This is adam from family pop tv. Today, we’re gon na do a tech review of humidity euron s. This is the upgraded version of previous humidity. You watch don’t forget to like share and subscribe. Our channel family pop tv umidigi has unveiled a brand new sports smartwatch series at the end of 2020 called euron. I would recommend sticking around if you’re picking this up first impression of the unpack it doesn’t feel cheap. I’M. Pretty impressed with the quality nice circular watch face looks very premium with the nice finish on the side and the bottom Music. We got here the sensors at the bottom and the magnetic charge pins from the charging port and it comes with a dedicated charging. Usb cable, with the magnetic pins on one end and standard usb. At the other end, the euron fitness tracker is compatible with most smartphones with bluetooth, 4.0 or higher euron watch using a dedicated, app called pi active, which is compatible with both android and ios for iphone. The screen of the smartwatch is a 1.1 inch circular, tft lcd touch display with resolution 240 by 240 pixels for the clarification as the body’s circular. The display screen underneath is also circular and is protected by curved glass but onto fingerprint coating. I definitely prefer this round touch screen over the square screen and the middle it just looks good. Let me know what you think in the comments below brightness of the screen is, i would say, very sufficient.

The brightness can be adjusted in settings and it’s got three brightness levels, and this is the maximum. Now in comparison to apple watch, the screen is as bright as apple watch screen. The screen is very responsive and i, like it euron s screen, also offers some degree of customization we’ve got here. Four watch faces built in and here the watch faces are called dials, so you can pick your favorite watch face either through the app or the smartwatch screen and it changes instantly. Euron, a neuron s uses the same advanced pixar’s ppg sensors, which can measure your heart rate efficiently in real time day and night. You will receive a reminder if your heart rate exceeds the range which you set manually. Humidity. Euron has got a pretty big list of features. You can track several exercises, as it has 17 sport modes which is running walking, cycling, thread, mill, speed, walking or power, walking, stationary biking and that’s me during these tests, hiking climbing rowing badminton, elliptical or crosstrainer football basketball, tennis, yoga dancing and my favorite weightlift workout. It hasn’t got an automatic exercise detection so before exercising you’ll have to switch the exercise tracker manually. However, it does detect when you sleep and when you wake up, so it will catch your full sleeping pattern. Urine sports watch can count your steps, calories, burned and kilometers traveled. The watch does the health monitoring as well. It will create graphs to provide visible health data for you to know your own physical conditions easier.

It records your workouts on pay active app which can offer you a complete guide during training to help crush your fitness goals. As i mentioned earlier, you can track and measure your heart rate. 24. 7. You could also do it from the app it’s got step counter or pedometer. You could track your blood oxygen levels and monitor your blood pressure. It’S got drink reminder. This is adjustable manually through the app i personally love. This feature. It’S got a calorie counter, remote control of music and cameras, it’s got medication, reminder it’s, got menstrual cycle calculation for women, and this also had to be set up manually in the app it’s got compass. As you see humidity, you run. Sports watch bring in a multiple practical functions to help you keep healthy and track the progress. Once you have the smartwatch connected to your smartphone in pi, active app via bluetooth, you can choose to switch on notification for most communicating apps like facebook, whatsapp skype, twitter, instagram and many more. In addition, it offers alarm clock stopwatch, find phone call, rejection and five days weather forecast, it’s got camera, shutter sync function, but i personally don’t use it. The high intensity lithium battery allows you to use the watch longer. You should have about 14 days of battery life between the charging, assuming you’ll use the watch heavily every day or up to 40 days. If you’re like me and you use just the basic watch functions so battery life depends only on how much you use the screen.

To be honest, the full battery charge takes around two and a half hours summary and conclusion: this is a tech review of humidity euron s. If you would like to get a gps functionality built in there’s, a gps version of this smartwatch called just urum. I like to add that if you don’t want to spend a ton on expensive apple watch, humidity, euron s would be a great option to consider with so many similar devices currently available on the market. What differs uran is the high level of functions an attractive price. This is something which helps this product to stand out if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable smart watch that has 5 atm waterproof rating and it’s compatible with android and iphone smartphones as well, then look no further. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, then you’ll love the humidity euron s. If you want to pick up the smartwatch, you could find a link in the video description. If you got any questions, please put them in the comments, and i will answer it. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and if you’re new to the channel, please consider subscribing for more tech reviews like this one.