The model is euron it’s, a woman’s smartwatch with a built in gps and also acts as a fitness tracker. Well, most smartwatches acts as a fitness tracker. Now i like the design of it, it’s very stylish, with excellent, build quality as well. It has a lot of features packed into it and it’s also a budget price smart watch, so i want to go through the features and then i will tell you if it’s worth purchasing one or not now inside the box, you’ll get a magnetic charging cable. So all you have to do is place this at the back. It will automatically connect, connect this to the socket and start charging up, and it does charge up pretty quickly, probably less than, and now i will give you a full charge. I’Ve just put it put on charge, i think it was only half an hour. I get it from zero to 65 percent, so charging was pretty good. It also comes with a user manual here now for those who struggle to find the app most of the information is on the booklet. Otherwise, if it’s in a different language, but most of the times is english, then it goes in various other languages as well. So if you go here, if you go close up, you can see that it’s called pi active, so that’s the app that you need to download once you download it, you get you get hold of the rest of the features built into the app now it works With ios or android, with android has to be 4.

4 system, or above or ios, 8.0 version or above to operate, otherwise it won’t operate properly. It also has other features that it goes through inside the user menu, so the user manual is pretty um useful to go through and how to change their watch faces, etc. But i’ll show you all those as well now. The build quality is amazing because it has the amazing aircraft grade aluminium metal, metal, build quality. Here we have a nice silicon, strap very comfortable to wear as well, very slim uh with a long, lasting battery life as well. He also has a built in gps compass and a blood oxygen spo2 plus he has a 24 7 heart rate monitor built into this. He also has a multi gns support and that’s a highly precise gps tracker built into this, so it won’t give you those inaccurate and gps tracking options there, because some smart watches doesn’t give you the accurate gps tracking, whereas this one has this um feature where you Would give you that precise gps tracking also it has 17 smart sports mode i’ll, show you all those sports mod as well? Let me go on it. So if you press this button, the bottom one here it goes straight to the sports mode and you go to run, walk you’ve, got you’ve, got run, walk cycle, treadmill, walk in bike, hike, climb, roar, badminton, elliptical, football, basketball, tennis and yoga dance and train. So you got a lot of um sports mode built into this now.

It also has a waterproof feature. 5 atm waterproof feature so a bit of water going on here when you’re going for a drug, etc, it won’t get damaged and the weight of this is only 269 grams, so it’s really lightweight that’s, without the strap. By the way, just this bit here, it’s, it weighs 269 grams, so it’s, not that heavy it’s, really lightweight with this added well still want to be less than 300 grams anyways. It doesn’t really add that much weight to it with their strap, because that’s, a really lightweight the screen size is 1.1 inch. Color ftft, lcd touchscreen and the touchscreen works perfectly as well. So if i go back um a lot of other features that you need to control, you need to download the app like the heart rate, monitor there measuring um. These are empty data that needs to connect once it’s connected to your smartphone and control the music and calories. Now, if you go uh, let me go back. If you go down this way, you’ve got other options, there alarm clock, uh, they find my phone etc and then you’ve got settings here now. If you call things it has the display settings that’s where you can change the watch faces. So if you press this, you got different watch faces to choose from so i’ll choose that and you’ve got a brightness asleep show time there. Now, if i go back to it, you got time vibration key reminders and it also has the system as well.

So if you go to the system go to restart mode there, you go the shutdown mode, binding mode and restore mode okay. So let me go back to it and you could thereby about mode that gives you information about this watch and the version is operating in so that’s all the features that he has packed into this and it has a built in 280 mah battery capacity, and that Gives you around 10 days of usage time after a full charge at 40 days standby time and roughly it would take around less than two hours to give you a full charge, so that’s pretty good. It has notifications as well. Sleep monitors were built into this watch and it has health reminder menstrual cycle reminder sedentary reminder that it has the remote shutter as well music and camera control. It also has a small flashlight in the dark, so the screen just goes um pure white and when you’re in dark – and it just gives you that small light there as well – and it also has the stop porch and the timer built in as well so considering It has all these features built in built into it and how nicely this watch has been built. Very slim, comfortably fits touchscreen works, perfectly, has a lot of um sports mode built into it waterproof as well, and you can only it only cost less than 40 to 50 pounds to purchase. One of this you can get it.

I think in two different colors and i do highly recommend it. I recommend umidigi products because their smartwatch smartwatches are brilliant. I’Ve reviewed a few other ones. I’Ve also tried the smart smartphones they’re affordable, and they have packed in a lot of features into their smartphones as well. So i do recommend it. I do recommend these watch it’s, designed in a way where it has those high quality, flagship and quality, but with a budget priced pricing.