Is it worth 47 pounds or dollars of your money? Let’S find out the euron comes in a choice of five colors, including the standard space grey in this review. The 1.1 inch display, surrounded by a round watch face with two physical buttons on the right side. The euron aircraft grade aluminium body measures, a diameter of 44 millimeters and a thickness of 12.9 millimeters it’s, a nice balanced size for small to large risk around the rear. There are magnetic contacts for charging and a heart rate sensor. The plastic strap is made of silicon, making it durable and perfect for sporty use in the month and a half of testing it. The watch is comfortable to wear 24 7, including sleeping with it and running. The strap itself is easy to put on with one hand, thanks to the lightweight 29 grams. My only small bug bear is the loop kept coming off on my small risk. The good news is the 22 millimeter straps are easily removable and can be swapped out for new ones. The round color tft lcd touch display with a screen size of 1.1 inches is bright and clear, whether you’re, using it indoors or outside running with it. The touchscreen has a 2.5 d tempered glass with the anti anti fingerprint coating. The bezel was quite thick compared to the display dimensions. There’S three brightness levels that you can set on the watch itself to conserve battery life. You can set how long the display stays on when you turn it on from 5 seconds to 30 seconds.

Umi digit gives you a choice of four watch faces, depending on your mood. Unfortunately, there’s no option to download any more faces through the app or via third party makers. Wireless connectivity is, via bluetooth, 5 to connect to the pi active app at this price point. There is no mobile payment system like google pay or 4g lte via sim slot. The watch os version 1.03 runs smoothly when swiping around the choices available to you. Most of the navigation is done with your finger, but there are two physical buttons on the side. The top button is a shortcut to the 18 sports modes and health features. The lower button is a shortcut to the settings options. You can set up vibration, notifications on the pi active app when your phone rings or texts you also. There is a list of communication apps like wechat, twitter, telegram, whatsapp and twitter there’s, also options to check weather forecasts, control, music player and camera shutter from the watch. The pi active app is fairly straightforward to install for your android or ios device. Once you bind it to the watch via bluetooth, it synchronizes your watch data to the app and allows you to set certain options on a you run, watch stats wise. The app provides the usual fitness features like number of steps, calories burnt, heart rate, sleep monitoring, blood, oxygen, blood pressure and fitness data. Naturally, you can drill down each of those categories to see more stats for the week month or year.

Everything is app driven, so there’s no web version to view the data, but you can upload your run or walk to google fit or strava the. U run has 18 sports modes to monitor, including the main ones like running walking, cycling and more recently, indoor swimming. That was added with the january 2021 update. The euron supports three different positioning systems in gps, glonass and bedo, locking into two of the satellite systems and combining them to give accurate gps tracking accuracy. In reality, the gps locked into the satellite positioning really well about 11 seconds to lock onto the gps outdoors here in the uk, plus the added bonus of leaving your phone behind when you want to go for a run or long cycle. The gps accuracy was excellent throughout testing, especially coming from a budget smart watch. Naturally, the results can be uploaded onto the pi active app and you can eagle eye over the stats. The main start of the show on the fitness side is the blood oxygen sp02. Monitoring of the level of blood oxygen saturation, indicative figure of less than 95 percent, is considered low and could lead to health conditions. A secondary benefit of spo2 monitoring is in this coveted world we live in. It could give early warning of potential covert, breathing difficulties. Unfortunately, sp02 monitoring is manually activated and not in real time. However, the good news is heart rate. Monitoring is in real time. 24. 7.. Like any smart watch stats.

You have to take the figures with a little pinch of salt in terms of accuracy. The? U run reminders, allow you to set intervals to take your medication, drink water sleep and get up to do some exercise. The eu run is 5 atm, waterproof or 50 meters, while swimming or snorkeling, no more worrying when the heavens open, while you’re out jogging, just don’t, expect to go. Scuba diving with it. Battery life is around six days with general use expect that to decrease. If you intend to use the gps for walking or running activities, charging with the usb magnetic connector takes approximately two and a half hours. The umi did you run for 47 pounds or 47 dollars is a bargain of a fitness sports. Smart watch, one of the first at this aggressive price point to provide full gps tracking and blood oxygen monitoring alongside abundance of other useful features that we could take all day to talk about. The watch is comfortable to wear 24 7. Even when you go to bed thanks to the replaceable, silicone, straps and lightweight, the display, ok could be large in diameter. It’S, clear and easy to read both indoors and outside the two physical buttons are useful, but not intuitive to navigate with, for example, i expected the second button to go back on a menu option, but it doesn’t battery life is almost a week with general usage, which Is practical without being a slave to a charging point? Don’T expect fast charging at this price point one to leave overnight to charge.

If you do the odd run or two it’s great to know it actually syncs up with google fit or strava unheard of in a budget, smart watch of this price, the biggest weakness, is the pi active app. It frequently disconnects from the watch leaving you to pray that the bluetooth reconnects to the euro with a restart of your phone. This also means the reminders on your watch sometimes will work and other times stop working due to the bluetooth disconnections. The navigation on the app could be more user friendly, especially when you’re used to the big players like fitbit or garmin, for example, there’s nowhere to change from metric to imperial units, or vice versa, on the app and watch. If you can live with the app and disconnections the umidigi, u run is a steal for someone who’s after a fully featured smart watch with gps tracking and blood oxygen monitoring at a price that won’t break the bank. What you guys think leave your comments and discuss below hope. You guys enjoyed the review of the ume digi euron gps smartwatch. Please click on the like button.