can’t do this it’s 45 degrees out here. Do i have to wear a swimsuit fine, stop complaining, much better let’s jump back into the video today. I want to dip our toes in the water and go over one of our newest products. That’S, a serious purpose built swim device, the garmin swim 2. let’s dive into it as an upgrade from the original garmin swim. The swim2 is a gps smartwatch, completely dedicated to swimmers of all levels and types, if you’re a competitive master or open water swimmer concerned with performance and training, and want a watch that can be used for other activities and everyday wellness data. The swim 2 is for you. The swim. 2 has a slim lightweight form factor with a full color sunlight, readable, display it’s offered in two color combinations slate with black accents or white stone, with black accents, allowing you to match it to your style.

The garmin swim. 2 is making a major splash in the swimming market by building off of its predecessor, the garmin swim. We included more advanced features created for swimmers such as underwater wrist based heart rate and gps for open water swimming it doesn’t stop there. We continued to ride the wave of new features and added advanced swimming features that track distance pace, stroke, count, stroke, type distance per stroke, and so much more so let’s talk about what really sets this watch. Apart from all of our other watches, it has underwater wrist space heart rate. Yes, i said underwater this essential new feature in the swim. Tube consistently provides accurate underwater heart rate data for swimmers on the wrist. Not only can you glance at your heart rate in real time as you swim, but you can also check out your average and max values. As you rest, then, analyze your heart rate, post, swim on garment connect all without a chest, strap. The swim. 2 also has advanced swim features such as auto rest, critical, swim, speed, turn based pacing alerts and drill logging. What does that all mean for a swimmer, great question? Marcus i’m glad you asked auto rest functions will eliminate the need to manually log start and stop when resting, critical, swim, speed or css will analyze the swimmer’s aerobic capacity and determine their training intensity turn based. Pacing alerts help swimmers stay on target with their pace and training goals and drill logging enables tracking of swim time and distance for kicking one arm swimming or sculling drills so compared to the garmin swim.

The swim 2 now covers even more swim features to help you with your training with a swim 2. You can now take your swim workout outside of the pool with our open water swim mode, not an outdoor swimmer, no problem. The current basic swim features in the original garment swim will be included alongside the innovative new features for the swim 2. Allowing you to create your own custom pool swim workouts on the garmin connect online community. Did i mention that you can wear this watch all the time. That’S right. The swim2 gives you all day, wearability with connected features such as smart notifications for incoming texts and calls automatic uploads to our garmin connect online community, and since it has onboard gps, you can even use it outside the pool for basic cardio, cycling and running activities. To top it off, you can manage your overall health and maximize your training with the wellness monitoring features such as all day stress, tracking and advanced sleep monitoring to go along with an impressive battery life. You’Ll get up to seven days in smart watch mode. Three days in pool swim with heart rate mode are 13 hours in gps with heart rate mode. This smart watch has style and functionality, so, as you can see, the garmin swim 2 has a medley of uses for every swimmer, but don’t just take my word for it. If you’re, a competitor, high, achiever or trailblazer and swimming, is your primary fitness activity check it out today, swim anywhere, train everywhere with garmin swim.

2. The gps swimming smartwatch! Hey thanks for taking time to learn a bit more about the garmin swim 2.. If you enjoyed what you saw today, don’t forget to hit the like button below and if you want to see similar videos in the future, smash that subscribe button and make sure to turn that bell on for now that’s all i’ve got.