Today we have another affordable, smart watch with so many great options that can be very useful for your daily lifestyle. This is umidigi. You run smartwatch review. Product link is in the description below and without further ado. Let’S get started. Well, it came inside this plain white cardboard packaging. In terms of the unboxing experience, you will get the watch itself on the top printed instruction guide and last magnetic usb charging cable let’s get into the design, build quality and the look now on the front. We have 44 millimeter dial diameter and 12.9 millimeter dial thickness. It is weight about ‘ grams, which case is made out from aluminium alloy for long last use you get 1.1 inches round, tft color lcd screen with 240 by 240 pixel resolutions. Furthermore, it is not an edge to edge display. However, you can control the brightness level as well as screen timeout. It can be perfectly read in any lighting conditions and touch response is decent, but not super smooth. The screen made out from tempered glass with anti fingerprint coating for durable use, two buttons on the right side, together with touchscreen, allows navigation much easier between functions. Back of the watch. You will find the optical heart rate sensor and magnetic charging connector watch. Strap is very flexible and it is about 22 millimeters in size. An adjustable strap covers my wrist nicely, and also a lot left over so should be fine for bigger wrists as well.

Straps can be easily removable and you can purchase different colors thanks to the standard dimensions. It is comfortable to wear and can be used for longer periods. The one i got is ice white, but it is available in space, gray, rose, gold, titanium, gray and ocean green. Furthermore, the buckle made from metal – you can see the umidigi name on it. You can enable it up to show the word face when racing up the wrist. This watch has 280 milliamp rechargeable battery inbuilt. That gives you about 40 days of standby time and about 10 days of battery life in daily use. However, it takes about two and a half hours to fully charge from zero to hundred percent. You can swipe the screen to enter the different interfaces. As an example. Swipe down will brings you the shortcut interface that will allow you to customize the watch quickly and easily. Having says that this watch comes with four different pre loaded word faces. Furthermore, you can see your step count heart rate among the time, and you can simply switch between word faces by long pressing on the display, which is 5 atm waterproof. So it can go up to 50 meters, which means it can withstand all your daily activities. And you can also wear it while swimming. This watch comes with heart rate, sensor, blood, oxygen level, sensor, blood pressure sensor and sleep tracker, which shows deep sleep, light sleep, so you can get an idea to improve your sleep quality.

Well. This watch connects over bluetooth, 5.0 and setting up with my iphone is pretty straightforward, simply scan the qr code and download the smart app which available in both ios and android app stores once it’s installed. You can create your own personal profile following the on screen instructions. Then you can pair the new device over the bluetooth, then the data sync will start over between two devices. Furthermore, you can update the software using the app once it’s completely sync, you can check all your activity. Data like step count, color account sleep, tracking and heart rate data and your workout and exercise data through the app. Furthermore, you can sync with third party apps like strava and apple health app. This watch comes with 17 different sports modes like running hiking, climbing and cycling. However, thanks to the inbuilt gps and dual satellite positioning system, it can track where you run and get accurate distance and pace. Furthermore, it will detect body movement and monitor real time heart rate measure calorie burn when doing exercise. However, you can customize how you want to perform your activity like target distance amount of calories. You want to burn. Furthermore, this watch will vibrate to remind of incoming calls sms emails and social media apps like whatsapp and facebook. You can choose which app that you want to send the notification to the watch. Apart from our features mentioned earlier, this watch has a flashlight, which means the screen turns into complete white color.

Also, you get weather app. A digital compass find phone option, an alarm clock, camera, remote, shutter and last music controller. Having says that, overall, i think the quality and the functionality of this watch is well worth and it is still in the budget range. This is perfect for someone who looking for simple design but still can help to improve a healthy lifestyle for affordable price. So with all that being said, many thanks to umidigi for sending these out for review, and, if you like, the video, let me know in the comment section below, as i can do more budget friendly reviews like these also hit the like button.