So in the cons, uh metal finish, so it is only silicon and plastic another that is one less than four thousand so with the amaze fit you and the next patient uh noise fit endure, so noise fit into your patina Music, eight hundred and sixty nine, which Is good but number of reviews coming on because which is a sort of a given, but in the particular similarly 240 plus 240 pixels camera control. Of course, the watch faces water resistance and five days battery life. It actually was a company water, resistant, Music, 2265. and the price patina 4499. So under our budget, this is also a fantastic watch and foreign uh. Once again, mobile business lane they’re doing good watch business like they’re doing good. So in the watch real me watch s. So 1.3 inch uh coming number of reviews um, but the watch paco city uh uses uh. The review series i felt in the watch was superb in the real me watch s and in the noise color fit nav that is nav with the render these were the standout watches. If you ask me under there – and i really may watch episode 8 now – 4 9 – that is one less than 5000, which is also under our budget. So thanks for watching i’ll see you soon.