But this is exactly how they look. Um i’ll just show it up so that you can have a better idea of how these watches look. I really like the ticwatch pro because it is really rough and tough. I use it on a daily basis, not the fossil. I use it, but not too much exchange fossil has got good, looks and it’s got good performance. Initially it was laggy, but after the software update it was very smooth. I have not loaded anything on both of the watches. The storage is uh, not that great on fossil it’s less. I think it’s 1gb, however, on techwatch it’s 4gb. That is there. So you can store quite a number of songs and you can play directly on that because if you load few songs the storage is gone. So i’ve not loaded anything on the on on the watch on both of the watch. I use it directly from my phone so both since both of them use where os watch what i’ve done is. I have installed various on my watch on which the video is getting captured and there is an app for this was tick watch pro 3 mob boy. You directly connect it and you can start using it that’s nothing, but it shows you basic functionalities. Your call recording you can record your voice as well on this all right. However, you i don’t think so you can record on on fossil gen 5 there’s a separate app given in thickwatch pro, but you cannot use google pay on tick watch, because the reason for me to tell you specifically is because it was.

It was shown that you can use google pay when it was advertised in in us, but i’m, not really sure, because when i try to use it, didn’t work i’m, not really sure. If, if that has been used or you can use it, when i google – i checked it was it said that you cannot use google pay on techwatch pro in india, so i’m, not really sure whether it can be usable in thickwatch pro the one which i am Doing a review you will, you can use it in india, but when i try to use it didn’t work, so i just let it go, but using it on a daily basis. It’S been four months, i don’t have an issue. I use sleep tracking. I do fitness tracking walking, uh more of walking and more of sleep tracking, heartbeat and i’ve not used other things as of now but yeah. I have started using this. Stick watch pro 3 on a daily basis. This costed me around 26 27 000 rupees from amazon packaging came very nice. They had that bubble bubble, wrap done inside so that it does. Let us not damage during the delivery, so the packaging was done nice. Obviously, when you’re paying so much, i think you you expect that kind of uh packaging. But then i am very satisfied with tic watch uh pro 3., the the glass. They say that it is uh, it is uh um, corning, gorilla, glass.

It is toughened because when i was using monday uh, i got it behind couple of times and if my camera is doing justice, you would able to see a small scratch over here. So this is how it looks. You can change the face. I’Ve kept dual uh time display on on the watch, and this is exactly how this thing looks just to give you an overview. Uh it’s got a dial which gives you minutes and seconds minutes information. This is how it looks. Uh do not consider the belt because i change the belt now these are the the sensors, not the connectors, so these are the sensors for your heart rate and sleep and all the other things. However, the connector is over here. The battery charging is over here now. I’Ll show you the battery charging as well, because that is way different than fossil gen. 5. Now i am very happy with thick watch. I was looking out for tick watch to come up and really when it was released. I got it now. This is. This is also heavy, but then there are only two sensors, and this is the connecting ring now and talking about the charging charging point. It is just a simple usb, a on one side, this connection and the the connector is like this, so it just snaps in and gets charged. This is how it sits and it’s get charged all right now. The the charger for tick watch pro is way different than than the fossil watch.

I will just keep this aside, for now seems like they are up for sale, but don’t call me if, if you want to buy this, just let me know i will give you the link or share the link just comment on this video and i will show You the tick watch charging wire here is the thick charging board a normal type, a port on one side. The cable is flat wire all right. It is flat wired, unlike the cable, which is circled, rounded. The ticwatch pro 3 has a flat wire cable, normal flapper. This doesn’t get tangled easily, but the connector is different. I don’t know what sort of connector you call it, but this is how the connector is. So this is magnetized this snaps in like this and the the the magnets are really strong. You can. You can see you look at this look at the way it is, it is holding the watch that is really powerful magnet and it gets charged now the time taken to charge. This tick watch takes a pretty long time, maybe roughly around two hours. Well, fossil gets charged within 40 minutes or within one hour, tick watch if it is totally drained, it takes a lot of time, but when fully charged, it lasts for three days i’m. Happy on that i’m really happy with both of them, but this has become my primary driver. Click watch pro 3 have done a good job. This is not a paid video from trick watch honestly, because i am completely new to youtube honestly, but, as you can see, this is how it snaps that this is how it is it’s a little bit different, just this portion, and that is how it’s not get Snaps into the charging uh point for dickwatch now there just to let everyone know i’m, pretty sure that there are other watches which have been released.

The real me watch the huawei watch. I really didn’t went for them because if i have to install any app on this or on this, you just go to the google web app store and get the get. The app installed say, for example, watch faces or anything like that, any of you, but on huawei it is not. It is limited to the app which is there in in in that watch. It is. It is just limited to the apps, so i was not really sure whether should i go for that, because we’ve been using google for a long time and i didn’t wanted to go for apple apple watch because it’s way way too expensive. You don’t know what gives me a apple. I watch apple i watch so might as well went for uh going an android based watch, because i i use as an android. Smart watch a smartphone so i’m going to end this video in in some. While, if you have any questions anything about these two watches, do let me know tick watch a big thumbs up, because it is really good. I will give you a physical overview again. This is how it looks the width, the width of both of them. You see this i’m not really sure how much mm this is, but then, when you’re buying it, you can just make sure you check out the specifications. I don’t remember the specification now it’s been a while thickness.

I think this is thick because you see this. The judge – i am just showing you things, what i have so thickness is this is how it is. I think this is. This is a little bit bigger in terms of thickness, so let me know which one which one, if given a chance or if given a choice which watch, would you prefer um from both of them, fossil gen, 5. The middle button is a crown if you rotate it, the menu will rotate. Both of them are touch screen. Both of them are touch screen again. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. I like both of them, so i got both of them. I know it. It burned my pocket but i’m just giving you and the information which i have you know uh, based on the on the usage that i have done. Fossil is really good in performance. Both of them are really good in performance, but lacks big time on battery this scores high marks on battery, because once when you charge, if you put on the essential mode, you don’t have to look for a week’s time. You can just use the basic information, which is there, which i showed you on the on the on the screen. Now, if i have to go back to the basic screen as in the essential mode, i will enable the essential mode right in front of you. You see this essential mode, essential mode i’m, going to click on that this comes up.

It gives you the battery percentage. It gives you this warning pop up. You click on, yes, it’s gone boom. It is like this, so this saves a lot of battery, but when you turn it, this saves a lot of battery. But when you tilt it race to wake up, is there race to wake up? Is there on both of them, which is which is an added feature? If it is there on your watch, it is good because every time you will not bend yourself on the angle where the watch is sitting, so you will have to raise the watch right. So, if race to wake up feature is there, it will be good. It is 5 15 on both the watch it’s sunday evening. I have taken enough time off all my friends. Have your tea? Have your good time and enjoy the day give a thumbs up subscribe to. My channel gives me a support i’m going to add more videos. If you have any questions, do write to me. I may be late with my response honestly, but i would respond.