They are everything in one, a fitness tracker for getting healthier, a digital valid and in some cases it can act as a phone. Even if your smartphone is nowhere nearby smartwatches have gone beyond fitness tracking and now have health features that can save your life. They can detect elevated heart rate alerts and automatically connect you to emergency services. If you fall electrocardiogram and blood oxygen, readings are a perks of certain premium models too, to help you out in choosing the best smartwatch for you, we have made a list of top 5 best smart watches that you can consider to buy in 2021., so which one You like the most from this video. Please comment in the comments hit the like button to share this video and don’t forget to subscribe. My channel, please hit the like button to share this video and don’t forget to subscribe. My channel garmin venue, the best smartwatch from garmin garmin venue, is one of the best smartwatch that garmin has ever put out with its grease oled display and long battery life. It is also one of the best smart watches you can buy right now. In 2021. All the new models come with the garmin pay, support, onboard storage for offline music, roughly 5 day battery life and, of course, plenty of great fitness features. So let me tell you the reasons why you should consider the smartwatch in 2021 by the smartwatch for its crisp oled screen with an always on display garmin pay, which is very convenient feature.

Music storage is standard 5 day of battery life, unique breathe, work exercises, accurate fitness and health tracking and it’s very useful feature is accurate, sleep tracking. Let me tell you the reasons to avoid this smartwatch, the smartwatch. The screen is not so responsive sometime and the price is also high and also it has got limited app support. If you really want to buy this smart watch, please check the links given in the description links are provided for the various countries. You can check the price and ability of the smart watchers in your country and buy it from there. Tick watch pro 3. The best rear, os smartwatch mobile’s new tick watch. Pro 3 is the first smartwatch with the qualcomm’s new snapdragon vr4100 chipset. This is coupled with 1gb of ram, makes for overall good performance and stellar battery life, while some of the materials seem a little cheap. The mobio deckwatch pro 3 is still our pick for the best wear os smartwatch that you can consider to buy in 2021.. It is still a little lower on our best modes release, because vros is not the favorite os of many of the smartwatch users. Let me tell you the reasons why you should consider this smartwatch in 2021, by the smartwatch for its great battery life, zippy performance and dual display is an added advantage and a great attractive feature of the smartwatch. The design is also improved and looks very attractive and also it has got a very accurate heart rate sensor.

Let me also tell you the reasons to avoid the smart wall. The companion app is not so good. Weir os needs a refresh inaccurate sleep and fitness tracking, and it has got a very cheap, looking, strap and also it is less durable than the previous model. Fitbit versa. 3. The best fitbit smartwatch for most people fitbit warsaw 3 – is the best smart watch from fitbit. That you can buy right now in 2021 – it’s, not the most technically advanced, but it is the one smartwatch that most people should purchase when seeking out a new variable. Versa, 3 strikes the right balance between a smart watch and fitness tracker and all, and it is also a advanced workout variable. It has both google assistant and amazon alexa built built in fitbit based support and on board music storage. It is also an all round: fantastic fitness tracker and even boost on board gps for runners and cyclists. Versa. 3 is also cheaper than the fitbit sense, which is a fitbit’s other flagship smartwatch. The extra sensor in the sense likely are not useful enough to move people to warrant a big price increase, making the versa 3 the best pick over the versa sense. Let me tell you the reasons to consider this smart watch by this smartwatch for its decent battery life, pretty accurate health tracking built in gps, google assistant and alexa support speakers with a phone call support, and it has got a very attractive price.

The reasons to avoid this smartwatch are, it has got a very small, app library, onboard music, limited to two services, and the capacity button is not ideal. Samsung galaxy watch 3, the best android smartwatch, the samsung galaxy watch 3 is one of the best smart watches that you can buy right now. If you want to buy an android smart watch, the hardware is top notch. The rotating bezel is useful and intuitive battery life is very good and has a plenty of fitness and health tracking features. Samsung’S, gps and heart rate, sensors can be quite off at times, and those coming from a veeros or apple watch will likely find the lack of third party application to be a letdown. Let me tell you the reasons to consider the smartwatch buy the smartwatch for its fantastic display and rotating bezel, thinner and lighter design very good, two day battery life, and it has got advanced running matrix that that can be very useful. Also, it has got useful sleep, tracking and insights. The reasons to avoid this smartwatch are gps and hr. Sensors can be inaccurate. Sometimes there is no mst payments with the samsung pay. Big price increase over the original galaxy watch, which is a very disappointing thing, and the setup process for non samsung phones is a apple watch series 6. Overall. The best smart watch in 2021 apple watch. Series 6 is the best smartwatch you can buy. It has unmatched. First and third party application support receives regular major software updates and has tight integration with apple’s messaging application.

It is really the gold standard for what a smartwatch should be it’s. Also one heck of a fitness tracker heart rate monitoring is more accurate than other wrist based heart rate, sensors and gps performance is solid. We do think apple’s new sleep tracking metrics are too basic, but you can always download a third party sleep tracking app. If you need it, if you are interested in apple’s watch, but don’t want to pay for the series 6, you can also go for the apple watch. Se the reasons to buy this smart watch are, it has got a premium design and accessories are very good. Big bright screen with always on display stellar heart rate, monitoring, accurate and reliable gps, and it has got unmatched app support. The reasons to avoid the smartwatch are, it has got a sleep tracking, which is too basic battery life could have been better and there is no third party watch faces provided, so these are some of the best smart watches that you can consider to buy in 2021. So which one you like the most please comment in the comment section if you like the video please hit the like button, do share this video among your friends and don’t forget to subscribe.