Today we’re going to be doing unboxing on umidagi. U run smartwatch what’s going on everyone! This your boy kevin! Today we got a smart watch that we’re going to be reviewing in front of me. I got the new unidaggy smartwatch it’s called you run. The cost of this one is around 40 and if you decide that you want to buy this after this review, the cheapest place that i found it was on aliexpress. You can pick it up from uh, amazon or ebay, but it’s gon na be more money. What we’re gon na do today, we’re gon na be unboxing. This and we’re gon na see how’s the quality and we’re gon na go through the features, but before we start this video guys, please don’t forget to smash that subscribe button. There’S a little bill right in the corner. Make sure you press that so every time i make a new video you’ll get a reminder that’s how the box looks like guys and if you guys can see it says umidagi right there and the name of it is right. There you run let’s open. This let’s see what’s inside first, so you get a cable and it’s going to be magnetic ones, just stick it on and your charge, and you get manual book in english and chinese and nothing else inside put that away let’s see the watch. Let me show you guys: first, the charger how it works, so you grab this and it should be sticky right there, yeah that’s, how you charge it and you can stick this any usb plug that’s how you charge this.

You see too much smart watches with square on my screen. This one’s got the nice screen and his unisex so it’s for woman and man and it’s really light like i’m telling you guys very light, and this one is water and dust resistant. So you can go swimming with it, you can wash dishes with it, take it into the shower and etc. Looks very, very nice. Guys and it’s got two buttons right here and if you guys can see that’s the screen right there and the strap looks pretty strong. It’S not like those cheap straps, let me put it on so i’ll show you guys how it feels like feels really good, and i actually did use this watch at the gym. I tried it before. I did this review for you guys and i was impressed with this watch for the price, because it’s got so many features you can do treadmill. You can do your gym, you can do your running, you can do your swimming and goes on and on and on and if you guys can see that’s how it looks like when you have it on very light, very comfortable and to uh connect this watch. Obviously you need to download the app and the app is right here. You can download this from play store, so you download that set it up and that’s it very easy to do now. Let’S go look at this watch closer, so you guys can see it better and we’re gon na go through all the features.

First of all, i’m gon na wait. This watch for you guys, so you guys can see how light this watch is grab. It put it right, there put it on here: 43 grams, that is so light, so that’s the back of the watch. I told you guys to charge it. You grab this, stick it right there and i guess this is where it takes your heart rate, and you got your on button right there. Let me show you guys boom. It says umidagi so that’s how you turn it on the settings. So you got running boom. That’S how you started so now. I can run you’ll. Tell me how many kilometers i’m going and it’ll tell you your heart rate and etc very cool. You want to stop it. You go right, there, press this and it’s done same with walking. You got your bicycle. Let’S go up again, then you got your treadmill, you got your walk in then you got your hiking climate and river bed motion. Then you got the elliptical. You got your football, you got your basketball, uh, tennis, yoga and dance and training. So if you want to go through another features, you just click this there’s, your sports and there’s. Your sport data click. This you’ll bring you back again, then you got your status. You got your sleep, so you can monitor your sleep. You can monitor your heart rate. Your o2 go up again. You got your alarm, you got your messages, so you can get messages from your phone and to this.

So if you’re uh at a gym, someone messages you you’ll show up right there. Then you got your music, so you can control your music through. Here too, you got your weather, so you can always know what’s the weather. You got your flashlight let’s go to flashlight. That turns to a flashlight guys. So look at that at nighttime. Obviously, you can see a little bit. You got ta find so you can find my phone. Then you got your timer, you got your stopwatch. You got your shutter let’s go to shutter right there. You got your compass and you got your setting. You got your display, so you can uh put different style that you want. You can go through this stuff, this stuff, this stuff, just leave it at that. Then you got your time and you got your vibration, so you can set it up low high medium. Your key, you got your reminder and you got your system for system. You can reset it, you can shut it down, you can bounding go up and you can restore very cool lots of features for their little price honestly for the price. Can’T go wrong with this watch there’s. Obviously so many watches up there less price than this, but this one, the quality of it, is really good. Very nice design, very light and very comfortable to wear and it’s got a lot of features personally for the price. I think is a steal you guys.

Let me know in the comments what you guys think about this watch and please please don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and i’m going to catch.