I bet lumina, is in there Music Music. All right! I need to do this for jessica’s sake, Music, Music. All right! I need to do this for jessica’s sake, Music! Leave it to me, Music, of course, that was the last of them don’t get too comfortable, though Music, Music, that’s, the whole fairy was talking about right. How are we supposed to get over there? Oh right, i forgot you can’t fly. I think i can use the residual mana power in the waterfall to get you over. There let’s give it a try Music, we did Music, Music, um Music too bad. Give it to me not too bad, if i do say so: myself: Music, Music, so Music, such power, Music, Music watch out for the enemies! Is it over that’s, disappointing, Music, huh, okay, Music? What Music so Music? You wish you’d, never cross paths with us Music. Of course, Music, i was great: Music huh has returned Music, huh Music. That was the last of them: Music, Music, good Music. This can’t be the elemental we’re. Looking for right, you have got to be kidding. No, this isn’t the elemental we’re. Looking for it’s a giant monster, so why do i feel mana power coming off of it steal the mana power it doesn’t matter? We need to take care of this first right, Music, this one’s, suzy, Music, Applause, Music, Music, Music. Give me a second to clean this up: Music, of course, Music.

What is that? Hey, o looking for lumina that’d, be me nice to meet ya a pleasure and thanks for releasing me from the belly of that full metal mimi. Am i right? Who knows what would have happened if you hadn’t come very filled me in on your plight? While you were fighting, telepathy is great huh, just like fairy. We elementals need mana to live i’ll help. However, i can to make sure we save the mana of the world Music. Where is the light stone it’s straight up from here deep within the old ruins, but you can’t exactly get there from here. Oh no! No! No! It’S, safe, though, for now at least it’s. So unstable it seems like the benevolent could be unsealed at any minute. We got ta, get the rest of the elementals on board and open the portal to the Music sanctuary. Huh.